Dirty Stories To Tell Your Boyfriend (31 Dirty Stories)

It's no longer news that men love it when women express sexual desire towards them and even initiate intercourse. It's a total turn-on for most guys as it equally turns women on. That said, if you are up for it, you could express sexual desire towards your boyfriend or initiate sex by grabbing him in the butt, his penis, or other sexually stimulating areas of his body. Another option backed by research is talking dirty. 

Yes, talking dirty or being deliberately salacious can be a good way of penetrating a man’s psyche, arousing him, or letting him know you are up for some steamy session under the sheets. The good thing is that it’s a win-win for both of you. While it’s tagged talking dirty, it’s still communication, and it’s proven to help couples become more in-tuned with each others’ sexual desires.

While you may have many things to say to your boyfriend or husband in this regard, it's not uncommon for women to struggle in this area more than men. From the fear of slut-shamming to not being sure if their man will be open to the idea, many women find themselves tongue-tied in adopting erotic conversations as a means of spicing things up in the bedroom. 

Another thing is, as easy as talking dirty might sound, the risk of saying the right things the wrong way or using the wrong tone is very possible. But not to worry, you have come to the right place. I'll be helping you with some examples of dirty stories, phrases, and erotic statements you can tell your boyfriend, including how to say them. 

If all goes well, you will undoubtedly be improving the connection and sex life you both share. I'll be giving you these dirty stories/ phrases/talks under the 3 headings: the newbie dirty talks, Dirty talks for building up sexual tension, and Dirty stories after intercourse to keep him thinking about you


31 Dirty Stories to Keep Your Boyfriend Entertained

Dirty Talks For Newbies

Before we jump into the examples of dirty talk you can adopt with your man, as a newbie, you might want to know a few things so that you can pull this off correctly. The thing is, quiet intercourse, totally devoid of non-verbal cues is a turn-off for most people. 

Trust me, many people prefer, the opposite, i.e., sex accompanied with moaning and other mind-stimulating sexual talks. Have you not ever wondered why women fake-moan during intercourse? 

It's because the sounds drive men “crazy.” Intercourse is not only about physically stimulating the sex organs or other parts of the body. The mind is also involved. The more the mind is stimulated, excited, or aroused, the more amazing the sex gets. 

Research shows that both men and women fantasize often about their partners talking in a dirty manner to them, not only in the bedroom but outside it as well. The simple science is that some sounds are erotically appealing to humans, which may include moaning, talking, screaming, etc. Since that's out of the way, let's jump right into it

1. “I want to make love with you only.

Not too dirty, right? Cool your jets. If you’ve been in a relationship for a while and never been doing any dirty-talking before now, trust me, you don’t want to unleash the dragons of the dirty talk on your man, especially when you already know it’s the last thing he’d expect from you. 

First, you stand the risk of dirty-talking the wrong way. What’s more, you may freak him out, and perhaps get him wondering how you went from zero to one hundred in a second.

Furthermore, the chances of making him feel you are no longer operating at his speed or frequency are very high. He may even start to feel insecure, or worse, feel you are getting some of the action elsewhere. 

To pull off dirty talk like a pro, it's best to dive in at the shallow side of the pool by introducing dirty talks that are not on the extreme side. This way you both will get used to it together, then evolve before you start pulling the dirtier phrases or stories.

2. “If you have to make love to me in only one position, what would it be?”

Still, on the shallow end of the pool, this one is a subtle way of asking your man what favorite position he likes most when he's with you. If he truly has only one option, he would naturally want to opt for the position he enjoys most. If he tells you his option, you can respond to him that you want him to have you in that position on the bed tonight.

As a newbie, you might want to know that the effectiveness of dirty talk isn't only about the sexy or erotic words you say. The whole point isn’t just to initiate sex either. A large part of doing it right involves how you actually talk dirty. If you are going to make the most of it, unleashing naughty talk both during intercourse and outside the bedroom will do your sex life a lot of good.

With the example above, you can either say it while you are together after a passionate hot sex or apart, via instant messaging. For the latter, if you are going to make your man leave his boys at the bar or games night and run straight home to get busy with you in the bedroom or kitchen, you must be able to pull it off with confidence, a sexy voice, filled with desire that he can totally sense from over the phone. 

If he's with you in person, you have to speak the right body language and a seductive look also has to go with the sexy voice tone.

3. “Do you know I can still feel you inside me and also smell your cum?”

