Top 17 Great Things You Should Know About Dating A Nerdy Guy

Are you interested in a nerdy guy but don’t know what to think? Do you want to talk to a nerdy guy but don’t know what to say? Do they tell jokes? Are they cool? Do they play games? What is it like to have a nerdy guy as your boyfriend in a relationship? 

I can tell you that dating a nerdy guy is a good thing; you don’t have to worry about them playing games with your heart. You may have different interests, but a nerd won’t intentionally hurt you like those guys who consider love to be a game. Speaking of games, with a nerdy guy, you don’t usually have to worry about him being into sports games!

One thing that is cool about dating a nerdy guy is that he will make an effort to spend quality time with you; plus, he’s smart as can be. He may not be full of humor, but is that really what you are looking for in your boyfriend? 

So, are you ready to learn more about nerd guys and how nerds tend to be? Let’s get this game on! We’ll cover all the reasons that dating nerdy men is a great idea!

What You Should Know About Dating A Nerdy Guy (Why It’s Great)

1. Glasses are hot

Okay, so maybe not all girls think that glasses are the sexiest thing in the world, but it depends on the nerd. Some nerds look hot in glasses. Also, not all nerdy guys wear glasses, but it is hot because it shows how intelligent and wise they are. Plus, they usually take them off when it’s sexy time! Dating a guy with glasses can be really cool!

2. Some day, he will be making the big bucks

As mentioned, nerdy guys are very intelligent, so there’s a good chance that your nerd boyfriend will make something of himself. Nerds use their intelligence to get awesome jobs where they make a lot of money. You might not even have to work if he makes enough money! Nerds usually win in the end because of their intellect!

3. He may be more well-rounded than your average guy

Nerds often know a lot about a whole bunch of different things. That makes them quite fun to be around. Your nerd boyfriend will likely be very well-rounded; he might not be into the things that most guys are into – sports, exercise, hunting, and other recreational activities, but he may have his own thing going on, which is hot in itself!

4. Shyness is cute

A shy guy is likely to put you first in a relationship. If you start dating a nerd, you may find that he is very sweet and awkward because he is very shy around women. That’s okay! You can take the lead in the relationship and teach him what you should be doing when you are dating each other. He’ll appreciate your forwardness.

5. There may be a good chance that he’s single

there may be a good chance that he's single

Since nerds are often shy, they often don’t have girlfriends because they are too weirded out about approaching a girl and asking her out on a date. That means that if you are interested in dating a nerd, he is probably not taken, but you may have to take the lead and ask him out first because he’ll be pretty shy (in most cases).

6. He may be inexperienced when it comes to love

In line with the last point, a nerd may not have a girlfriend and he may also not have a lot of experience when it comes to dating, because he just hasn’t had the practice or opportunities to be with other women. This means that he is possibly pretty innocent when it comes to love and your dating life. You can teach him what to do, though!

7. Smart is sexy

We must definitely give nerds credit for being intelligent! They are typically well-rounded and know a lot about many different subjects – things you may have no experience with. That means that you can learn something new by dating a nerd. Consider all the possibilities when dating a nerd. You might become smarter yourself!

8. You may not have to compete to win him over

Since a nerd is likely to be shy, as mentioned, he probably is not taken right now. This is also because he is inexperienced and nervous when it comes to approaching a girl. This is great news because it means that you don’t have to compete with a lot of different women to win his heart! Of course, this is different for each nerd!

9. He probably won’t be that into sports

Usually, when you think of nerds, you think of comics and video games. Another possibility is that he is into Dungeon and Dragons or something similar. He may love legos and puzzles – anything to stimulate his brain, but there’s a good chance that he won’t be distracted by sporting events, which is awesome!

No longer will you have to watch a boring game of golf or sit through hours of football. You can learn something new with your nerdy boyfriend and enjoy one another’s company in a romantic way. He’ll probably fix you a candlelight dinner every now and then because he’s just a sweet guy! Have fun with your nerdy boyfriend!

10. He’s not a pretty boy

he's not a pretty boy

My definition of a pretty boy is someone who is caught up in their appearance – both their physical appearance and what others think of him. Ugh! I could do without them, to be honest. I’d rather date a guy who appreciated the way I look so that I can just feel flattered around him and not self-conscious. Pretty boys are too full of themselves!

In fact, if you want the truth, I never found pretty boys to be appealing. They just make me gag and feel a bit nauseous because they are typically narcissists who are just full of themselves! They care way too much about their appearance and yours! I dated one pretty boy who wanted me to change my look when I look fine the way I am!

I once went golfing with my neighbor and his friends. Well, it was an enjoyable day and everything, but I found out the next day that I worked with one of the guys. HE was a major pretty boy – super annoying! I sent him an email at work saying thanks for including me in the game of golf! After that, he was convinced I was into him! Please!!

