Do Girls Like Quiet Guys? (21 Real Reasons They Do)

Have you ever dated a shy guy? Did you have a tough time getting him to open up? Why do girls like quiet guys so much? Could it be because they allow us to talk as much as we want to?

Don’t get me wrong. Just because a guy is quiet doesn’t mean he is dumb, not listening, or uneducated. He may be the smartest person in the room; he’s just reflecting on what is being said, so when he does speak, he provides value to the conversation

If you’ve ever witnessed a talkative woman, you know that it’s a good thing she is with a quiet man. This woman enjoys speaking her ideas, thoughts, and decisions, whereas the man is probably fine with just listening to what she has to say. If you are a woman like this, today we’ll cover all the reasons girls like shy guys AND what to do if you are dating one!

The Top 21 Reasons Girls Like Quiet Guys

1. They are good listeners

As a good listener, the guy probably allows the girl the chance to talk as much as she wants to. This can be a blessing when the guy is truly listening to what she is saying. A good listener doesn’t just hear the words out loud; he can also determine the meaning behind the words based on the tone and emotions expressed in the conversation.

Also, a good listener is going to know the details of the conversation, giving the guy a chance to really get to know the girl and what she is most passionate about. I know my man hears me talk about writing all the time, and my topics of conversation tend to center on that subject since it is what interests me the most right now.

Finally, a good listener will reflect on what you’ve said and ask follow-up questions or recap what he just heard to make sure he understood everything the right way. If the guy misunderstood something the girl said, he would probably try to clarify what he thinks she meant. Usually, the girl will then interject with the correct information.

2. They tend to care a lot

They think a lot about the feelings of the girl they are with. He may want to give her his coat if they have sat down for a romantic dinner outside or something like that. If she’s sick at home with the flu, he’s sure to send her flowers to make her not feel so blue while she is laid up in bed ill. Just because they are quiet doesn’t mean they aren’t thoughtful.

3. They are polite

One great thing about these men is that they won’t interrupt you when you’re talking. I know when I get to talking about something and am excited and eager about the topic at hand, I want to talk a lot about what is on my mind. I don’t want anyone interrupting my thought process, or I will lose my place! That’s what’s great about the quiet ones!

4. They speak to add value

They are good about waiting to speak until it actually adds value to the conversation. If what they have to say isn’t relevant to the conversation, they can just remember it and bring it up at a later time when this topic is not the one being discussed right now. Later, they can speak about the topic they thought of – when the time is right.

5. They tend to be agreeable

Often, shy or quiet guys want to keep the peace, so they don’t have much to argue about, especially when it comes to minor things. If they feel that there is no point in arguing about something, an agreeable person will agree or go along with the topic for the time being.

6. They can be rather romantic

they can be rather romantic

Because they keep their thoughts and feelings bottled up a bit, you’d be surprised about what they are really thinking about. They can actually be quite sweet and romantic from time to time. This is because they are thoughtful and take care when taking action.

7. They are thoughtful

Because you are usually the one doing most of the talking, you may find that your boyfriend has learned a lot about you. You’ve told him all about each of your favorite things, your passion in life, the things that interest you the most, and the ideas that just pop in your head from time to time. Because of this, he knows what you like.

He knows your favorite flower, so when you get tulips, you know he was listening, and it means a lot to you. Hold on tight to this one because he is truly a keeper!

8. They don’t have to be the center of attention

Shy men don’t mind letting you have the floor – whether it’s the two of you or a huge group of people. He can sit on the sidelines and allow you to have center stage. That can be pretty nice when you enjoy doing that.

9. They give great advice

Because shy guys tend to listen well, they are reflective and thoughtful. They take their time listening to what you have to say so that they can give you the best advice based on what you said. This makes them a valuable friend to have and someone that you should feel lucky to have in your life.

10. They are very supportive

As mentioned, men who are quiet tend to listen well, which makes them great at being supportive whenever you have decisions to make, ideas to process, or opinions to relay. You know that with your shy guy, you are getting a treasure because he will always support your decisions and listen to your ideas and thoughts. What a blessing!

11. They pay attention

While I’ve said it many times, it’s so true that just because a guy is quiet doesn’t mean he isn’t listening to what you have to say. It may mean that he is actually a better listener than someone who enjoys talking a lot! What’s great about someone who listens is that they truly get to know who you really are! They learn your moods, behaviors, and ideas.

This can mean that later on, they know you better than you know yourself, which is an awesome characteristic to have in a best friend. Who doesn't want to have someone so insightful in their life? It's important to have people in your life that know you well and can tell what your mood is just based on the tone of voice you have.

You never know what opportunities could come your way by having your friends like this in your life. For example, if you are having a tough time with something, your friend may be able to get you through this rough patch with comforting words alone. They will know exactly what to say and what you need to hear to get through this trial in your life.

