Do Girls Like Guys With Long Hair? (5 Reasons They Love Them)

What a pickle! Do girls like guys with long hair, or do they pretend to like guys with long hair because they think that is the thing to do? Sometimes, girls can be confusing, and it’s hard to tell what they prefer in terms of hairstyle or many other factors! It’s often a great, big mystery to the guys around these girls! What’s a guy to do with his hairstyle?

In this article, we’ll take a look at the question, Do girls like guys with long hair? This way, you will know the truth to this question or at least as much of the truth that I can give you in terms of this topic. I think many girls have differing opinions when it comes to guys with long hair. Some enjoy long hair while other girls just want that clean, short haircut.

Do Girls Like Guys With Long Hair? (5 Reasons They Do)

1. Many women find long hair to be sexy

Like the famous Fabio, a romance novel model who had long luscious locks, some guys just look sexy with long hair. If it grows out all naturally wavy and curly, it might be fun to play with, making it a sexual plaything for the bedroom. You just never know what’s going on in the heads of some girls when it comes to long hair on men.

2. Some girls think long hair makes a man unique

some girls think long hair makes a man unique

Many guys just can’t pull it off. A guy that has hair like this stands out in a crowd, and this makes him one of a kind. Girls like to be with guys who are special in some way. They don’t want to date someone out of their league, per se, but they do want to be with the best male figure they can be with – the cream of the crop is just fine with me!

3. Most women agree long that hair on men means confidence

It takes guts to be different and unique; the majority of men keep their hair short. If you are a man who has kept your hair longer, did you do this to impress a girl, because you love the way it looks, or because you enjoy the attention it brings you? You may have your hair this way for a reason not listed above!

4. Some girls think long hair brings out the bad boy!

some girls think long hair brings out the bad boy

Long hair, motorcycles, and tattoos kind of all go together in the minds of some women. This means that a bad boy is a challenge, someone who is hard to get a hold of. This is like the “forbidden fruit.” We always want what we cannot have; if you are a female, would you not agree with this statement? It’s hard to say no to something forbidden!

5. Long hair shows a dedication to a man’s appearance

As a female with very long hair, I can attest to the fact that it takes a long time to grow your hair out. It’s not an easy task, and I know it can be a challenge to maintain those gorgeous lengths. I’ve been buying vitamins, hair products, and the right equipment ever since I got a bad haircut a few decades ago. I want my hair to be long and pretty!

This has given me a new appreciation for men who have long hair because I know what it has been like to get to that length. It takes a lot of patience. Many women feel that if men show dedication and commitment to their appearance, that means that they will show those same traits in a relationship, and we are always looking for the best men!

Do Girls Like Guys With Long Hair? (Reasons They Do Not)

Personally, I will be honest and say that I’ve never enjoyed long hair on men. I guess I’ve just always enjoyed the clean-cut look on them instead. I think this shows they are neat and clean in appearance. Long hair just looks sloppy and dirty to me, but that is just my humble personal opinion. Each female is entitled to her own, and most enjoy long hair on men!

Another reason a girl may not like long hair on her boyfriend is that she may have to fight for attention or for the mirror if he’s caught up in the way he looks! Girls enjoy being the prettiest creatures in the room and want all eyes to focus on them (well, not all, but some do)! Some women think the shorter look means that the man is a wealthy businessman or something.

Short hair is also lower maintenance, and that might mean that the guy is lower maintenance if he has short hair. Whatever preference you have for the way your boyfriend wears his hair is your choice! All you need to do is let him know you love him – inside and out! He’ll realize how lucky he is to have found a girl that is as appreciative as you are!


Is long or short hair more attractive on guys?

One woman may want a guy with an Afro, man bun, or long mane, while another woman hates the Afro look and wants to focus her attention on the man’s personality rather than his haircut. An Afro doesn’t impress this last woman. The point is that everyone is different.

Is long hair for guys attractive?

Some girls like long hair on guys and prefer that hair look to the clean-cut one. Hairstyles vary and can change a girl’s mind on what she likes. If the hairstyle has a lot of long, curly locks, she may think it’s too feminine for her taste.

Why is long hair attractive?

Some girls like men with long hair because the locks make their faces look younger. Other girls like guys with long locks because it comes across as giving them lots of self-confidence. Hairstyles make a difference, too. A hairstyle with locks may make one guy look like a bad boy!

Do girls like quiet guys?

As a first impression, a girl might prefer her man to have more confidence so that she knows whether he is attracted to her or not. If her husband is the quiet type, she might look for a man who is more talkative and outgoing if she’s bubbly!

Do girls like shy guys?

As with a guy with long locks, a guy who can keep his cool under pressure or stay quiet and let the girls do all the talking may have a leg up on the competition. He won’t have to worry about the look of his hairstyle or which hairstyles girls like!

In Conclusion

So, what is your opinion? Do girls like guys with long hair? What is your opinion of guys with long hair? Do you like guys with long hair or prefer men with long hair? What is your favorite look? Please share in the comments section! Don’t forget to post this on social media!


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