Dating A Highly Intelligent Man (15 Things To Consider)

Dating a guy whose mental capacity is above average can be really challenging. This is because you will have to deal with issues the average individual may not necessarily face. As it is mostly said, attracting an intelligent man is easy; sustaining the relationship with him is usually the challenge. 

That’s because highly intelligent men would appreciate women with a high IQ as well. That doesn’t mean these guys don’t like a little bit of flair, but high intelligence could naturally be intimidating, especially for women 

In this article, I have accurately listed and discussed 15 things to take into consideration when dating men of high intelligence. 

15 Things To Consider When Dating Highly Intelligent Men

1. They pay attention to details

they pay attention to details

When dealing with a man who has a high IQ, you should never be oblivious to the fact that he will pay close attention to a lot of details. This means that small things may become significant issues, and big things may become small issues. 

It is, therefore, vital that you take care of your words and actions when you are around them. Furthermore, you should also be careful about how you relate with other people, as guys with high intelligence could read meaning to many things. 

2. They are more understanding

One of the upsides to dating a guy with high intelligence is that they are usually more understanding about situations than an average man. Dating a man who thinks differently from an average man guarantees a smooth-sailing relationship. Many people feel like guys who are very smart may be cocky and hard to deal with. 

While this is the case for many, smart men could also be very understanding. Their wisdom may help them not take so many things to heart, which makes the women dating these men more appreciative of this trait.

3. Dealing with his pride

The issue of pride cannot be undermined when dealing with smart men. Most smart people have difficulties letting go of their egos. This is because they probably have many achievements to their name. Hence, they feel everyone should accord them due respect

However, the mistake they make is that they have no clue that in a romantic relationship, pride is a lethal weapon that can destroy things in seconds. If you are dating an intelligent guy, then you must look out for traits of pride and ego, and get ready to deal with it. 

4. Too busy for you

Many women who date intelligent guys would probably admit that these ‘overachievers’ and highly principled minds seldom have time for other things. While a relationship is based on the mutual efforts of both partners to make it work, the lapses from one end can cripple it. 

So, if this guy is a workaholic and buries himself work and research, this will certainly tell on the union. Dating a guy whose intellectual capacity is overboard can be a bit stressful. He may often get occupied by other philosophical issues of life at the detriment of the relationship, so brace yourself for this.

5. He might make you feel unintelligent

he might make you feel unintelligent

Dating a guy who is intelligent sure has a way of making you feel the opposite way. Usually, when you both engage in an argument, it is only standard for each of you to exchange ideas and opinions till you come to a compromise. 

However, when one person is more intelligent than the other, there is room for inequality in mental input. This may not necessarily be done on purpose, but only the women in relationships switch such intelligent men will feel the heat. 

Furthermore, holding a conversation with an intelligent guy may be rewarding on the one hand, but, on the other, it can make you feel naive and unlearned, especially if you do not have sufficient knowledge on the subject matter. 

6. Be a good listener

It is, however, vital that you present yourself as a good listener when dealing with an intelligent person. This is because a guy who is considered smart or enlightened will most likely have a lot to say on specific issues. 

This does not necessarily mean that he will be talkative. However, when given the chance, he will always have an excellent contribution to make. As he dishes out these tidbits of knowledge, he would expect his partner to be his greatest cheerleader. 

7. Look inwardly

Attracting an intelligent guy is one thing, and keeping him is another thing. Most women find it difficult to handle a partner they consider too intellectually advanced for them. The reason for this may not be unconnected to the fact that some women have character issues. 

Before dating a highly smart guy, make sure you work on such bad habits and characters. 

For example, if you don’t have any prospects, binge-watch or read unhelpful videos and books or eat excessively, this may turn off a very intelligent guy. Most of these guys are very disciplined and wary of the content they watch or read, and they’ll expect their women to do so too.

8. Be respectful

Every man loves to be respected, just as women love to be pampered. If you are dating a man whom you consider as very intelligent, then you should endeavor to shower him with the respect he deserves. 

Respect, they say, is reciprocal. When you accord your man with the respect he deserves, you’ll get instant results because he will reciprocate that respect with love and adoration. There is no wisdom in disrespecting your man. As a matter of fact, an intelligent man will infer an act of disrespect as a sign to leave such a relationship.

