Emotionally Distant Husband (11 Ways To Deal With Him)

My husband is distant from me, does he no longer love me

Keep reading to find out how to deal with this situation and to have a clarifying conversation with your husband if you find yourself in a relationship crisis with your husband. “I think my husband is distant from me and he doesn't love me anymore.” You fall into deep sadness, uncertainty, and fear because of this revelation.

Don’t worry, this can be very common in marriages, especially if you have been together for a long time, and there are things that you can do to resolve the situation. 

You have discussed the question back and forth with your friends and you still don't know what to do. So it is time to approach the subject from a different perspective!

How Do I Deal With A Distant Husband?

As a rule, two possible situations precede this situation: Your husband chose to have an open discussion and has already told you that he has become distant from you because he no longer loves you. Or, your intuition gives rise to this conclusion. Your husband may be behaving differently, withdrawing more and more, not talking about emotions, only being physically present. 

So you know that something is going on that he hasn’t told you exactly what and you begin to interpret his current rather dismissive behavior as a sign that he no longer loves you. If he has told you that he no longer loves you it may be that you have refused to accept the situation for what it is and you are unable to accept the reality

Conversely,  just as often a lot of people develop such fears without being able to justify it in any way, the necessary starting point is always a clarifying conversation with him to find out what has really been going on! 

But how do you address something that you are afraid of? Some preparation cannot hurt – because the last thing we want is that this conversation destroys more than it heals.

Keep reading to find out how to deal with this difficult situation. 

11 Ways To Deal With An Emotionally Distant Husband

1. Address the situation

How can you stay calm in the chaos of such feelings? If you think: “My husband has become emotionally distant and he doesn't love me anymore!” it can be very hard to deal with regardless of whether this is a premonition or already a more or less certain knowledge. In almost all cases, these words trigger quite a storm of different emotions including anxiety, anger, disappointment, and grief. Make sure that you address the situation. 

Your feelings are often a good guide. But in this situation, it is often a better idea to first register your feelings, then try to accept them, and then at least proceed with a plan. Plan to have a serious and mature conversation with your husband to find out what reality actually is.  Uncertainty resonates in the statement “my husband no longer loves me”.

If you lock yourself in your room and not only let your emotions run free but also your thoughts, you will come up with quite a few ideas for the reasons that could have caused your current crisis. You may start thinking: “Is it because of me? Or is there another woman? What if he still loves me? Maybe that's just his way of telling me that something about our relationship is bothering him? Or is it all over?”

2. Consider having a conversation with your husband

Consider having a conversation with your husband

Having a conversation will help. Sitting alone and thinking about everything that might be wrong will probably not calm your situation, but rather make it worse! You won't get real clarity, which will also enable you to do something and thereby give you back at least some control! But through a conversation, you will gain some clarity and control!

The feeling of control is important to many, Because losing control is a very uncomfortable feeling, especially in emotional situations. A conversation is an ideal opportunity to find out where you, he, and you both stand together. If you keep a few things in mind, the conversation can be very helpful instead of causing further arguments and frustration.

Here are some tips for a constructive discussion with your partner. Ask yourself whether it makes any sense? It starts with the consideration of whether a conversation makes any sense at all. If your husband has told you very clearly that he no longer loves you and definitely does not want to continue the relationship, then there is likely no point in having a conversation

3. Consider whether a conversation will be helpful

If he has clearly told you that he doesn’t want anything to do with you and does not want contact with you anymore, then it will be better if the conversation does not take place and you instead otherwise organize help through counseling or a lawyer. 

Please keep in mind that you cannot always clarify everything and sort out every situation through a conversation. Especially not when you just may not be able to understand what is going on with your husband or what he is telling you. If you know what you can realistically expect from a conversation, it is best to think directly about how to get there.

If you have no plan or goal, you not only risk that your conversation leads to some indiscriminate and senseless result, but you also open the door to misunderstandings, arguments, and further frustration. So it helps if you include the following considerations:

How is your husband doing now? What topics and arguments will your husband probably bring into the conversation?

4. Prepare what you want to say to your emotionally unavailable husband

The better you prepare, the more likely your plan will work. You want to know if your husband still loves you. If he says yes – what then? How do you continue to deal with his behavior, which has made you so unsettled lately? Will he change this behavior is that possible at all and can he explain it?

If he says that he doesn't love you anymore, please find a way to accept that first before you do anything else. If he says he doesn't know at the moment, what then? Maybe your husband loves you but is currently in a phase when he is not ready for a relationship. That sounds absurd at first, but it can happen.

If the conversation turns out in such a way that you or he or both of you need some time to become clear, then you make it explicitly clear that this is what you need. Make sure to cleverly choose the right environment. You know best how exactly good conversations have taken place with you so far. What is a good time Where and what time and what day?

5. Don’t surprise him with the conversation

Surprising him won’t help. Saying “we have to talk, honey!– as if that ever meant anything good– won’t help your cause right now. Avoid making your request an inquisition. Before doing so, think carefully about the signs that have given you the impression that your husband no longer loves you. And then speak about it, preferably in an ongoing conversation as a change of subject and not directly as a trap door into the conversation! 

6. Prepare yourself emotionally

Get emotionally ready beforehand. If you keep carrying the thought “my husband no longer loves me” with you, then you find yourself in an attitude of being hurt, losing, and sadness. So think in advance what helps you calm down and what has helped you to build yourself up in past difficult emotional situations. 

