25 Fantastic Reasons To Start Dating A Ginger Man

Are you interested in dating a ginger man? Do you wonder what makes a ginger guy different? If you are dating a ginger man, you know that those redheads are truly unique! When dating a ginger, you know that you can spot him easily in a crowd because he’s so unique looking with his ginger hair and pale skin. Many redheaded guys are extremely unique!

If you are interested in dating a ginger man, just look for that ginger hair (red hair), and you’ll know that he is one-of-a-kind. A redhead is likely to feel special and knows that he is a unique guy with his ginger hair and unique personality. Your ginger guy would love to be the sparkle in your eye and will treat you like a princess! Don’t miss out on dating ginger guys!

In this post, we will cover the top reasons to date a ginger guy! Of course, you can decide for yourself if ginger guys are for you or not, but I bet after reading this article, you’ll have a different point of view on ginger men! Are you ready to learn more about dating a ginger man? Let’s get started! You’re going to love this!!

Top Reasons To Start Dating A Ginger Man

1. He may be funnier

Often, ginger guys are funnier than your average date because they enjoy embracing the funny side of life. They have no problem talking about their red hair or how hot you think they are, but they aren’t typically boastful either. That won’t stop them from telling a few jokes or funny stories to keep a grin on your face!

2. He’s a brave, strong man

Many ginger men have been through the wringer. They may have been teased as children about the color of their hair or just felt insecure about their looks. Because a ginger guy has overcome obstacles and challenges in life, he’s likely to be very strong and brave. He’s the kind of guy you want to date because he’ll defend your honor at any cost!

3. He is confident in who he is

By the time ginger guys are adults, they are secure in their hotness. A ginger guy knows that he is different from other guys and has no problem with what he looks like. Sure he might have insecurities; we all do! However, a ginger guy is likely to know what he wants out of life and be confident in who he is and what his dreams are!

4. He understands what it’s like to be different

As mentioned, a guy with red hair is called a ginger. He’s probably always known he was a redhead and was different from other guys. He may have been teased when he was younger because of the color of his hair; he may have some emotional trauma and scars because of the way he was treated when he was younger.

Many guys have gone through trials like this! It only means that ginger guys are stronger because of it! They know that just because they have red hair doesn’t mean they are bad or ugly. As an adult now, they are probably confident in how hot they are! If not, you could certainly tell a ginger guy that he’s very hot in your eyes!

Nevertheless, ginger guys know what it means to stand out in the crowd. The red hair makes them very different! I mean, it’s a rarity to even find one! Surely, he knows this, also! Because ginger guys know what it’s like to be different, they tend to be more sensitive and understanding. They may even be strong listeners!

These are the kinds of guys you want to date – the ones who are able to empathize with you!

5. He’s romantic

Usually, guys with red hair don’t worry so much about their appearance because they are naturally hot! Because they don’t have to fuss with their red hair so much, they can spend that extra time making sure you are well taken care of. A ginger guy is likely to be very romantic and sweet. He knows how to treat a woman right!

6. He is committed and loyal

If you get in a relationship with a redhead, there’s a good chance that he’ll want to be in it for the long term! Ginger men tend to notice the little things, which makes them very observant, partners. What a great boyfriend to have! Who wouldn’t want to be with a redhead who is both attentive and hot??

7. He is one-of-a-kind

Ginger men are definitely one-of-a-kind! They are hard to find; they stand out in the crowd. In fact, they are rarities!! Less than 2% of the entire population of the whole world is made up of redheads, according to Cosmo! That means they truly are gems! If you find a redhead, hold on tightly because you may not find another one!

8. He will age well

he will age well

As we will discuss further down, ginger men age well. They don’t go gray, and their skin just stays beautiful with age! Wouldn’t it be great to be with a partner that always looks sexy – regardless of his age? I would think so! My man is six years older than me, and although he doesn’t look that old, it’d still be cool to date him when he was my age!

9. He is an addictive man to date

It’s been said that once you date a redhead, you don’t go back to dating a non-redhead! You may find him addictive or irresistible with time! Alternatively, you could fall in love at first sight and forever be in love with his red hair! They are hard guys to let go of!! You may want to make sure you can control yourself before jumping into it with a ginger! 😉

10. He has a great, unique personality

Redheads are not only popular because of their stunning looks. They are also very unique in other ways. For example, many gingers are hilarious! They tell jokes and funny stories; other men are very outgoing and friendly. That’s a great trait to have in a boyfriend. You want to be with someone who can carry on a conversation.

