Do Guys Cuddle If They Don’t Like You? (17 Ways To Tell He Likes You From The Way He Cuddles)

When it comes to men, their body language speaks louder than words. Most men are not always vocal about their feelings, so the best way to know the truth is by observing their body language. How a guy acts around you, how he treats you, and invests in your relationship are key indicators of his feelings.

Consequently, even when a guy is unwilling to express his thoughts vocally because he fears being rejected or feeling less manly, his body language betrays him. That’s because actions like the way he kisses, touches, and cuddles sometimes involve the subconscious mind.

As a result of the subconscious mind-controlling the way we sleep, a guy’s body language in bed can be a gold mine for harvesting accurate insights into how he feels about you even when he does not understand his emotions. Of course, not every guy will want to cuddle all night, especially if you are a night kicker. 

However, his desire to cuddle in the first place signals that he craves intimacy with you. So, to answer the question, ‘Do guys cuddle if they don’t like you?’ Here are 17 ways to tell you he likes you from the way he cuddles.

17 Ways To Tell He Likes You From The Way He Cuddles

1. Knotted chaos

Does it sometimes seem like your guy is restless in bed and his body language is hard to read? One minute he is the little spoon. The next minute he wants to spoon you. And afterward, his legs and arms are over you with his arms around you. 

Or, he finally lets go of you to sleep on his own with his back against you. His cuddling style is a sign of indecisiveness, so he will try out different cuddle patterns with you hoping to find the one that makes him most comfortable.

When a guy cuddles this way, I can understand when you ask, ‘Do guys cuddle if they don’t like you?’ This is because this body language signals that he can’t decide how he feels about you. On the one hand, he wants you close, but on the other hand, he wants his independence. 

Either way, his body language shows that he wants you in his life, but he is struggling with commitment.

2. Facedown with arms around you

The face-down body language is a sign of uncertainty. Here, your partner’s body faces the bed, but his arm is on you. Except there is a health concern like back issues. When a partner sleeps face down, this body language signals that he is experiencing anxiety around your relationship. 

Perhaps, you have recently gained ideas about his childhood or expressed his emotions vocally to you, and he is not sure of your reaction—notwithstanding he is hoping you stay with him. If you notice the guy you like is sleeping this way, the best thing to do is reassure his feelings by moving in to cozy up and rub his back.

3. Spoon

The spoon cuddle position is a favorite among couples. This typically involves one person (the big spoon) wrapping his or herself around the other’s body (small spoon). With a guy as the big spoon, there is a lot of butt to penis action that requires a certain level of closeness between both parties for it to be comfortable.

When guys cuddle this way, their body language indicates that they are sexually attracted to you. He wants to be close and intimate with you. Because of how your body is positioned against his, a cuddle session in this position often leads to more sexual action—if you know what I mean.

4. Chasing spoon

Like the regular spoon, the chasing spoon also involves one person who is the bigger spoon cocooning the other in a sideways hug. However, it differs because it happens at the edge of the bed, whereas the regular spoon is usually at the bed’s center. So, it appears that the big spoon is chasing the small spoon.

This body language is one of the signs that you and your guy are not in sync emotionally. Perhaps, you want more space from him which is why you are at the edge, but he, on the other hand, wants to be close to you regardless, and he wants reassurance. In a nutshell, it means his feelings for you are more than what you feel for him.

5. Loose spoon

loose spoon

After being with someone for a while, it is normal to get over the novelty of sharing a bed and revert to the most comfortable sleeping position. So, while you may still be connected emotionally, sexual attraction is no longer as intense. He wraps you like a small spoon in the loose spoon position, but you are a few inches apart. 

This body language subtly tells you that he wants you to always count on him. He wants you to know that he will always be dependable and loyal irrespective of the trials your relationship may face.

6. Face to face

Nothing screams happy and content like this cuddle position. The body language is self-explanatory because it involves two people facing each other while lying on their sides. There is no need to go fishing for ideas if you have a guy who demonstrates this body language, it means he likes you. 

