Do Girls Like Funny Guys (13 Interesting Reasons)

Everyone likes a good laugh, but for girls, it’s a little more than laughing. Having a guy with a sense of humor is a must-have quality to prove compatibility with many girls. 

According to a study by Jeffery Hall, an associate professor of communications at the University of Kansas, the more likely a woman laughs at a man’s joke, the more likely she wants to date him.

In Hall’s study, he discovered that laughter is vital for a romantic connection. Therefore, a funny guy who isn’t good-looking stands a higher chance of landing an attractive girl than a guy who may be smart but doesn’t have a keen sense of humor. That’s because girls, in general, feel safe and are more at ease with funny guys.

So, this article is for you if you’ve ever wondered why the funny guys seem to have all the fun, privileges, and now women. This article will address 13 obvious and not-so-obvious reasons why girls like funny guys.

13 Reasons Why Girls Like Funny Guys

1. They are entertaining

You will agree with me that the idea of a fun date is one where that was filled with laughter alongside an interesting conversation or enjoyable activity, and this is what women get when they are around funny guys. 

Women consider it fun to be around funny guys or comedians because they are never dull. They have spontaneity and energy that is infectious. They can make you giggle even without trying too hard and with a straight face. 

Life as we know it can be challenging, and having someone who can play and poke fun at life’s misfortunes is something many women will always desire. Such a guy will entertain a girl even if it means making a fool of himself, giving her no reason to be bored.

2. They are receptive to imperfections

Have you noticed how tense interview rooms, business meetings, or presentations can be? The answer is simple. We feel tense in these scenarios because they are places for serious conversations. It can be difficult to get comfortable or be yourself.

However, when girls are around funny guys, they find it easier to relax and be themselves. That’s because funny people tend not to take things too seriously. They do not take themselves seriously and make jokes about their shortcomings, thereby indirectly letting the girl know it is okay to show her vulnerability.

No one likes to feel guarded at all times. In all honesty, it gets tiring. So, having a guy that makes it okay to be yourself and feel free will always be a preference when considering a potential mate.

3. Girls feel safe with them

As ladies, we are taught to constantly watch our backs and never trust strangers from a young age. Nevertheless, this advice or warning can easily be overlooked when around someone who makes you smile. That’s because it is hard to imagine that someone who took out time to put a smile on your face is capable of hurting you.

This feeling of security and difficulty to imagine evil behind a smiling face is why ladies like funny guys. A goofy guy allows a girl to be herself, teaches her to appreciate the silliness of life, and doesn’t mind making a fool out of himself or situations just to ensure that feels comfortable and secure.

4. They can handle different social situations

As beneficial and straightforward as socialization can seem, it is not something that comes naturally to everyone. So while all humans feel the need to socialize, not everyone is good at it, let alone have the ability to handle different social situations.

However, funny people make socialization easy as they tend to be good room readers and are quick to make good-hearted jokes to ease awkward social situations around strangers. 

The funny guy’s girl never has to worry about bringing her man along for events because she knows he will fit in well and might even end up having a better time because he will use his sense of humor to bond.

5. They are confident

When it comes to ladies choosing a potential mate, they typically want someone confident and capable of pulling the crowd. That’s because confidence creates a positive energy that draws people to you, and in a world where many people are struggling with low self-esteem, meeting a funny man with high confidence is intriguing.

Funny men tend to exude confidence because, for the most part, they are comfortable in their skin. Besides, because these men find it easy to make fun of themselves, other people’s negative opinions about them do not affect them easily—their intelligence and humor override self-doubt.

Being confident and having high self-esteem protects them from criticism that would have sent any other person into depression or caused them to hesitate about socializing.

6. They are attentive

they are attentive

It is rare to find a comedian who isn’t attentive to details. That’s because a good chunk of comedy is the ability to observe one’s environment, and the happenings around them, and poke fun at its absurdness. 

Goofy guys tend to have a lackadaisical attitude towards life, and as a result, people tend to forget that the main reason they are funny is that they are observant. For instance, a comedian might make fun of you because of the way you always cross your legs while sitting. But he can only do so because he is attentive and has noticed your behavior over time.

As mentioned earlier, these guys are good mood readers and know when a well-placed joke is needed to break the ice or stir a conversation.

7. They are intelligent and creative

Comedy is one of the most difficult genres in life. So, while it might seem easy to make people smile, it takes an intelligent and creative person to nail a punchline and make people from different backgrounds and cultures laugh until their belly hurts.

You see, comedians tend to be quick on their feet and original when cracking jokes. This is why even when a person criticizes them, they can easily change it to a joke immediately. Not every Tom, Dick, and Harry can easily ease awkward situations and make them funny. This skill requires wittiness, intelligence, and of course, creativity!