Plus, when you decide to hit the club or restaurant on a group date with your ginger boyfriend, you know he’ll be able to talk to anyone about anything if he’s one of the outgoing guys! You won’t have to worry about social anxiety with this guy because he loves being around people and shining his red hair in front of everyone!

11. He will have freckles

Ah, the many hours you can spend counting his freckles! You will notice that he is a unique breed when you see how many freckles he has all over his body! They are cute and sweet to look at! What fun! You might even want to get a pen or pencil and trace them together, making shapes or funny faces! Have a blast with your ginger man!

12. He may have a unique accent

Ginger men are known for having sexy accents. True, not all of them are from a different country, but many are from North or Western Europe. Who doesn’t love listening to that native tongue? It’s incredibly hot and fun to listen to! I bet you could get him to talk to you for hours and enjoy every word that comes out of his mouth. Have lots of questions!

13. He isn’t vain about his appearance

Pretty boys are the worst, in my opinion! I once dated a pretty boy who was so hung up on his appearance that he actually critiqued mine! He told me to shave my upper lip when it had blonde hair on it! I was kind of offended by his critique of my appearance because I was confident in how I looked at that time. He was a jerk!

I love ginger guys because they aren’t vain like that. You don’t have to worry about a ginger telling you that he wants you to change something about yourself because he will love you for who you are! Because he already knows he’s different and a hottie, he won’t need you to validate his appearance with tons of compliments!

14. He may bring out your nurturing side

If your ginger man is shy and insecure about his appearance, he will naturally bring out your nurturing side. This can be a blessing in disguise. You may find that you love reassuring him of his hotness and enjoy taking care of him!

15. He will be red all over!

Well, I’m not sure about the downstairs part, because there’s always the chance that the guy dyed his hair red for the attention, but if he has a red beard, you know he’s the real deal. True gingers will have red hair all over! How hot is that?!?

16. He is probably hot in bed!

 he is probably hot in bed

You’ve probably heard that redheads are very hot in bed! They bring the spice to the bedroom and aren’t afraid to tell you exactly what they want to do or try! That can be an adventure – to try something new every time you make love with your boyfriend! 

According to Cosmo, redheads are more likely to have more sex than not. Of course, they did the study on women, but I wouldn’t think there is much difference with men. It’s true that most men enjoy sex quite a bit, but a red hot lover is hard to find! Plus, if you have a high sex drive, it’s nice to be with someone who is as spicy as you are!

17. He is easy to spot in a crowd

Paging Carrottop! Yes, your boyfriend will be easy to spot in a crowd if you have a redheaded man. You’ll notice his white skin and bright red top and you’ll find him easily! No longer will you have to play scavenger hunt with your text messages trying to figure out where he wants to meet. He’ll be easy to spot!

18. He is less macho than another guy

As mentioned, redheads tend to be less full of themselves. Macho is typically a word that describes guys who boast about their appearance. Sometimes, these guys are not even all that great-looking. They are sure that they can get any woman alive, so they are rather conceited and ignorant. A ginger is more confident than conceited.

I once dated this really hot ginger who was very insecure. He didn’t know how hot he was until I told him. Of course, soon after I reassured him of his looks, he did become a bit full of himself. But before that, he was a complete sweetie pie! I think many gingers just don’t realize their potential until you key them in on it.

19. He will help you make ginger babies

Many girls long to have redheaded babies! That’s only possible if you conceive with a ginger man. You’ll have to nail one down and get him to agree to procreate with you before you can have his babies. I would recommend falling in love first. It will make your life so much more pleasant. So, how do you get a ginger man to fall in love with you?

Start by playing hard to get. Don’t always be available for dates. If you are, he may think you don’t have a life. Instead of making it hard on yourself, you can actually have a life! Adopt a new hobby, volunteer, at a children’s hospital, or rescue a puppy from an animal shelter. Do something productive with your time. Hit the books and go back to school!

Once you have him hooked because of playing hard to get, you can reel him in slowly by becoming exclusive with him. Still keep busy all of the time, though. Make some time for him, but keep your schedule full. It will make you much more attractive to the opposite sex. Then, when he gets down on one knee, you can get married and have babies!

