13 Tips For Dating Someone Who Travels A Lot (13 Ways To Manage The Situation)

It is all fun, everything is going great, you are living your best life. You get to plan and take each other on dates, have cuddles, share deep intimacy at bedtimes, and spend quality time with each other. That is until your partner awakes one morning and has to travel for it is a job requirement. All of a sudden, you are in a long-distance relationship.

Studies show that even though it is possible to work remotely with the advent of technology, more people are still traveling because of their job. When you are dating someone who travels, it can be straining on relationships because of the cons that come with it, like lack of intimacy, miscommunication, time difference, etc. 

It is, however, not all bad because there are many advantages that come with dating guys who travel. These include getting souvenirs as gifts, you have a free tour guide, lots of time for yourself, and also because you constantly miss your partner, you get to value the relationship more.

Dating someone who travels a lot can be very difficult because being a traveler is based on independence, but it could also be one of the best decisions you may have ever made. To make it happen, you will need to compromise and sacrifice a lot. 

That is why you need to be ready for whatever comes your way if you happen to date someone who travels a lot of times. I have therefore compiled 13 ways on how to have a healthy relationship with someone who is usually traveling.

13 Ways To Date Someone Who Travels A Lot

1. Be honest

For such a relationship to work, you both need to be honest with each other. Is there any lurking situation that needs to be addressed? Make the effort to be honest about the problem with your partner before he travels, so that you both reason about it. 

This helps to release any tension that may be in the relationship. That way, you don’t stay on the phone arguing with each other, especially when your guy has had a long tiring day. Honesty, they always say, is the best policy!

2. Always talk to each other

always talk to each other

Relationships require communication. It is the bloodline of all relationships that is why it is key in every dating life. While others find it a chore to reply via texts, others want to be texted every hour. 

You two need to talk to each other to figure out which is suitable for both of you before your partner is out of town. Also, in order to keep the connection intact, you need to constantly talk to each other to bridge the distance gap.

3. Take advantage of technology

With the help of technology, there are many ways to keep in touch with your partner and social media has made it easier, so apps like facetime, zoom, Twitter, Instagram, etc can play a major role in making you two feel close, even though you are a thousand miles apart. 

Develop creative ways to reach out. One idea could be a little video of how your day went and telling him all the sweet things he needs to hear or sending him a funny tweet you both relate with to get him thinking about you. 

Due to the difference in time zones, plan video call sessions together so that you can initiate video calls to interact with each other. A couples' therapist suggests that when this happens, you feel you are an active part of your partner’s life.

4. Keep your partner updated on what is happening with you

Although you two may be living in two different time zones, and it may sometimes be difficult to keep in touch, it is a very good idea to keep your guy updated on what is happening with you. Let him know your work schedules. 

This creates more opportunities for him to learn more about your interest and routines which can be quite comforting in the dating experience so that you can feel your partner being active in your life. 

5. Learn to speak each other’s love language

learn to speak each other's love language

Every dating experience requires that you understand what love language your guy speaks and express it accordingly. The period before travels can be quite depressing, so it is up to you to make it fun and memorable. Help him as he packs his suitcase and secretly press love notes into his clothes when he is not looking. 

Go the extra mile to make him happy before he leaves so that when he is away, his thoughts will be all about you, and he won’t be able to wait to get back to you. Make the long-distance dating experience fun.

6. Join them on some trips

Relationships require intimacy to thrive. It is, therefore, a great idea to join your man on some of the trips, when you can. Even if you are into the whole outdoor adventure thing, join them once in a while. 

It is an opportunity for you to understand how and why they are able to cope with traveling a lot, and what makes their travel experience fun. If you have the time, plan a budget and go see him. It is possible to transform that business trip into a couple’s getaway. This way, you two can share valuable moments together. 

7. Plans upon reunion

You should both schedule plans for when your guy returns. That way, you both can have events to look forward to, till your guy returns to you. Planning this will enable you two to spend more time together when he arrives. Obviously, you both have missed yourselves so you can share your excitement till the day scheduled for the plans you have made.

8. Accounting for expenses

Track each other’s expenditures. It is very easy, especially for the traveling partner to be very extravagant. Accounting for each other’s budgets is a good way to manage the money situation between you two. Plan a budget so that you both do not exceed your spending limits so that you do not let the space between you two create financial problems for you both.