Talk about tickling his senses, you'll totally turn him on with this one. Whether you are a newbie at talking dirty or not, men love it when their women refer positively to the last sexual encounter. They believe that if the intercourse was that good you would remember and feel good enough to talk about it. That's exactly what this tip is meant for. 

You are making him feel excited about how he made you feel the night before. You are also letting him know the effect is still lingering around. Even if you are not used to saying naughty words to each other, this one won't sound too surprising or explicit.

Another tip for newbies, if you feel you are not ready or confident to say cute and naughty things in a casual, non-sex scenario, it's okay if you want to keep things in the bedroom for now. Once you get more comfortable and confident, you'll naturally be able to pull it off even when you are strolling at the park.

4. “I know you are busy and all of that, but I’m thinking of you and it makes me wet.”

As I mentioned earlier, saying naughty words is as effective outside the bedroom just as it is when you are having raunchy, hot sex. So, if you want to get your man's attention away from work and have him thinking of you all day long, you should send him a dirty text message or chats with this statement and a couple of eggplant emojis. 

I mentioned earlier that men love it and get turned on knowing their girl sexually desires them. With this statement, you are not only telling him you want him and find him sexually appealing, but you are also telling him your body responds to the thought of him. If that won't make a man feel wanted, nothing probably can.

5. “I have a confession: I think about your cock at work and picture it in my mouth at night.”

If using dirty phrases is the last thing your man expects from you, his girl, this above dirty statement is one of those that will catch him by surprise but may still be comfortable with it because it will tickle or massage his ego. Think of it as talking dirty to his taste. So it's important that you learn what will tickle your man's fantasy. 

Some men may like it when you are subtle or a little polite with your dirty talk, while some may want you to go the whole nine yards of explicitness. Saying you have a confession is a way of sounding subtle, like a gentle little girl that wants to report herself after being naughty. 

The good thing about this dirty statement is that you can totally pull it off by looking shy or a little awkward and still look sexy and inviting while you are at it. Many guys are naturally insecure about the size of their penis, so it's not uncommon for them to naturally feel unsure about what their girl thinks of their penis. 

Telling him you think about it means a lot. Not only will you boost his confidence and make him feel more comfortable around you, but he'll also look forward to the next sexual encounter between you both.

6. “If you come home early, I’ll let you have the sexy surprise waiting for you in the bedroom.”

Yes, dirty-talking is expected to turn your man on so that you can both enjoy rewarding and more exciting sex life. However, while you tailor-fitting your dirty phrases to suit his fantasy and preference, you also want to remember sexual pleasure between you both is a two-way road. 

Therefore, seize the opportunity to make him do what you want to. It means that you should tailor your dirty phases and phrases to suit your taste. The example above is sexually inviting enough for any man to understand.

What's more, if you are the type that doesn't feel too comfortable using sexually explicit terms, you don't have to force it. The key to talking dirty is to be natural. If you are not, you will look awkward and possibly send the wrong message. Determine what is best for you. If you find that you are shy when it comes to using dirty phrases in person, you can try engaging your man over the phone as it's much easier to express oneself remotely.

Dirty Talks For Building Up Sexual Tension

Before you get to that point where you feel hot or horny, there would have been a period of sexual tension buildup. Similarly, there are phrases/statements that will naturally help build up the anticipation of hot sex between you and your man. 

You can throw in these statements casually when you are both at home, walking past each other, out at the mall, on a stroll in the park, or even at work when the thought of him crosses your mind.

7. “If getting arrested wasn’t on the table, sitting on your cock right here in public makes sense to me.”

For women, research shows that the desire for sex may be prompted by an emotional feeling or a sweet memory shared by someone they share a connection. On the other hand, the slightest trigger can make a man fully erect just about anywhere. From the sight of cleavage to a gentle feminine touch, or even a gentle whisper in their ears, men's testosterone can go all wild at any time. 

So, it's not a surprise that guys fantasize about having hot sex in public places. This fantasy doesn't necessarily mean they want to have sex while strangers look at them, it mostly means having sex in a neutral or different place other than a usual space, like home. Trust me, it can be exciting and fun. 

If you’ve got yourself a man that’s open to adventures, don’t be surprised he might not wait till you get home before getting down with you.

8. “I know I sound inconsiderate right now, but I don’t care because I want your cock so bad right now.”

