Dating A Mama’s Boy (6 Things To Keep In Mind)

There are many different things that can cause issues and potentially break up a relationship. Relationships are not easy and every different situation has its own individual problems. If you find yourself in a relationship with a mama’s boy, then you may be in one such relationship. Dating a man that is extremely close to his mother can be hard.

Remember that you are not alone in finding this situation difficult but while it can be difficult at times, that this guy loves and respects his mother so much is inevitably a good sign that he is a good person and he will treat his partner with the same love and respect too. It may be worth getting through the hard parts to reap the benefits of dating a mother’s boy.

No one will tell you that dealing with an intrusive mother in law is going to be easy but there are some things that you can do to make it a little easier. So keep reading to find out how to date a mother’s boy. 

How Can It Affect Your Relationship?

Going out with a mum’s boy can mean that your man lacks any kind of dependence from his mum. This can make love situations very difficult if his mum is completely overbearing and involved in every aspect of your relationship. If your boyfriend is unable to make decisions without asking for his mum’s advice, you may begin to find things very difficult. 

Here are the signs that you are seeing a mama’s boy and what you can do to ease the situation. 

1. He Will Never Be Completely Independent Of His Mum

He Will Never Be Completely Independent Of His Mum

It doesn’t matter how old he gets, she will visit almost every day, usually without announcing that she is coming to cook for him, clean for him and do his washing. She may even make sarcastic comments that he wouldn’t be able to survive without her. He may not even notice this or how it is affecting you. 

You may never be able to get him to completely let go of depending on his mum but you may be able to help him to get some of his independence back. He may not even realize that there is a problem until you raise it with him. 

2. He Doesn’t Believe Anything That Anyone Says To Him Unless His Mum Tells Him So

It may be a simple thing such as a birthday cake recipe or about where to go on holiday. If his mum doesn’t agree with it or she wouldn’t do it, then it isn’t right for your man either. This can also be the case regarding finances, investments, where to live, and who to marry. This can make it very difficult for you if he refuses to make decisions without his mum first. 

If he cannot make any decisions in his life without consulting his mum first it can make it very difficult for you to progress in your relationship with your man. It may be necessary to communicate to him how you have been feeling and let him know that it is important that his mum steps back from the relationship a bit. 

3. She May Begin To Attempt To Control Your Life As Well

Even if you have managed to secure a relationship with him and he has agreed to move in with you, don’t assume that you will be able to live without his mum getting involved in your life now too. She may get involved even when you are picking the colors and design for your new apartment together.

If she controls him she may begin to attempt to control you as well. If you feel like she is beginning to overstep in your personal matters too, it is important to communicate with her and your boyfriend that you are not happy about this situation. 

4. She Will Always Have The Last Say

It doesn’t matter what you are talking about, his mum will always have the last say. Even if you convince him that you are right when you are alone with him, as soon as he talks to his mum, he changes his mind back to agree with her opinion. He may find it harder to say no to her than to you. 

5. He Compares You To Her

He Compares You To Her

He may not do it on purpose and he may not even realize that he is doing it, but he may always compare everything about you to his mum. Whether it be how you cook, how you do laundry, the clothes that you wear, and your opinions, he will compare everything about you to his mum. He may find it difficult not to compare you to his mum. 

He may criticize you for how you do laundry if you don’t do it exactly the same way that she does it or it may be that he says he doesn’t like his eggs cooked the way that you make them but wants his mum’s ones instead. He may be quick to tell you in every situation that his mum does things differently

6. He Is Used To Always Getting His Own way

A mum’s boy can be extremely stubborn and this can begin to affect your relationship too if he doesn’t get his own way with you as he does with his mum, he’s used to always getting what he wants when it comes to her. 


Is It Good To Date A Mama's Boy?

Dating a mama’s boy is not necessarily a bad thing despite those relationships with an overbearing mother can be difficult, there are many benefits to dating a guy that loves his mother this much. If he completely loves and respects his mom it is a sign that he will love and respect the other important women in his life in the same way. 

How Do You Know If Your Dating A Mama's Boy?

If you want to know whether your boyfriend is a mom’s boy then consider how close his relationship to his mom is. Perhaps he can’t make any life decisions without consulting his mom first, or she still drops food around to his house every week so that he doesn’t have to cook for himself, these are signs that he is a mom’s boy. 

How Do You Deal With Dating A Mama's Boy?

If you find yourself dating a mom’s boy and you realize that his mom is somewhat overbearing in your relationship, you may be struggling to cope. It can be hard to deal with if your partner cannot make any decisions without consulting things with his mom first, nor will he go on holiday without inviting his mom along. Make sure to communicate how you are feeling to him.

What Is Considered A Mama's Boy?

A mama’s guy is one that is considered to be overly close and dependent on his mum. If a guy cannot go a few days without seeing his mum, he does not have any kind of independence from her and depends on her for every little thing and always asks her advice when making decisions regarding anything in his life. 

Can A Mama's Boy Ever Change?

A mama’s guy can change if he realizes his complete over-dependence on his mum. He may not have realized that his relationship with his mum is not healthy. If you show your boyfriend that he can cope by himself without having to depend on his mum for everything he may begin to act more independently. 

In Other Words…

Going out with a mum’s boy can be difficult. If you find yourself in a relationship that involves your boyfriend’s mum too, you may be wondering what you can do to change this situation. Make sure that you let him know how you feel and help him to find a way to cope by himself without having to depend on his mama all of the time. 

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