20. He may be healthier than your average male

According to Cosmo, redheads create their own Vitamin D! That’s a pretty cool fact to know about gingers! Who would have thought just because they have red hair that they are healthier or have the potential to be healthier? That would be one less thing you’d have to worry about in a relationship. Guys with redheads have it made in many ways!

21. He won’t go gray

As mentioned, Cosmo claims that redheads won’t go gray! It’s got to be nice to know that he will age well, and you’ll always have a hottie in your life. That is, of course, assuming you are keeping this ginger guy around for the long haul. But, it’s pretty obvious that after you read this article, you’ll want a ginger all for yourself – forever!

22. He may have a spicy attitude!

Some people say that gingers have a spicy attitude! That means that they know how to flaunt sexiness in a subtle way. They can make you fall in love with them easily because of that. You may want to have ginger babies with this guy if you fall for his charm. Of course, the spicy attitude includes what goes on in the bedroom!

Imagine the best sex of your life. Whatever you are picturing is what a spicy sex life is like. Maybe you play with toys or bring in another person – something crazy and exotic! You just never know when it comes to the word “spicy!” Spicy can mean a lot of different things. For some, spiciness comes with attitude, personality, and charm, as mentioned!

23. He is probably humble about his hotness

We’ve already clearly established that gingers are not hung up on their appearance. I mean, they probably know how unique they are and that their look is one of a kind, but I don’t see them flaunting their hotness in the face of other men. They aren’t full of themselves like that! Instead, they are more likely to be charming and sweet.

24. He is easy to describe to your friends

he is easy to describe to your friends

You can tell your friends whatever you want to about your new man, but you know you are going to want to describe what he looks like. When you get to tell your friends that you are dating a ginger, you will get to describe his looks in all of the detail you want because they may have never dated one! They’ll want to hear it all – every detail!

You don’t have to worry about leaving anything out. Just tell them how hot he is and what he’s like in bed. Of course, be careful that you don’t share too much. If you tell your friends things that your boyfriend would not approve of, you might upset him, and that’s the last thing you want to happen. Although, he’ll surely forgive you fast for that!

Arguing with a ginger is usually pretty tame. They are not fighters when it comes to arguments with women. That’s because they are confident in who they are and don’t need to be all macho about their looks. In other words, they don’t have to make up for anything by acting like a jerk to you. He’ll treat you right; don’t you worry!

25. He will give you the chance to try something new!

If you’ve never dated a ginger, you will get to try something new! You’ll get to experience something you never have. You can enjoy his company and learn new things every single day. It’s true that you can do this with just about any guy, but if you’ve been around the block a time or two, you may want to enjoy every second with a ginger!

As mentioned, you may want to play a little hard to get with him to reel him in slowly. That’s often the best way to win a guy’s heart. If you haven’t yet already done so, make sure you showcase your best features by looking hot and wearing makeup. Fix your hair up and put on a tight little red dress to show off your body! You’ll break hearts fast!


Are redheads considered attractive?

Ginger guys are definitely considered to be hotties! With their pale skin and red locks, who can resist this exotic breed? Redheads have a very unique appearance – often with porcelain skin and thick, red hair! What fun to play with! Sexy redheads will most certainly be fun to date!

Why are redheads special?

Redheads have freckles and are a rare breed; gingers are often passionate lovers with cute personalities. If you date a ginger, you will see how attractive they are – inside and out! They’re fun and sexy, which makes them rare. A redhead will follow his dreams! Enjoy the ride!

What is the rarest hair color?

Redheads do win when it comes to the rarest hair color. Plus, they have hot freckles! If you have dreams of getting to date a ginger, you should not compare him to other guys. Instead, embrace the things that are hot about dating him as his own unique personality.

What color eyes do gingers have?

Redheads have different colored eyes. A cute redhead with blue eyes is very rare, though! If you want to date a ginger, embrace how attractive he is with his porcelain skin and freckles. Ginger men also tend to have thicker hair! These guys are true gems!!

Why are gingers called gingers?

Gingers are called that because of the show Gilligan’s Island. The character, Ginger, was a redhead. That’s a rumor about how the nickname ginger began. Of course, ginger, the spice, makes spicy items less hot, so perhaps a ginger man is likely to be spicy or even less so!

To Summarize

Are you into dating redheads? If you date a ginger, what do you think will be different? Do ginger men have redheads, or is the whole “redheads” thing a myth? We’d love to hear your opinion on ginger guys! Please leave a comment about dating a ginger!

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