Does a conversation with a good friend help? Does sport, rest, or time help you, maybe in the great outdoors? Does it help you if you do something good for yourself? If any of these apply, or you can think of something better yourself, then take care of yourself before a conversation. If your fears and premonitions are very big, it can also be super helpful to make plans for you immediately afterward that will distract you in some way. 

7. Prepare yourself for the worst 

Prepare yourself for the worst

“My partner is emotionally distant and no longer loves me” what do you do now? What do you do if the meltdown actually occurs? If your inner instinct and feeling have not betrayed you and your partner actually confesses that he no longer loves you, what do you do? Perhaps this will have consequences such as spatial separation and a certain amount of time without contact. 

If you have children together or common property, there is still a lot to do here. The point is, however, that the conversation can be critical to how well you can deal with all of these other challenges. 

8. Get him to talk about his feelings before you jump to conclusions

“My partner is emotionally distant from me and he no longer loves me.” Do you think your partner has no feelings for you anymore? Don't let feelings like insecurity, jealousy, and compulsion control and destroy your relationship. Often, these fears are completely unfounded. So before you go crazy and pressurize your partner, you should get some clarity

Men are not particularly good at showing their feelings in the everyday life of long relationships. It is understandable then that you often doubt your husband's feelings and think: “My partner no longer loves me.” But how much truth is there behind such a presumption? When should you take your doubts seriously and when are your fears completely unfounded? 

How do you get clarity and stop sabotaging your relationship unnecessarily? The way men deal with feelings is very different from that of women. While women do not miss any opportunity to show their feelings, men deal with such outbursts of emotion and vows of adoration far more sparingly. But that doesn't mean that their feelings are less strong. 

9. Signs that you should take seriously

Men often loathe unnecessary talk and therefore repetitions of topics that are clear in their eyes and men have been taught from an early age to show fewer feelings. This big difference between men and women often leads to unnecessary misunderstandings. Make yourself aware of this difference again and again when you think again: “My partner is emotionally distant and no longer loves me”.

Here are the signs that you should take seriously. First that your partner tells you that he no longer loves you. As you have learned, things that men have said apply until they revoke them. So if he tells you that he no longer loves you, you should take it seriously. Second, if your partner is interested in other women. If your partner suddenly becomes unusually interested in other women, you should take this seriously. Maybe he's about to lose interest in you. 

Third, if your partner has an affair. If your partner has an affair, he obviously misses something in your relationship. If you want to save the relationship, you need to act quickly before his feelings for your rival get stronger.

10. Find out if he is having an affair with another woman

Here are a few tips to help you know where your partner is having an affair or not. If he's hiding his cell phone, he leaves the room when he has received a text message, his behavior has changed a lot, he goes away more often for work or works until late in the evening, or he often doesn't answer the phone when you try to reach him, these are all warning signs.

If your partner doesn't want to sleep with you anymore. Of course, it can happen that your partner is stressed and does not feel like having sex. But if that becomes permanent, you should be concerned. Men usually like sex when there are no big feelings. So if he no longer wants to have sex with you, something is wrong, he is distant and may be having an affair. 

If your partner dodges your questions and attempts to talk, this is another bad sign. Men neither like lying nor are good at it. If you notice that he changes the subject again and again, if you try to talk about your relationship or his feelings, you should pay attention. 

11. Reasons not to worry about an emotionally distant partner

Don’t worry if he seems distant because he has a lot to do at work. Men who are stressed and have a lot of work find it difficult to escape everyday life and their thoughts. This may not be nice for you, but his lack of attention has nothing to do with his feelings for you. Second, if your partner has always been like this then you likely have no need to worry. 

If time with his friends has always been important to him, or he has always done a lot of sport you do not have to worry if he still does it that way. 


How do I deal with a distant husband?

If you have an emotionally distant husband you may want to get him to reveal to you how he may be feeling and what is causing this apparent emotional distance between you. Men often hide their feelings so it may be necessary to approach this conversation sympathetically, don’t surprise him with a serious emotional conversation out of nowhere as this might make things worse. 

Why is my husband so distant all of a sudden?

If your partner is suddenly distant from you in your marriage, consider whether he is going through stress at work or he is dealing with the personal emotional trauma that has nothing to do with you. There may be many reasons for the apparent emotional distance in your marriage and there is often no need to worry before you know for sure how he may feel in his life. 

Why do husbands pull away?

Husbands may become distant in a marriage if they have a lot of stress at work or in other aspects of their life. He might feel distant also if you have been experiencing emotional stress at work too. Have a serious but sympathetic conversation with him. 

What are the signs of a failing marriage?

One of the signs of a failing marriage is the lack of an emotional connection. However be sure to find out the real cause of your partner’s behavior before you rush to any conclusions about how he might feel at this time, even if it is difficult for you to get him to talk to you. 

Why does my husband seem so distant?

One of the reasons that your husband might feel distant is stress in other areas of his life. If he no longer wants to be with you he will likely say this to you. One of the things to remember is not to rush to any conclusions before you know for sure what is going on in his life. 

To Sum Up

What do you do if you have an emotionally distant husband? Is it going to ruin your relationship or marriage? What is the solution? First, it is important to find out whether your worries are founded on anything. It is often the case that you have led yourself to worry about something that isn’t real. Have a conversation with him to figure out how he may feel. 

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