Dating A Sex Addict (17 Things to Know About Dating Someone Who is a Sex Addict)

Whether you have been dating someone for a long time or you have only been seeing them for a few weeks, you may have begun to feel as though something is not right between you and this relationship is different from all of the others that you have ever been before. You may be worried or scared to bring it up with your partner and you are unsure as to how to handle it.

You are aware that at times you can be somewhat over-analytical but things just seem a bit off and there are some things about your partner that you think they are keeping hidden from you. If they haven’t told you everything about their sex life and you know that there is more that they haven’t told you, it can leave you in a difficult and confusing situation. 

Perhaps they are going through a difficult time or they are a recovering sex addict, but it can be difficult to know how to handle this, especially if they are not willing to discuss it with you. If you feel a bit in the dark, you may be worried that they are seeing someone else at the same time as dating you, because what else can explain their unusual behavior. 

Keep reading to find out more about the things you should know about dating a sex addict.

Dating A Sex Addict

It is important to know a bit more about sex addiction in order to fully understand what your partner is going through. It is also a good idea to encourage them to talk to you about what they are going through. If you are unable to communicate with each other about such things, it is likely that your relationship is not built on a strong enough foundation. 

No relationship is going to last for the long run unless you are able to find a way to communicate and talk about everything about your lives and your partner’s sexual addiction is no different. Having a sex addiction is not just about having a love of sex, it also involves being unable to make proper decisions involving sex and sexual activity. 

It can also involve being unable to stop sexual behavior even if it is unwanted and experiencing a range of negative results in life due to these decisions. If a sex addict is unfaithful to their partner or they fulfill their sexual dreams, they are fulfilling their brain’s desire for chemicals that make them feel the excitement and even fear

1. Try To Understand

If you are dating someone that has a sex addiction or who is a recovering sex addict, it is important to try and gain an understanding of what they are going through so that you can better support them through it and help to rebuild their self-esteem. Without any understanding, it may be difficult to help your partner through their treatment programs and get better. 

2. Look For Symptoms

look for symptoms

The symptoms of sex addiction may include being unable to properly control decisions and choices surrounding sex or intimacy. It may also include experiencing negative situations as a result of these decisions or being unable to commit to a relationship because of fantasies or the need to fulfill the brain’s desire for chemicals that induce excitement and even fear. 

3. Let Them Know You Are There

If your partner is a sex addict or is suffering from sex addiction, let them know that you are there for them and you want to sort out any issues that exist in your relationship. Let them know that you know that it may take time but you are in it for the long-run, as long as this is what you desire. Otherwise, walk away, but don’t pretend you are happy if you are not. 

4. Realize That There Are Underlying Issues

Many sex addicts suffer from addiction because of negative feelings or hurt from other areas of their life or their past. It is important for them to understand the issues that caused the addiction in the first place so that they can find a way to overcome them. Their behavior may be caused by a desire to distract or fill a feeling of emptiness. 

5. They May Feel Guilty

Know that your partner may feel guilty and even ashamed of their behavior. If they are suffering from sex addiction, it is likely that they do not want to continue behaving in the way that they have been, but they have difficulty in making a real change. They likely feel guilty and saddened by causing pain to those around them. 

6. Seek Help

seek help

If your loved one is going through a sex addiction, it is important that you encourage them to seek help in the form of treatment programs or addiction treatment. They are likely unable to get better or change their ways on their own and a professional can help them to figure out the issues that are causing their behavior so that they can change it for good. 

7. Talk To Them

If you believe your loved one may have a sex addiction, don’t immediately assume that they do. It is important to openly talk to them and find out what is going on. They might even feel relief about having it out and being able to openly speak to you about it. Asking the question is the only way to confirm whether your thoughts are true. 

8. They Are Unfaithful

If your significant other is a sex addict, they may have been unfaithful to you. Speak to them about their behavior in your relationship. If they have cheated on you, you may never be able to forgive them. Figure out what you want in life and if you want to walk away from them do so, you should never be treated in this way by anyone no matter the circumstances. 

9. Don’t Ignore It

If you have suspicions that your significant other has a sex addiction, it is important to bring it up with them and avoid ignoring the situation. You are likely never going to be happy if you have a suspicion about something your significant other has never spoken to you about. You may never be able to trust them if they have to keep something so big from you before. 