9. Be empathic and patient

For people who travel a lot, it can be really exhausting and emotionally draining sometimes, because they are far away from a familiar environment. Imagine the loneliness that comes with sleeping alone each night in a hotel room a thousand miles away from your home. 

This will definitely lead to a build-up of sentiments, which causes tension and it is likely to cause problems in the relationship. 

So, instead of falling for the bait to argue due to this kind of tension, be empathic and patient, as you keep the communication open for the outpouring of his insecurities. Obviously, it is not going to be a one-time event, and as you constantly empathize with his situation, it allows you to be more patient with him. 

When this happens, it is easier to make the relationship work, because he will want to share any situation of the sort with you.

10. Have time for yourself

have time for yourself

While your partner is far away, you get to have more time for yourself. Making yourself happy should be one of your top priorities and if you can schedule time for your partner, then, you should be able to do the same for yourself. 

Spend much time upgrading yourself whilst having fun. Take yourself out; see that new movie, visit that art exhibition or try joining that cuisine master class. This is dating life; have time for yourself during this period before marriage comes into the picture, then you no longer have time for yourself.

11. Be a good listener

Validate your partner’s experiences by listening to him, it creates the impression that you are really interested in the things happening to him at that particular point in time. Since your time together may be limited, you can spend much time savoring every little information he gives you. 

12. Connect with family and friends

It is not good for you to be alone, so instead of you being home alone, waiting for the return of your Prince Charming, it will be prudent that you do not put your life on hold. Rather, connect more with friends and family. Have wonderful experiences with these close ones and be reminded that life is not all about your boyfriend.

13. Talk about his job

While your partner is away at boring and tiring meetings, it can be very easy for you at home to imagine that he is having all the fun in the world without you. Then there is you at home, lonely at home. So, even if it may be boring, ask your partner about his work. With these little details, it will be easy to visualize his routines so that you don’t get the wrong ideas.


How do you deal with a traveling boyfriend?

To deal with a traveling boyfriend, you must be ready to put in the extra effort than you would in a relationship with a guy who barely travels. 

These include: finding time to spend alone with your boyfriend when he returns from his trip, regular communication (so you need to think up creative ideas to make it work), being a listener, helping him account for expenses, practicing each other’s love language and sometimes travel with him.

How do you date when traveling a lot?

Most people think it is very difficult to date while traveling and therefore impossible, but the truth is that it is not impossible. To be able to date while traveling, you need to do the following: 

communicate, make use of social media, make time for your partner, be honest, make an effort to include your partner in your day despite the time differences, stay focused on each other, create a schedule and stick to it, be a listener, etc. 

The list goes on and on, but it is dependent on one thing, once you guys have resolved to make it work, you will.

What to get a man who travels a lot?

Here are some gifts you can get a man who travels a lot: world map, eye mask, photo album, camera, photo lens, traveling bag, waterproof jacket, hiking bag, pocket journal, travel neck pillow, windbreaker, waterproof portable speaker, solar power charger and light, passport wallet, water bottle, or a men’s emergency kit. 

Any of these gifts are bound to send any guy who travels a lot very happy.

What to give your boyfriend when he travels?

When your boyfriend travels, you can get him a huge pillow, Bluetooth wireless earbuds, camera, travel journal, travel pouch, personalized photo frame, headphones, Netflix or Spotify subscription, travel pillow, traveling bag, passport cover, power bank. 

While all these are really good gift ideas, what you ought to keep in mind when getting a gift for your boyfriend is his interests. Is he a reader? Then get him a pad subscribed to Kindle with his favorite books, if he is into music or movies, then a Spotify or Netflix subscription will do. Another thing to also consider when picking a gift is to pick something that will also remind him of you.

What is a Hodophile?

Hodophile means lover of roads. It is someone who travels a lot.

In Summary

In conclusion, dating someone who travels too much is not all gloom and doom, once you guys want to make it work, it can, and it will, with the application of the ways above.

However, this is not for everyone, and if you know you can date someone within this scope, then that is fine. The difference in your type of relationship can even add sparks to your relationship, like when you two started dating rather than dull the love intensity.

I hope you enjoyed this article. Let me know what you think in the comments section. Also, share the link with everyone you know deserves this read.

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