For starters, this is a cuddle position that involves you breathing into each other’s faces. No one wants that, well, except a guy whose wish is to breathe the same air as you. When guys cuddle like this, it means he is in love with you, trusts you, and feels fortunate to be spending time with you. He faces you because he wants to catch all your reactions.

7. Kissing backs

A common cuddling position among new couples, especially those who have been together for less than a year is the kissing back. This body language involves two partners sleeping closely on their sides, but with their backs against each other such that their butts touch. 

Many signs manifest in this cuddle position. However, the most prominent idea it exhibits is the closeness between you and your boyfriend.

The kissing backs cuddle signals that he likes you and wants to be close to you, but he does not trust you completely. It could also mean that he mirrors your body language. So, even though he wants to be close to you, he wants to move at your pace and give you the space you need to think.

8. The Cradle

This cherubic cuddle position involves the guy flat on his back while the girl places her head on his chest. In some cases, the legs and arms also intertwine. The body language demonstrates signs of protectiveness from the guy and submission from the girl. 

When guys cuddle like this, it means he wants you to feel safe around him, and he is ready to protect you. This type of guy likes to show his masculinity. So, he will help you fix things around the house, pick up your grocery bags, and want to be the dominant one when having sex. Personally, I like this body language because it makes me feel safe and loved.

9. The reverse cradle

The reverse cradle is quite the opposite of the cradle cuddle. Here, you are the one with your back flat against the bed, and the guy is the one who places his head in your chest or lap. Typically, guys who like to cuddle this way have a preference for strong, independent women. 

A guy like this might come off as clingy and always in need of attention or an ego boost. However, his body language indicates that he trusts you to support him emotionally. When in this position, you might want to stroke his hair to make him feel more comfortable and closer to you.

10. Paper dolls, touching

paper dolls touching

The paper doll cuddle is common among couples who have been together for a while or people who were close friends before dating. Here, you both lie next to each other, but your hands are in touch. This is because this cuddle style seeks to find a balance between intimacy and a good night’s sleep. 

I mean, everyone knows that certain cuddle positions are challenging to maintain all night if you want to have a good sleep. However, with the paper doll style, you can have your space but maintain closeness through body contact.

When guys cuddle this way, their body language is a sign that they feel secure with you, and you share mutual respect.

11. The leg hug

In a few ways, the leg hug is similar to the paper dolls’ cuddle style. You see, the leg hug is a cuddle position where other parts of your bodies are apart, but your legs are intertwined. This is a passionate body language that signals intimate desires. 

If you are both in this situation, your body language communicates that you want to get intimate and do not mind having sex. However, where he is the only one whose legs are intertwined, there is an emotional imbalance. It means he likes you and wants to seduce you into liking him as much or having sex with him.

12. Tangle

The tangle cuddle position is one of those few cases where happy emotions or being in love can cause discomfort. If your guy cuddles with you this way, trust me, there is no need to go around asking, ‘Do guys cuddle if they don’t like you?’ This is because, from his body language, it is evident that not only does he like you, but he is head over heels in love with you.

He wants to be close to you in every way—emotionally and sexually—even if it causes him discomfort. This is because this body language involves you being in what I will call an extreme hug. You are close to one another, your legs are intertwined, and your hands are around each other, thereby not giving enough breathing space for a comfortable sleep.

13. Different distance from the headboard, touching

I still find it amusing how much information you can derive from a person’s sleeping pattern, let alone a couple. When guys cuddle at different distances from the headboard, their body language communicates signs of disconnection in personalities. This is not entirely a bad thing; it just means that you and your guy have individual preferences.

For instance, if a guy sleeps with his head close to the headboard while you sleep halfway down the bed in a fetal position but with your body touching one another, it means he likes you but respects your individuality. However, if no part of your body is touching your boyfriend, your body language might be one of the early signs of trouble in your relationship.