12. They let you talk all you want to

they let you talk all you want to

It is true that many girls love to talk. They like to chat about what's going on in school or with their job. They enjoy gossiping with their friends and talking about the latest boys they like. Some girls want to speak whatever's on their minds because it makes them feel loved and heard. They know someone out there is validating them in some way. 

Haven't you ever felt this way? Haven't you ever enjoyed just talking for hours on end about any and everything? Have you ever lost track of time because you were talking so much to someone who was a great listener? This happens to the best of us, so don't think you're alone in this boat but do make sure you find someone who listens well.

13. They are giving

Because guys who are shy are so thoughtful and reflective, they tend to be very giving by nature. This can make them excellent lovers in the bedroom and can make them great philanthropists. It's great to be with a guy who enjoys giving back to the world and sharing his goodness with others.

14. They are thoughtful

Often, guys who are quiet are not quiet because they aren't thinking of things, but instead, they are quiet because they are thinking of things. This means that they are quite thoughtful by nature. They think a lot about what they're going to do before they do it, and this can make a big difference in your life.

15. They can surprise you

Don't think that just because you are with a quiet guy he won't throw you a surprise every now and then because a shy guy is just as likely to surprise you with something fantastic as an outgoing one would. You just never know what is on their mind or what they're thinking about because they don't talk a lot!

16. They are unique

What's great about shy guys is that they are not like self-involved gentlemen who tend to want to talk all the time about themselves and have no interest in you. When you are with a guy like that, you may feel a little lonely because they don't involve you in the conversation, and they don't ask you questions about yourself.

17. They ask questions

This is another way that shy guys are unique. They stand out because they take the initiative to ask you questions to keep you talking because they want to hear what you have to say. They show a great deal of interest in you and let you know that they like you by asking you plenty of questions.

18. They are very understanding

they are very understanding

We've talked about how shy guys are great listeners, so it should be no surprise that they know you well. They listen to what you say, and they have a great deal of understanding when it comes to your moods and thoughts. Because they know you well, they understand you and know what you mean when you barely have to say a word.

19. They can be emotional

Just because a man is quiet doesn't mean that he's not passionate and emotional about things. In fact, many guys who are shy are actually very emotionally intelligent. That means that they understand how to control their emotions and read the emotions of other people well. They often have hidden passions as well.

20. They are patient

You know it takes a lot of patience to sit there and be quiet while another person is talking a lot. If you are a talkative person and are with a quiet guy, you may have noticed how much patience he has. That is truly an admirable quality – one you shouldn’t let slip through the cracks and let him get away from you.

21. They can be protective of you

As mentioned, these guys know you well because they listened and focused on what you have said and understand how you feel. Because of this, they may be a little bit protective of you and your feelings, especially when it comes to other people. They want the best for you and show they care by being a bit protective. 

What To Do

If you are a woman dating a shy man, there are many things you can do about it. First, consider finding other ways to communicate. Write each other love letters, send each other snail mail, or even write something sweet on the bathroom mirror. If you are an artistic woman, draw him a picture or color him some artwork for his office or home. The point is to get creative!

If you feel the relationship has gotten boring, the second thing you can do is spice things up. Wear some hot lingerie or bring some food into the bedroom. Find some fun, new ways to connect. You may not be that kind of woman, and that’s okay. Just find what works for you and your man. If he enjoys walks by the beach, kick off your shoes and go for a romantic stroll.

While most girls like shy guys because they get to talk, some girls like shy guys because the guy doesn’t show his personality at the beginning of the relationship. However, over time, the girl is going to want to know who she is in love with. Ask him questions, get a workbook you can do together, or answer questions online as a couple to get to know each other.


Are quiet guys attractive?

Some girls like quiet guys because they are not loud and obnoxious like an Alpha male can be. However, just because they are quiet doesn’t mean they lack self-confidence. Many just are thinking about what you are saying. Quiet guys tend to watch closely and listen well.

Are introverted guys attractive?

Girls love different kinds of guys; not all girls are going to be attracted to the same type of guy. An introvert is typically a quiet person who likes to stay in their own world. They may feel anxiety when thinking about things like the dating world.

Can quiet guys get girlfriends?

Of course! Quiet guys can date just like any other guy. Many girls like shy guys because they get to talk as much as they want to. If the guy has social anxiety, he may struggle with dating, but anxiety can be treated, and many women love shy men!

Is being shy attractive?

Many girls love a guy that has a great deal of confidence, but that isn’t always the case. Sometimes, a girl wants to do all the talking and get lots of attention. Other girls don’t want to be the center of attention. They’d rather have the guy ask lots of questions.

Why are handsome guys single?

Some handsome guys have decided not to enter the dating sphere because they don’t want to be in a relationship right now. They may have decided they will not start dating until they reach a certain point in their career or something like that. They want to accomplish certain goals first.


Are you dating a quiet guy? Are you trying to make a relationship work with one but find it hard to get him to open up? What techniques do you use to get your man to share his feelings, thoughts, and ideas with you? Please leave a comment!

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