I know I sound inconsiderate right now but I don't care because I want your cock so bad right now

Sometimes, talking dirty doesn't mean you want your man to do what you are telling him right away. Sometimes, it's just to make him get wild in anticipation. Are you at work, or in a separate location, where meeting you might not totally be possible? 

Throw this statement in to build up the sexual tension. If you are in a long-distance relationship, where your man comes home only once or twice a month, you should throw these dirty talks in just to show how much you miss him and also make him desire you even though he can't have you.

9. “I’m totally naked in bed right now. If only you were here, I know you would do dirty things to me with your cock and finger.”

Even if you aren't naked, talking this way is enough to set a guy an “aflame.” Not only are you tickling his fantasies with a sexy voice filled with desire, but you are also igniting a mental image of yourself in his mind. If he's not at a very far away zip code, trust me, he'll jump on the next bus or train to get to you. 

What's more, telling him you are sure he would do naughty things to you will also reassure him of his sexual skills or performance. When a man is confident about his performance in the bedroom, and you make him know it, you should expect him to perform well because he wouldn't want to fall short of your praise. 

If you want to turn up the heat, you can send him a picture of what he's missing. However, you'll do well to ensure he's a man you can trust with your private pictures, otherwise, it's best on the safer side by keeping your nudes to yourself only.

10. “What would you prefer I wear to bed tonight, panties or thongs? I want you to rip them off either way.”

While some may consider this one a weird fantasy, many women have confessed that it's a huge turn-on for them as it shows the deepest desire when their man rips their underwear. If you are up for it and know your man will equally be psyched about it, it's not a bad idea to say it to him over the phone on his way to work or via a text. 

Nobody would want expensive clothes or undergarments destroyed, so you might want to consider buying cheap underwear if this one is one of your fantasies.

11. “I just shaved just the way you’ll like it, so sitting on your face sounds like a good idea.”

If your man is the type that's open to oral sex, this one is a clear invitation that'll make him rush over to bury his face between your thighs. 

On the contrary, not all men are open to the idea of going down on a lady. Still, the invitation is like a blank cheque. Even if he's not into oral sex, he'll be more than happy to do other things to your naked figure since you took the creative initiative to look so fresh for him.

12. “Tonight, I want to take the “wheels,” so be rest assured I'll be riding you to cloud 9.”

When it comes to sex, men like to be in control. But they equally love when women get creative by taking charge. Men fantasize a lot about women being on top and even dominating them in the bedroom, and It doesn’t matter whether they’ve experienced the fantasy before or not. So, telling him this phrase will undoubtedly build up sexual tension and make him look forward to a dirt time with you.

13. “Tell him a story of how he makes you unusually wet.”

Before I met you, I hardly got so freaky and wet, but the way you touch me is just amazing. Saying moments with you are the most pleasurable moment of my life is an understatement. You make me shake so hard that I feel the spasms of pleasure even after we are done. 

Looking at you right now, I am a little shy to tell you I want you to handle me the way you usually do as I’m already feeling wet looking at you in tight shorts. Boy, my body is on fire and I just want to play with your cock and have it deep in me all night.

14. “Tell him what you want to do to him too.”

Yes, men want women to desire them. However, what they even want more is when their girl or wife tells them what they would do in the bedroom. Most men are usually on the dominating end when it comes to sex, so it would turn your man in if you tell him how you would make him scream and beg for more. 

For example, you could tell him: If you get here now, I'd throw you on the and tip your clothes off. Then I would take a long look at your hard cock and hold it in my hands to feel the veins. After that, I would swallow you all at once, choking myself with your long hard shaft till you cum in your mouth. Then I'll suck you hard again before riding you all the way to orgasm.

15. “You can remind him of how he made you vulnerable and how you want more.”

I don't usually let go this quick, but your charm arrested me, and I knew it was only a matter of time before I let my pants fly too. The way you gripped my hair and spanked my butt made me feel dominated and vulnerable, but I loved it. Thinking of it makes me extra horny and I would like you to take me from the back again, so you can spank me like a spoiled brat.

16. “Let him know you are open to new freaky ideas.”

let him know you are open to new freaky ideas

I know you have one or more sexual fantasies or ideas that you haven't told me about. You don't have to keep it to yourself, You don't have to experience it only in your head. You don't have to imagine how you'll do it because I'm game. Just come here and do whatever you feel like doing with my cute body. Trust me, I won't resist you.