9. They expect more from a relationship

they expect more from a relationship

Being in a relationship with an intelligent man is not business as usual. This is because these types of people do not get into a relationship just for the fun of it; they mean business. 

A man of high intellectual ability will most likely get into a romantic affair, expecting a lot more from it than an average individual would. It is necessary to keep this in mind and try to meet up the demands of such an affair. 

10. They are very picky

People with a high IQ tend to be very selective and picky on a lot of things, even their women. They might be particular about places to go to, where to sit, what to eat, what kind of company to keep, and even what to wear. 

This is, however, a result of their high and sound intellectual capacity to make decisions better than average individuals. When dealing with people of this intellectual capacity, it is recommended that you understand them and try not to make it more difficult for them.

11. Feel free to speak up

It is, however, imperative to speak up if he disrespects or bores you out. Most times, women get too overwhelmed and intimidated by their intelligent significant other that they do not see the need to speak up when they should. 

He might certainly bore you out sometime or unintentionally disrespect you by his words or actions. The only way to address this and ensure it does not repeat itself is to speak up. 

12. Be yourself

It is confirmed that being in a relationship with someone who is more smart and intelligent than you has a way of putting you in a competition. There is no need for the contest here. This is true especially with women who feel they have something to prove. 

Do not try to fake it to impress him. However, there is room for personal improvement; nevertheless, you mustn't see the relationship as any competition. Furthermore, being yourself will make him appreciate you more than if you were living a fake life. 

13. He is only human

As much as we have come to agree that there are very intelligent people walking the surface of this earth, mortality should not be undermined. He is only human and, as such, can make mistakes just as anybody else. This being the case, I strongly recommend that you bear with him in the moments of his humanity, as well as help him if he ever needs your assistance. 

14. He can be arrogant

he can be arrogant

Arrogance is something that cannot be undermined when dealing with a highly intelligent fellow. The women in their lives will either have to deal with this or decide to leave.

In most cases, they do not even get other people’s points of view because they think they know it all. If you are dating a man of such intellectual capacity, you should brace yourself in readiness to deal with issues of this nature. 

15. He might be anti-social

Simply because he is intelligent does not make him a social being. For all we know, he could portray weird and antisocial tendencies. 

It is very normal for highly intelligent people to be selective of the kind of people they mingle with, the type of associations they belong to, and perhaps, the women they communicate with. Since social skills may not be their strong point, you may be the person making most of the moves and having more friends for a very long time.


What attracts an intelligent man?

Go to where intelligent men go, such as the gym, the library, museum or art gallery, theater, or a music concert. Furthermore, it is recommended that you take up night classes to improve yourself and meet smart people. 

Also, please do not lie about your intellect; it will backfire. Be proud of your achievements, be a good listener, give him his moments, and allow him the space to try to impress you

What are the signs of a high intelligence man? 

The signs of a very intelligent guy include high creativity, fast understanding, great deductive skills, unchallenged curiosity and they may be anti-social as well. Also, a highly intelligent person can sometimes be seen talking to himself. He is also a man of high self-control. He is usually a funny character who is not so convinced he is smart enough. 

What do intelligent guys like in a girl? 

Intelligent men lookout for girls with less drama. They want a girl that will be straightforward and not play games. They like a woman that knows what she wants; and a lady with a funny personality. 

They also like women that are creative and passionate about something other than partying and drinking; a lady who reads more than simply watching reality shows or fictitious movies and a lady who is familiar with current trends.

What do guys like when flirting? 

Guys like to make sufficient eye contact when flirting; they also want to be listened to, touched, and caressed. Most guys also love to be complimented enough and like a straightforward girl.

How do you attract a man physically? 

To attract a man physically, you need to work on your appearance, your scents, and simple accessories as well. Stay fit by watching what you eat and going to the gym regularly could help because that shows you're disciplined and want to stay healthy. 

Also, try to manage your mood in public, so you don’t appear sad, angry, or rude. Invest in your clothing, nails, hair, and makeup that you think will accentuate your features, and lastly, try to be happy, energetic, and fun to be with.

To Conclude

This article is centered on the things you need to consider when dating a highly intelligent man. Indeed, the greater weight of the problem is not attracting a man with advanced mental capacity, but to keep him. 

Among the several things to consider when dealing with men like this include, being polite and respectful, looking out for arrogance and pride in them, and being yourself, amongst other things.

If you found this article helpful, feel free to comment below, and share it with others. 

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