13 Tips On Dating Someone Who’s Never Been In A Relationship

Dating someone who’s never been in a relationship is special. Especially if you have had a few experiences with long-term serious relationships. No matter how fun it can be to be the first time a person truly connects with someone, it can be exhausting emotionally and mentally at times.

In fact, dating someone who’s never been in a relationship takes a few detrimental things. While in the good moments it may feel hot, heavy, and perfect, the fact of the matter is the person you have caught feelings for has never been in a serious relationship

So you need to make sure that you are either the right person or someone who isn’t going to cause permanent emotional damage to someone else.

13 Tips On How To Date A Relationship Virgin

1. Have patience

Despite your love for them, sometimes your serious relationship virgin can grind on your nerves. Sometimes they are too needy. Sometimes they fight or get upset over stupid things. 

Sometimes they are insecure. And you feel like you are constantly fighting a hailstorm of doubt and time wasted. You will have to have patience because having a relationship with someone is a skill that is learned. And you’ll probably have to teach them a lot too.

2. Have open communication

have open communication

 Honesty is the best policy. And so is open communication where you make it comfortable for each other to be honest with one another. It is best to be direct, and avoid beating around the bush. Don’t keep any secrets if you truly feel like this could be ‘the one.’ Be honest about your past and everything else. 

3. Guide them on how relationships work smoothly

If the person you are dating has never been in a relationship before they are still learning the basics of how to act when they are in one. They still aren’t sure of what is too much attention, too little, how to let you in, what is moving too fast, and so on and so forth. They will be looking to you for answers if they know you have had experience with serious relationships before. They will probably be uncertain about a lot of things and will need you to guide them. 

4. Teach them boundaries

With someone who's never had a serious relationship before, boundaries are going to be hard to learn. They may become clingy and want you with them every moment of every day, or they may just move too fast and not realize they are pushing you out of your comfort zone. They’ve never gone past the realm of dating, and relationships are a whole new world to learn. 

5. Reassure them when they need it

When someone has waited a long time until they find someone truly special, they may have a lot of doubts when entering their first serious relationship. 

They may worry that everything they do is wrong, or they aren’t making you happy. It all depends on your relationship. Try to reassure them whenever you see them having these moments of doubt. It won’t last long, just until they are more comfortable with taking your guy’s love to the next level. 

6. Communicate about their displays of physical affection

Sometimes people when they are in their first relationship honestly don’t know that their displays of affection could make you or other people uncomfortable. If you are not someone who enjoys too much PDA, it's best to have an honest conversation about it rather quickly. And try not to embarrass them in public by rejecting them. Remember, they just don’t know any better yet. 

7. They may become clingy or too dependent. 

It’s not uncommon for inexperienced people to feel like they need to cling to the person they love. They may go a little crazy and forget that for a healthy relationship to grow, they still need to take time apart and take it slow to get to know one another. Make sure you don’t hurt their feelings while bringing it up, but remember to let them know what they are doing so that your relationship can continue to last. 

8. They may have fairy tale expectations about how relationships work

Another thing you may want to be prepared for when dating someone who has never had a serious relationship is that they may have very naive ideas about how things work in real relationships. They may think it’s possible to end all arguments peacefully, and may also carry a very obvious ‘love conquers all’ attitude. They will learn the truth as they go, but it will require a lot of patience to deal with them. 

9. Enjoy their carefreeness in their affection for you

enjoy their carefreeness in their affection for you

One of the perks of dating people who haven’t had a serious relationship is that their affection is pure and undamaged and unguarded. There’s no past relationship drama weighing them down, so they will feel free to love you as fiercely as they want. My advice to people: Take your time to enjoy this. 

10. Be prepared for a lot of sex

Another perk of being intimate with someone who's not had the pleasure of unlimited amounts of intimacy due to a relationship: lots and lots of sex. 

People who have not experienced the ability to have love and attention whenever they want will get lost in the moments, and enjoy themselves thoroughly. Something about love and commitment makes people horny, so take your time to enjoy this aspect of a ‘relationship virgin’ as well. 

11. You may fight a lot or not at all

Someone who has never experienced a relationship may be afraid of confrontation with their partners. They may not realize that arguments and disagreements are actually healthy in a partnership to a degree

On the other side of that coin, people who haven’t had the chance to experience relationships and entered it feeling afraid may have more insecurities than usual, and you may fight a lot. It will take some getting used to, for them, until you two sort out the best way to handle disagreements between you. 

12. They may have difficulty letting go of some of their independence  

For some people who get too clingy, there are some people who aren’t clingy enough. Sometimes it will seem like they are closed off, and may forget to include you in important decisions. 

Being in a relationship is being a part of a team, and up until this point they have never had to limit what they do to another person’s happiness. It may take some adjusting for them to start doing some major life teamwork with you. 

13. There is no baggage, so try not to create any 

One important thing to remember when dating someone who's never been in a relationship is that you have to really know what you want. They have never had a relationship to cause them damage before, so try not to cause damage on your way out if you are done with the relationship. Don’t cheat on them, don’t lead them on, don’t use or abuse them. Just let them go gracefully so that you don’t leave any lasting scars on their emotional state. 

The First Relationship Is Important And Defines The Future

the first relationship is important and defines the future

Something that most people forget is that the first relationship for a person is the defining page on how they will base relationships for the rest of their lives. Most people enter their first serious partnership with the hopes that they have hit the ‘one and done’ button on it. 

For the most part, that’s not how real life works. But it’s your job to remember that this relationship is important, and it’s going to shape the way they handle things like arguments and breakups in the future, or whether they have esteem or trust issues. 


How do you date someone who has never been in a relationship?

A lot of patience, a lot of love, and a lot of kindness. Someone who has never been in a real relationship before will need a lot of guidance and will need to be taught how a healthy relationship works. 

Can you fall in love with someone you've never dated?

Yes. Being in love with someone doesn’t always require dating them. Someone you’ve known for a long time, or have just hung out with and gotten to know really well are excellent candidates for falling in love with. 

How long should you date someone before becoming boyfriend and girlfriend?

This is different for every couple. No two relationships are the same. It just depends on when you two are comfortable and ready with the idea of taking things to the next level. 

Are some people meant to be single?

Yes. It is perfectly normal to be single. No matter what your reasons are, you do not have to be in a relationship to be happy. And just because you seem meant to be single right now, doesn’t mean you can’t change your mind in the future. 

How can I be happy without a boyfriend?

The best way to be happy without a boyfriend is to just live your life. Relationships are nice, but so is being single. You don’t have to answer to anyone or worry about someone else's happiness. You can just be you and focus on your life and career or hobbies as much as you want. 

In all honesty, the best way you can make sure your relationship succeeds, is you have to learn to be happy by yourself first – so that you know you are emotionally and mentally happy and prepared to share yourself with someone else. 

In A Nutshell 

Do you remember what your first relationship was like? Were you both inexperienced, or did your partner already know how to be from past relationships? Take us through memory lane in the comments, and tell us about your first relationship and if it defines anything in your relationship today. 

We hope you enjoyed the article, and you share it with your friends! See you next time. 

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