Dirty Talk Phrases During Intense Sex

For most people, this is the dirty talking they are used to. So, if you don't have enough in your arsenal, here are a few tips to get you ready for that steamy session with your boyfriend or husband.

17. “Kiss me like your life depends on it.”

If you are going to talk dirty when the “deed” is about to happen, you might as well start early. Many people start foreplay with a kiss, and yes, it's an amazing way to start exploring each other's bodies and getting comfortable with each other. 

Instead of just kissing quietly, “bill and coo,” i.e., kissing and talking at the same time can be a sexy way of letting your partner know how much you are into him. It's a free world, so let yourself go by telling him sweet things that'll mess with his mind and get him more into the action.

18. “Worship those “twin towers” just like I love it.”

The next stop for most men during foreplay is the boobs. If your boyfriend is a boob-man and can't get enough of sucking on you, you'll do well to make him put in more effort especially when you want him to spend more time in the foreplay bubble. 

Men are sometimes too quick to advance to penetration and that's because a man's erection can happen almost immediately after you get close to him with kisses. Therefore, you can get him to do more with this dirty phrase. Make him “worship” your cute body some more before allowing him to dive in.

19. “I want you to bury your face between my thighs and get me all wet for you.”

It's a good idea to be sure your boyfriend is up for some oral action before throwing this one in. If not, you may end up killing the vibes you have going on. It's not uncommon for some men to find going down on a lady unappealing. So, you should know your partner's preference as you wouldn't want to make him feel uncomfortable. 

Of course, introducing something new can happen spontaneously while having sex. So if you want to throw this dirty talk in without notice, don’t be afraid to do so. He’s your man after all. If he’s not into oral foreplay, he’ll probably let you know or just initiate something else he’s comfortable with.

20. “Yes, right there, I can feel you deep inside me.” 

After foreplay, the initial penetration, just before the repetitive thrust is a big deal for both parties. The man feels your wetness and warmth, while you feel his hard shaft slide into you. It's a sweet feeling, so make sure you let him know just how much you felt it. 

Men love it when women respond to their every move in the bedroom. Tell him how long and how hard his cock feels. With this dirty talk, you'll be messing with him and also placating his ego. Trust me, you'll enjoy every bit of the sweet journey to orgasm.

21. “Harder, harder, harder.”

If you've been paying attention since the beginning of the article, you would have realized that talking dirty can totally make you be in control of sexual activity, including the pace of sex every time you and your boyfriend get down to fucking each other. For example, while he's on top or behind you pounding away, you can get into his head and control how fast you want his thrusts. 

Most men will gladly obey like a little boy because they don't want to be guilty of not satisfying their woman. You should be careful though, if you still want him to remain with you, telling him too hard can make him cum faster than you want. So, alternating fast and slow tempo will likely get you both to your destination.

22. “I’ve been a bad girl, spank my butt.”

I don’t know about you but many girls I’ve spoken to enjoy a little spanking on the butt from their man. This may be during sex or just casually when their man is checking them out. Call it a fantasy slightly rooted in masochism or BDSM if you want, but one is certain, even if the world where everything seems to have a political correctness ring to it, women still don’t mind a little roughness when it comes to sex. Men also seem to have a fetish for it

23. “Grab my boob, squeeze and suck them hard, they are yours.”

Virtually all men love boobs, there's no doubt about that. Although some guys are more fascinated by well-shaped and significantly large butts than boobs, still, they all love the soft feel of women's breasts. More importantly, they love the way girls moan and respond to the squeezing and sucking of their boobs. 

You'll be crazily exciting your boyfriend more when you talk dirty by telling him your boobs are his for the squeezing. By saying they are his, you are making him feel more special, by verbally granting him the lordship or ownership mentality over your boobs. Trust me, it's a huge turn-on. One that will be met with making love to you in intense ways you can even imagine.

24. “Your cock is driving me crazy.”

your cock is driving me crazy

While your boyfriend is inside you thrusting through all your wetness and warmth, or perhaps you are on top of him riding him as you wish, you can turn up the heat by sexually whispering into his ears how you want to play with his cock and how it makes you feel. Again, this is an area you want to use to your advantage because men feel good about themselves, knowing that their penis does a lot of magic to your body just the way you like it.

25. “Baby don’t stop, don’t you dare stop, don’t you ever stop.”