14. Facedown but his arm around your back

Often, as ladies, we do not feel comfortable expressing ourselves when we feel neglected or unloved. We are scared of being seen as needy, clingy, or perhaps, having low self-esteem. However, when you are with a sensitive guy, he can read your emotions, and he will want to make conscious efforts to do better and give you the much-desired attention. 

Remember that men are not always vocal, so his move to change might be more of his body language than reassuring words. His cuddling pattern is one way through which he expresses his intentions. 

As a result of how you feel emotionally, you may be sleeping facedown, but his arms are around you because he understands your body language. When a guy cuddles this way, his body language communicates to you, his girlfriend, that he understands you feel neglected but he’s got your back and will support you.

15. The unraveling knot

the unraveling knot

The unraveling knot cuddle typically begins with a tangle where you are both in a tight embrace with arms and legs intertwined while face to face. However, as the night goes on or the sleep progresses, you and your partner slowly unravel until you are sleeping separately.

Guys who like to cuddle this way are practical beings. His body language communicates that he likes you and wants to be close to you. But at the same time, he knows that he understands the importance of maintaining your individualism.

16. The pillow talk

The pillow talk is a cuddle position where you are both lying on your sides but facing each other. This body language could mean two things depending on how other areas of your relationship are faring. 

On the one hand, it means he likes you and is comfortable being around you. However, he is trying not to overstep and is open to you directing the relationship. 

On the other hand, it could be a sign of unaddressed intimacy issues in your relationship where you both crave intimacy but lack ideas on how to go about it. The best thing here will be for both of you to practice honesty and attentive listening.

17. The one-arm cuddle

While cuddling may seem like a big deal to us ladies, we will go as far as to ask, ‘Do guys cuddle if they don’t like you?’ Some guys do not like to cuddle. For them, it is a necessary evil they engage in to make their girlfriends feel good. 

In other words, although cuddling is not something he is into, the one-arm cuddle is his way of making an effort because he likes you enough to care about your feelings. He wants to see you happy, so if cuddling is what you want, he will give you the bare minimum. 


Do guys cuddle if they don’t like you?

The question, ‘Do guys cuddle if they don’t like you?’ is quite tricky. This is because guys know many girls like to cuddle. So, whether they like you or not, they will want to use a cuddle to seduce you into having sex with them. However, if you want signs to know if a guy likes you, pay attention to his cuddling style because each body language communicates a different meaning.

Do guys get attached after cuddling?

The act of cuddling is a sign of affection and closeness. When people cuddle they are likely to talk and share intimate details about themselves. So, while he might not necessarily be attached, he is to feel some level of fondness towards you after cuddling. This is because the oxytocin produced in the brain during this act relaxes and reduces blood pressure.

What does it mean if you don't like to cuddle?

There are several stereotypes about a person’s gender and their love for cuddles. People typically assume that girls like it while guys are not into it. But as the name goes, this is nothing more than a stereotype and there is nothing wrong with you if you do not like cuddling. 

What cuddling positions do guys like?

Men want a partner who is loyal and will protect them. They like to feel cared for, and as a result, they like cuddling positions that translate into these feelings. Therefore, cuddling positions like spooning, placing your head in his chest, and snuggling face to face will get him excited. 

Where do you touch a guy when cuddling?

There is always that confusion around what to do with your hands when cuddling a guy. First, slide close to him and place your head on his shoulder. These are signs that you want him to hold you. After he puts his arms around you, you can proceed to stroke his palm gently as a sign that you are happy to be close to him. 

To Sum Up 

Relationships can be complex, especially in the early stages and this is why we are always on the hunt for signs. We also watch our partner’s body language to know if they like us as much as we like them. 

I hope this list of signs that he likes you from the way he cuddles answers your much troubling question, ‘Do guys cuddle if they don’t like you?’ If yes, be sure to share these signs with your friends, and don’t forget to leave a comment behind. I would like to know your cuddling styles. 

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