Do Girls Like Tattoos? (21 Real Reasons Girls Do)

So, the real question today is: Do girls like tattoos on guys? For some girls, men with tattoos are completely hot! These girls have to have ink on their guys; it’s like a must-have for certain girls. Other girls just want a pure man who does not want to get a tattoo at any point in their lifetime. They think men with tattoos are just showing off their ink to impress girls.

I believe it depends on the guy and what tattoo he is showing off. If a guy has a tattoo of a naked lady on his arm, there’s a good chance that a girl will not find this attractive. I’ve been in this position more than once in my life. I love tattoos on guys, but they have to be masculine and tastefully done. A tattoo of an animal usually doesn’t do it for me. Barbed wire might do the trick!

Because so many girls like men with tattoos, today, we will be talking about why girls like men with tattoos. Plus, we’ll answer the most frequently asked questions on the subject. Are you ready to learn more about guys with tattoos? Let’s get started!

Why Girls Find Tattoos Sexy On Guys

Remember that not all girls find tattoos sexy on men. Some girls enjoy a man who doesn’t have to show off the ink on his body. Instead, he has chosen to live a pain-free life and not to have his body tarnished with tattoos. I know many men who are satisfied with the way their skin looks without having any tattoos. They are secure within themselves without having tattoos anywhere.

I did want to get a cross tattoo once on my thigh to symbolize my faith in God, but my parents did not approve of this. What’s funny is that my younger siblings are all covered in tattoos without any repercussions from my parents! Go figure! Because I am a people-pleaser and enjoy making my folks happy, I never did get one even though I did want one so badly!

My dad’s reasoning for not letting me get one was that he didn’t want the tattoo artist to see my thigh (or anyone else for that matter). Now that he has passed on, I probably will never get one. I wouldn’t want to disappoint him. It’s funny because I don’t even have my ears pierced, yet my siblings are pierced all over; I guess what works for one person doesn’t suit another. 

Personally, I think tattoos on guys are sexy, depending on the one they have chosen to model. My man has one that cannot be shown to other people, so he always has to wear sleeves to cover it up. I think getting someone’s name tattooed on your body is not always the wisest choice. Neither is getting a tattoo of a naked lady or something like that!

1. Tattoos tell a story

Some girls can tell what guys’ stories are by just looking at their tattoos. Tattoos communicate what is important to the guy and what he values the most. If the guy has a tattoo that says mom on there, he obviously is a mama's boy and values his relationship with his mother a lot. 

If you meet a guy like this, you may have to accept this about him. He may always put his mother first, so be ready for a relationship where she is involved. You may have to go to brunches or family events all the time because of his values; he may always put his mother first, so be sure you are ready for competition in the attention department.

What is your relationship like with his mother? Does he hide you from his family? Do they embrace you as if you are one of their own? If he has some other story on his body that he is telling with his tattoos, what does that mean to you? Are you ready to accept his life story, or does he have too many stories to tell? Are you overwhelmed by them?

2. A tattoo can mean a man is dominant

Some girls want to date a man with tattoos because they see these guys as dominant in relationships. Girls are often attracted to dominant men because they are aggressive and stand up for themselves; they can carry on a conversation at a party without any help from you. Perhaps they feel like they are an Alpha male who is full of confidence.

Assertiveness is very attractive because girls know these guys are often impulsive in the bedroom, seek out thrills, are exciting, can be a bit risky in their actions, and bore easily. This means there is always an adventure going on with these men. You can be sure you won’t get bored dating an assertive guy!

3. Guys with tattoos are often outgoing

An outgoing guy is often very appealing to girls because they can be social in group settings without any help. They can talk in a crowd and carry on their own conversations without any help from the girls they came with. Tattoos often show that the guy has something to say about what he holds closest to his heart.

4. Tattoos are very masculine on guys

While not all tattoos are sexy on men, most are very appealing. They show the guy is manly and can take a lot of pain since he was able to sit still during the inking process and get the tattoo that suited his taste the most. I’ve seen many guys who regret the decision of getting a tattoo because it didn’t turn out the way they like or their tastes changed.

5. A tattoo means the guy is somewhat social

I’ve heard it can take hours to get a tattoo; you have to sit in the chair, bleeding in pain to get the ink you want to look the way you like. 

If tattoos are your thing, you know that you have some people skills because you probably had to talk to people at the tattoo shop for a long time. This means you aren’t too shy or quiet if you were social during the process.

6. Tattoos can indicate a man is aggressive

tattoos can indicate a man is aggressive

This can be a good or bad thing, depending on the man. If the guy is aggressive and shows it by what his tattoo is, then he may just want to show off his masculinity. For example, a fierce animal like a tiger could indicate the man thinks he is an Alpha. He likes to be in control of situations and make decisions in a relationship.

7. A man with a tattoo is brave

Tattoos are painful! When a guy is covered in tattoos, girls know that he was able to take the pain like a true warrior (We hope, anyway). If he can withstand that kind of pain, that means he is a brave dude who can tolerate a lot. This could indicate that he isn’t a quitter and will succeed in life and in love. He may stand by your side for a long time.

8. Girls just find tattoos sexy

As mentioned, some girls just find tattoos to be mega hot! They often show off the muscles on a guy, and girls can’t help but fall for that. Don’t you think it’s pretty hot when a guy has a Japanese symbol or letter on his arm or a barbed wire around his arm? I think these kinds of tattoos can be quite sexy on a guy!

9. Tattoos can mean that the man is worldly

If the guy you are chasing has a Japanese letter or symbol on his arm (or something in any language, really), that could mean that he knows a lot about the world and other countries in general. Maybe he has traveled the world and knows different languages or has studied a variety of cultures. You never really know until you get him talking.