11. Sweet is the best!

Nerds are definitely sweethearts! They love to shower their women with affection and love. He’ll probably get you soup when you are sick and send you flowers at work on your birthday – just because he wants you to be happy! Who doesn’t love that kind of attention? It’s great to be with someone who puts your needs first.

12. He’s probably not a macho, tough guy

Nerds are usually sweeties! They wouldn’t dream of trying to impress you by bragging about their workouts or who they beat up at a bar. Instead, you know your nerdy man will always have something interesting to say that doesn’t involve himself. Nerds are typically not narcissists who have to make every convo about them!

13. He will stay focused on you

Don’t you love it when a guy puts you first? A nerd will want to hold on to you as tightly as he can, so you know he will treat you right. He’ll make sure you are respected and loved by paying close attention to what you need in life. He’s smart, so if you tell him what you need, he’ll likely work hard to comply with your request!

14. He may be nice to people more than other guys

A guy who volunteers and puts other people first is a total hottie! Why wouldn’t you want to be with someone who is benevolent? Find a guy who is willing to give back to your community, and you’ll discover a sweet nerd who is totally into you and other people – not himself! 

I know I love it when a guy is giving – not just for me but for those who need it.

I once met a guy at a soup kitchen, and I was immediately attracted to him because we both had the same mindset – it’s better to give back and volunteer than it is to sit around the house watching whatever is on television. If he loves to give back, he’s a keeper because he has a huge heart and is a very caring person.

Think about it. If he treats other people (those in need) with that kind of love, patience, understanding, and respect, how will he treat you? You know you have a fighting chance of him doing something awesome in your relationship! Go ahead and date a nerd and see what all he is into! You may be surprised at what you find!

15. He’ll be a great friend!

he'll be a great friend

Nerds are excellent listeners and will pay close attention when you talk. He’ll treat you right and make sure your needs are met. He may call you out of the blue just to let you know he is thinking of you. He’ll show you warmth and a caring attitude when you need him the most. A good friend never lets you down; they are there for you always!

16. He is very reliable

Nerdy guys often keep a schedule and are very organized with their responsibilities. Plus, a sweetheart like this wouldn’t dare stand you up on a date because he would know that it’s important to you and makes you happy. Nice guys like to please their women and make sure they are taken care of right. Enjoy this with your nerd!

17. He may be less argumentative than most guys

Many guys who are nerds don’t feel the need to talk about themselves because they aren’t narcissists. Instead, they are easy-going and enjoy getting along rather than having heated debates over silly little things that don’t matter in life. Being with an agreeable guy has big perks! You don’t have to worry about fighting so much!

You may think dating a nerd is a weird decision to make, but it’s not. Nerds are smart and funny (sometimes)! They also put your needs first and will treat you with love and respect. They are also excellent listeners and will make sure when you speak, you are heard. They will be patient with you, so you can be yourself around them!

Having a nerd as a boyfriend is a great idea because they are intelligent and have a weird sense of humor. That’s a good thing! Who wants their boyfriend to be boring and predictable? Instead, wouldn’t you rather be with a nerd who puts your feelings first – someone who cares about what is important to you?


Do nerdy guys make good boyfriends?

Yes! Dating a nerdy guy can be a good thing because nerds are smart, passionate, and fun! Plus, they can be total sweethearts as boyfriends! You might be surprised at what a great boyfriend a nerdy guy can be! Nerds may be socially awkward, but you can work with that!

What do nerdy guys find attractive?

Nerds like smart girls. A nerdy man will likely fall for a girl who is fun and passionate about her life. Most nerds want to be with girls who enjoy talking about the things they are passionate about because they are good listeners!

How do you know if a nerd guy likes you?

Nerds typically show they are in love by not playing a game with your heart but by being super sweet and romantic. You just might need to help them along in your relationship because many times, a nerdy guy is inexperienced in love.

Is being nerdy attractive?

It depends on your definition of what is attractive. If you have a nerdy boyfriend, you probably know they can be fun, romantic, sweet, and a little weird sometimes. They enjoy things like video games and comic books. If you want to find common ground, get into comic books!

Can nerds fall in love?

Definitely! Plus, when dating a nerdy guy, you get many perks. They are super smart, so you don’t need to worry about not knowing the answers to Jeopardy or trivia games. Nerds are passionate about learning and romance! They may just struggle to show that to you!

In Summary

What do you think about dating a nerdy guy? Is your boyfriend nerdy? Do you think being with a nerd is fun? I think nerdy guys are sexy! Who doesn’t love a guy who has all the answers because he’s so intelligent? We’d love to hear from you! Please comment below!


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