8. They make light of tough situations

We can all agree that sometimes, things will not always go your way, irrespective of how well you plan for them. This is one of the paradoxes of life that we have to contend with or navigate through. Nevertheless, having someone to go through these disappointing and gloomy days with can significantly make things easier.

Funny guys know how to turn a downright gloomy day into a not-so-bad or memorable day because they have mastered how to play around and see the positive in every situation. They can help a girl see the good in bad situations, causing them to let go of the negative feelings and embrace a more optimistic outlook on life. 

This is a positive influence on anybody, and most women will want to be with a guy that makes life a lot easier to navigate.

9. They can get along with everyone

Nothing feels more awkward than dating someone who your friends and family do not like. There will always be tension whenever there is a party or event, and everyone has to be in attendance, leaving you feeling uncomfortable.

With a funny guy, a girl doesn’t have to worry too much if her friends and family will like him because chances are he will use his humor to impress them. Her friends will like him because he is the life of the party and a good conversationalist, while her family will like him because he makes you laugh and your happiness is their priority.

When a guy can impress a girl’s family and friends, girls find them more attractive because it will make the relationship easier.

10. They are vulnerable and strong

Many funny people tend to be resilient. They are often people who have been through tough situations and circumstances that could have very quickly left them broken. However, they overcome these negative feelings by learning to laugh at themselves and their circumstances.

It takes a strong and courageous person to make fun of themselves in a self-deprecating demeanor in front of others. Their inner strength and resilience are attractive to girls because they are a sign that such a guy doesn't crack easily. He will be able to persevere and push through the difficulties of a relationship.

11. Laughing together is a sign of compatibility

What we think is mere laughter is a lot more than that in reality. When you laugh with someone, it creates an unspoken bond. It means you both share a similar sense of humor, and perhaps, a similar view of life. Likewise, when a girl and a guy laugh over something, they both consider it funny and have a shared sense of humor. 

Can you imagine being with someone whose jokes you do not find funny or someone who doesn’t see the humor in what you find funny? As insignificant as these may seem at first glance, it is a big deal in the larger scope of things because when you and your partner have different senses of humor, chances are your values and perspective on life will be different.

So when a boy makes a girl happy, she will be more hooked to him because, subconsciously, her brain tells her they might be compatible.

12. They make girls feel good

they make girls feel good

The feeling you get after a good laugh, in many ways, is similar to what you feel after a good workout session. You feel good about yourself. When we laugh, the body releases feel-good endorphins, and lets go of anger and stress. You see, laughter stretches the muscles in your face and body, allowing you to inhale more oxygen into your tissues.

Therefore, when a guy makes a woman chuckle, she is left feeling less stressed and happier, and as such, she will want to keep coming back to her source of happiness – the man.

13. They are unique

Let’s be honest, while everyone can tell a joke, only a few people can make you laugh till your tummy hurts and gasping for breath. Having someone like this in your corner is an advantage to anyone.

Besides, you can’t be angry with a funny guy for too long. After all, one cute smile or smirk is enough to make you giggle through the tears. It is not every day a girl can come across a funny guy, so when they meet one, they will be hooked and always want to be around him.


What type of girls do guys find most attractive?

Like women, men have preferences for the type of girls they want. For the most part, many men want a woman who is sexy with nice curves, long legs, and a friendly disposition. With the divorce rate at an all-time high, men want a reliable woman who is loyal and honest.

Do guys like to make a girl laugh?

Women like a guy who can make them laugh, is not boring, and has a good sense of humor. Guys like women who laugh at their jokes. This is why a guy wouldn’t mind taking his time to study a girl and make jokes that will get her laughing. He enjoys the gratification that comes from watching a girl chuckle over something he said or did. 

To sum it up, making girls smile serves as an ego boost for men.

What does it mean when you make a guy laugh?

Unlike the adage which says the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, a girl can also win a man’s heart by making him laugh. After all, according to some European researchers who studied speed dating, there is a connection between humor and attraction. 

So when you make a guy laugh, he will find it cute, and it is a sign that you both share a common perspective or he is interested in you.

Do guys like skinny girls?

Although beauty standards have changed over the years, even more so these last few years, society is slowly opening up to more definitions of beauty that do not require girls to be thin, blonde, or tall. 

Nevertheless, we can all agree that most men want a girl who can be effortlessly active and fit. So while not all guys like skinny girls, many of them want a healthy girl who can play and get active with them.

What attracts a girl to a guy physically?

Most women are attracted to tall men with relatively narrow waists and broad shoulders. Perhaps it is because men who are built this way carry themselves with a sense of authority, and women feel safe in their presence.

In Conclusion

They say laughter is good medicine for the soul. As such, a man with a good sense of humor will always be desirable to women. They are not seen as boring and will always get more attention. Men themselves are a difficult genre to understand. 

So, if you’re a guy or girl who has asked yourself, ‘Do girls like funny guys?’ I hope reading this article answers your questions. If yes, please share the post and be sure to leave a comment behind. 

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