10. A tattoo is a bold choice

Choosing to have a tattoo is a brave decision because you are usually stuck with your decision for life. I know my guy regrets some of his tattoos – big time! He has one that is just not tasteful for any audience at all, so he has to keep it hidden. He’s always talked about having it removed because I don’t find it appealing at all, but he has never done it.

Another one of his tattoos is of an eagle, which is his favorite animal, but I guess he wasn’t paying attention when he was getting the tattoo because it turned out backward and facing another tattoo on his upper arm, which shows that he didn’t make the wisest decision there. I would be very picky if I were to get one on my body!

11. Tattoos show a man is powerful

As mentioned, tattoos can indicate a guy is assertive or aggressive – traits that can be good or bad, depending on the extent of them. I think you need to get to know him better before casting judgment on him based on the tattoos on his body. Try not to judge someone strictly on their ink because, as mentioned, they may regret their decisions.

12. A tattoo can tell a girl that the guy is spiritual

a tattoo can tell a girl that the guy is spiritual

Some men get tattoos on their bodies that are religious in nature, showing they believe in God and value that relationship. If you have found a guy with a cross or scripture on his body, he probably loves the Lord and values his faith a great deal. This one is a keeper, provided he didn’t just get the tattoo under false pretenses.

13. Tattoos show commitment and loyalty

Since it takes quite a while to get a tattoo, you know that this boy was committed to his decision and loyal to his choice. Most guys don’t just sit there for a few hours and decide to quit halfway through the tat because they regretted their decision. This could mean that the guy will be loyal to your relationship if you were to win his heart.

14. A tattoo can tell a girl that the guy is a bad boy

Many times, tattoos kind of go with guys who have motorcycles, smoke, do drugs, drink a lot, or are in gangs. Of course, this is not always the case, but there are plenty of “bad boys” out there who love to get inked up so that they can show off their bad side. If you are into chasing bad boys, you may love guys with tattoos.

15. Tattoos can mean a guy is a tiger in bed

Tattoos can be very sensual and mean the guy is hot in the sack. You probably can’t tell anything from his tats alone, but they may give you a clue that he is pretty hot in the bedroom! Be sure to test out this theory before believing it to be the case!

16. Men with tattoos are patient

Since it does take several hours or even days to get a nice tat, this shows that guys with tattoos are patient and understanding. My guy never even got upset that his tat was backward or a bad decision in the long run. He’s a very patient person and can handle anything that comes his way! This says a lot about his character.

17. Many men who have tattoos are loving

Some guys with tattoos are sweet and tender because of their tattoos. Of course, get to know the guy before making any judgments about his character. His ink alone won’t be able to tell you whether he is loving, but it may give you clues about his character.

18. A tattoo shows that a guy is grounded in his beliefs

a tattoo shows that a guy is grounded in his beliefs

Since a guy isn’t afraid to show what he thinks are the most important things in life, you know that he is grounded in his beliefs. His tattoos read like a resume, showing you all of his secrets. If he has scriptures and a cross on his body, you know that he is religious and loves to share his faith with others. 

A skull or naked lady may symbolize the opposite. If his tattoos are very negative in tone, you may find a guy with hidden secrets or a dark past. I would take the time to get to know him before rushing to judgments, though. You want to hear his side about what he believes in and cares the most about.

19. A tattoo can symbolize a guy is dangerous

This isn’t always a good thing. Of course, if the guy is dangerous and violent in nature, you should just move on to the next person waiting in line to date you. You don’t need to be with someone who can’t control their emotions or actions. You deserve to be with someone who treats you like a princess!

20. Tattoos show confidence

This guy isn’t afraid to show off what he values the most. For example, my guy has an eagle on his arm, and that is his favorite animal. It shows that he is strong, brave, and outgoing – in my opinion, at least. And these things are true about him! He confidently shows off the tats that he’s the proudest of when he wears certain clothes.

21. A tattoo can show off a guy’s muscles

There’s no doubt that a guy with muscles can really accentuate his figure with some tasteful tattoos. If they are done right, they can make him super sexy and hot to girls everywhere! There aren’t many girls who aren’t turned on by a guy with some really hot tattoos on a very sexy body! What do you think about tattoos on guys?


Do tattoos make guys more attractive?

To many ladies, men who get a tattoo are very sexy. They are seen as Alpha males, and women keep their eyes on these gentlemen because they are attracted to them. Some ladies take advantage of these men because they think tattooed men are so hot!

Are tattoos attractive on females?

When a man hears the news that his girl is getting a tattoo, he may have his reasons for thinking it’s hot or sexy. On the other hand, this news could tell the man that she got the ink for reasons he doesn’t approve of, like getting the attention of other men.

What kind of tattoos do guys find attractive?

If you are thinking about getting a tattoo, make sure the body art is tasteful because the results are long-term. Beauty trends change all of the time, and what men find to be a turn-on may change depending on what the tattoo is. Butterflies are popular with women.

Do tattoos get you laid?

Since many people find tattoos to be a turn-on, you can definitely get positive results with a tattoo. Whether you will get the results you are after depends on the girl because their tastes vary. Girls typically find tattooed men to be super sexy for many reasons!

Are chest tattoos attractive?

Girls love surprises when it comes to tattoos; ink is like a puzzle that girls get to unwrap when they are stripping their man. If you are thinking about getting a tattoo, make sure YOU are happy with the results because they are permanent. Pick ink you love!

In Conclusion

Do tattooed men appeal to you? Are you a girl who finds men with tattoos sexy? If so, why do you think ink is super hot? Do you think guys should get tattoos, or does it show they have too much testosterone to you? We’d love to hear from you!

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