Sometimes, men get carried away by all that overwhelming sensation from the warmness, wetness, and softness of the vagina. When this scenario happens with you and your man you might hear him moan and let out other sounds that show just how much your body excites him. 

At this point of heightened sexual pleasure, chances are he's about to shoot all his load. You can easily get into his head by telling him not to stop. This way, he'll consciously control himself to prolong the activity and you would have simultaneously made him know just how much you were enjoying him.

26. “My body belongs to you only, so you better fuck me and dominate because my life depends on it.”

Because there's always a time when trust is earned, it's not uncommon to feel some doubt about someone you are in a relationship with, especially when you've not been dating for too long. However, the more you assure each other by going out of your way to do things for each other, the more trust grows and the more doubts clear. 

A more passionate way to tell your boyfriend that your body belongs to him alone is during hot sex. Trust me, he won't forget. Constantly repeating the phrase “this body is yours” while he's pounding you will not only drive him crazier, but it will also make him love you more and clear doubts/ insecurities towards you.

27. “You are going to make me cum hard.”

All men want to hear this dirty statement from their girlfriends because it's a massive boost to their ego and sexual prowess. If your boyfriend does all the right things to get you to orgasm, trust me, you should let him know how great you feel when you are reaching orgasm. It's a huge turn-on, and many men confessed to fantasizing about it

Many men have also confessed that the fun or enjoyment they derive from sex comes from both the physical sexual contact they have with their girl and also the response (moaning) to all the moves they initiate in the bedroom.

28. “I want your cum all over me.”

Allowing your boyfriend to ejaculate all over you is arguably one of the dirtiest turn-on things you can allow during sex. Telling him in a sexy, yet dirty way you want you to want him to do it as your life depends on it can even be more sexually exciting and arousing. I'm not exactly sure why bursting their “load” on their partner's face or other body parts is erotically appealing to men, but one thing is certain, many guys fantasize about it. 

Some men I've spoken to confess that they see facials as a huge turn-on because they feel a strong sense of acceptance from their girl who accommodated the idea of spilling on their face or body. After all, it's not like women physically enjoy the act, though some have suggested it's great for their skin.

Dirty Stories After Hot/Passionate Sex To Keep Him Thinking About You

Think of some of these as after-sex bedtime stories to get your boyfriend thinking about and wanting more of you. It's also a good way to spend time together in a hot steamy session.

29. “Every time we have earth-shattering, hot sex, I just feel safe lying there naked with you after we are done.”

The orgasmic feeling lingers so long that it makes me feel like your cock is still inside me. The most amazing thing about this night was when you came all over me. I felt the warmness that came from inside of you just as you felt mine. (You should add this to one of your after-intercourse bedtime stories. You man will go crazy hearing it).

30. “It was only a few minutes ago your cock and finger were inside me, and I'm already having the dirtiest thoughts about you fucking all the holes in my body, including my mouth.”

If you tell me the dirtiest dream and fantasies you've ever had about me, I promise not to hold back and let you do all the naughtiest things running wild in your mind to my body. You already know this body is meant for you and you only, so it's okay to do whatever you want right now. I can't wait to have more fun with you.

This can be one of your bedtime stories when your man is far away. You can also follow this up with; How about you send me a few of those porn videos you like, and I promise to do all the naughty/dirty things the female cast did to their male counterparts?

 I'll make you cum hard and scream my name like never before. I've seen you watch those deep-throat blow-job scenes and I know you like it. So, stop thinking and get ready to have your cock deep in my throat, choking me till I finally make you cum in my mouth.

31. “I woke up feeling horny this morning but didn't want to bug you as we had to both get to work. But guess what? I didn't wear any panties or thongs to work, so you don't have to struggle to pull them off once you are finally ready to eat me up.”

You can follow this up. I've always thought sex should be gentle and peaceful, without aggression. But you showed me a different side I did not know and brought out the naughty side of me

I never knew I could enjoy intercourse that involved pulling my hair, choking me, spanking me like a naughty little girl. Guess what, I've been a naughty girl again because I masturbated to the thought of your huge cock thrusting through my wetness. So, you're going to have to pull my hair and spank me again. 

In Conclusion

Adopting dirty phrases to turn your man on and intensify your sex life is not rocket science. You only need to be confident, use the right body language, and text messages, and have fun in bed while you are at it. I hope you enjoyed the article. Please feel free to share it with friends and also drop a comment for improvement.

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