10. Look After Yourself

If your significant other is going through a sex addiction, it can be difficult for you too. Don’t feel guilty for needing to spend some time by yourself and figure out what you want from the relationship. It is important to take the time to look after yourself through these situations and make sure that you are doing okay. Don’t forget about your own happiness. 

11. They Lie To You

they lie to you

If your significant other has been lying to you about where is he and what he is doing, it can be difficult to deal with. If they are suffering from sex addiction, this may cause them to lie to you about where they are and who they are with. This is a warning sign and it is important that you do not let such things go no matter the situation. Make sure you are happy too. 

12. Consider Your Happiness

Consider whether this relationship is making either of you happy anymore. If your significant other is a recovering sex addict, they may need some time by themselves to figure out what they want and who they want to be with. No matter the situation, if neither of you is happy anymore, it is time to let go and move on to find happiness elsewhere. 

13. They Never Leave Their Phone Around

If your significant other always has their phone on them and they never leave it lying around even if they go to the kitchen to grab a drink, it may be because they are hiding something from you. If they are acting in this way they may be a sex addict and they may need help. Don’t ignore the signs and speak openly to them about seeking help. 

14. They’ve Never Been In A Serious Relationship

If your significant other is a recovering sex addict, they may never have been in a serious relationship before. If they are still young, this may not be something to worry about however, if they are much older, it could be a cause for concern. If you are worried about their past, it is important to talk to them about it and clear any concerns you may have. 

15. They Flirt A Lot

Some sex addicts may be inclined to flirt a lot. Everybody that they work with loves them and whenever they go out they flirt with different people. This may cause jealousy and concern for you. It is important that you do not ignore this behavior and that you let them know that it makes you feel uncomfortable and insecure in your relationship with them. 

16. They Try To Manipulate You

they try to manipulate you

Sex addicts can sometimes manipulate the people they are in a relationship with, they may be trying to hide their behavior by making you feel as if you were the one that acted wrongly instead. Be aware of their potential manipulative tendencies and do not let them do it to you. It is important to communicate with them about how they are making you feel and walk away if necessary. 

17. They Are Suspicious

Even though you may have done nothing wrong or nothing to make them feel this way, they may be overly suspicious of you. This may be caused by their own behavior and concerns that you could be acting in the same way and being unfaithful to them. If they are used to treating their partners badly, they may believe that others may treat them in the same way. 


What is sex addiction?

Sex addiction is not just about having a love for sex. If someone has a sex addiction they may be unable to control the decisions they make regarding sex. They may have tried in the past to change their behavior but have been unable to do so because of their sexual addiction. It is important to gain an understanding of sex addiction if you are with someone who is a sex addict. 

How do I know if my partner is a sex addict?

It is important to find a way to openly communicate with your partner if you believe that they have a sex addiction. If you believe your partner is a recovering sex addict or is currently suffering from sexual addiction, they may find it difficult to talk about it. However, no relationship will survive without successful and meaningful communication.

Why can’t the person control his or her sexual behavior?

A person suffering from sex addiction is unable to control their behavior around sex because their brain is addicted to the chemicals that produce excitement and even fear when they are unfaithful to their partner or when they fulfill their sexual dreams. It is important to seek addiction treatment if you are suffering from an intimacy disorder or a compulsive sexual addiction. 

What factors influence sexual behavior?

There are many factors that influence sexual behavior including sexual addiction or an intimacy disorder. If your loved one is going through a sex addiction, it is helpful to gain an understanding of the disorder so that you can better help them through it. It is also important to show your partner that they can talk to you without judgment. 

Which gender is more sexually active?

Neither gender is generally more sexually active than the other and it rather depends on each individual. If someone cannot control their sexual behavior, they may have a compulsive sexual addiction or another disorder and it may be necessary for them to attend a support group or look for compulsive sexual addiction treatment. 

To Sum Up… 

If you are dating someone that is a recovering sex addict or they are suffering from sex addiction, it can be difficult to know how to handle the situation. It is important to be open and understanding with your partner so that they feel safe talking to you about their addiction and how they feel. Be there for them when they need you. 

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