Dating A Gamer (13 Things To Expect When Dating A Video Gamer)

Games have been around since the dawn of time. Humans have always found a way to entertain themselves through self-made challenges and competition. Today, we've got to the point of creating digital games where you can just sit at one spot and compete with people all over the world, or with your buddies in the same room. 

So far, to some people, these games aren’t just a hobby, but are quite addictive and have become a very vital part of their lives. Some have even become professional gamers, testing out games for large billion-dollar gaming companies, which is quite a lucrative career path if you ask me. About 70% of guys and girls in the US love to play video games, though not all are gamers. 

This means that, as a girl, you're likely to date or marry pc gamers at least once or more in your adult life. Since women love attention and affection, dating someone who seemingly cares about a gaming device more than he cares for you can be a challenge. However, people have survived it and some have even cracked the code on how to make it work. 

If you happen to really like a gamer and are thinking of giving him a chance or if you're already a gamer’s girlfriend or wife, then you may be interested in these 13 things to expect when dating a video gamer. 

13 Things To Expect When Dating A Video Gamer

1. You probably won't be the center of attention

you probably won't be the center of attraction

This is something you may have to come to terms with when you’re just getting to know him. Have it at the back of your mind that a gamer is a gamer. He's probably going to care for his gamepad and console (perhaps even food) more than he cares for any girlfriend of his. Gamers take their games very seriously. To them, it's not just a hobby. 

It can sometimes seem as if their console is the only important thing in their lives. Though most gamers aren't as obsessed as the ones portrayed in the movies, some have found a way to live quite balanced lives. If you aren't lucky enough to be with one of those, you may have to be okay being no.2 in his life.

2. You may have to step into the office of a mom

Gamers spend most of their time in front of their screens, so they may end up neglecting a whole lot. They may forget to do their laundry for days, clean their house, do the dishes, cook some food, and do some other very vital everyday chores. You may have to step in and signal them back to earth. 

You may also have to keep reminding them that there's a real-world outside the gaming world, in summary, you may have to become a mom before you're an actual mom. If you absolutely hate having to remind an adult man to take care of himself every time, then this is a sign that dating a gamer may not be your thing.

3. You're going to have lots of free time on your hands

As mentioned earlier, gamers spend lots of their time in front of their screens. To them, it's not just a hobby. They're very engrossed in their gaming exercises; getting from level 100 to level 200 or getting hooked on unlocking several packages in their game.

They're more likely to spend more than half their day playing video games so that leaves you with loads of alone time to do as you please. If you're someone who enjoys her own company, this won't be a problem for you, in fact, it'll give you time to discover more about yourself

4. You'd never have to worry about cheating

you'd never have to worry about cheating

Aside from your rival (his PlayStation or Xbox), you won't have to worry about anyone else trying to steal your man. Gamers are not players (no pun intended). Since they spend most time indoors and on the internet, there's less time for them to meet new people. 

Also, even if they happen to step outside once in a while, their eyes won't be on the next hottie out there. Rather, they'll be on the lookout for the latest PlayStation or FIFA games. 

This way, you'd have no business worrying whether he's cheating on you or not. When you aren't both together, you'd know he's probably in his living room, gaming with a member of the gaming community, halfway across the world.

5. They're some of the most patient people

Well, maybe not the most patient but they're very persistent and resilient, that's for sure. Since most of them spend hours taking steps to reach one additional milestone in their game, or more hours exploring a tiny space in a mystical world. 

This builds several levels of patience in them, something that most other men may not have with you. So maybe the next time you're both going out and it's taking you forever to get dressed, you can relax and take your time, no need to worry about him screaming or nagging you.

6. They're quite skilled with their hands

Need I explain more? Gamers work with their fingers for hours during the day. They don't just move them randomly, they need to have perfect finger-to-mind coordination and they are able to think and move pretty quickly. 

Think of what this gaming activity; using a joystick or gamepad all day at incredible speeds could do for your man's brain and hands. Now think about how useful those gaming skills and practice could be between sheets. If his fingers can move as fast as his brain tells them to, then you're in for a real treat.

7. They're young at heart

When you're with a gamer, you seldom remember how old you are, it's like living in Neverland. Since most of their interactions are made with people in their teenage and with younger adults, they'd constantly stay young in their minds. Although this can be a good thing, it could also backfire.

Imagine being with a full-grown man in his 30's or 40's who still talks and thinks like a 14-year-old. Using slang and slurs that make him sound like something out of a ‘coming of age' comedy movie. That is a massive turn off and if you're the kind of woman who's like their man to grow with you, then perhaps you need to avoid going down this route.

8. They'd probably make great parents

For the same reason as the one given above, gamers are quite good with kids. They understand how they think, why they do the things they do, and may even be able to anticipate their next steps. The fact that they spend lots of their time gaming with youngsters online, helps them notice and understand more about kids than non-gamers like you ever could. 

The things they haven't got figured out yet, they'd probably come up with creative strategies to figure them out, just like they do with their video game characters. So, if you're a single mom or you're thinking of settling down with your gamer guy, you can look forward to having the best dad for your kids.

9. You'll have a good learning experience

you'll have a good learning experience

Gamers are quite smart. They engage themselves in what could be defined as creative, animated, and digitized. Playing a game is like a brain workout and your boo's brain probably has six packs by now. 

All the analysis, problem-solving, and calculations they have to make getting from one level to the other in their game, gives them an opportunity to sharpen their science and mathematics skills. While hanging out with him, you're likely to get a lesson or two. 

Since sharing each other's passions is part of relating with your boo, you'd also have a chance to learn new things and build your intelligence.

10. You'd have fun gaming with them

You don't have to be a gamer girl to date a gamer, but being with a gamer will most likely rub off on you. If you never had any interest in playing games, you may develop a new appreciation for them just by watching your partner play games. You could both discover a video game you both love and perhaps, bond even more on that. 

You may even discover how sexy a little competition can be. Instead of being in the background munching on some food and cheering him on while he plays against other people, you could try being his competition for a change and watch what that does for your connection.

11. They make committed partners

Most games these days take lots of dedication and focus. Successfully completing tasks in their video game builds up their ability to commit to things. Your relationship is not an exception. 

Even though you may not spend lots of time together, you can be sure that he'll take you seriously. In this age of situationships, it's hard to find men who are brave enough to fully commit to you. 

Gamers hardly have the time to handle even one relationship, talk less of multiple relationships with different people. Additionally, they're resilient, meaning that they'll be sure to stick to you and try their best to make things work between the both of you.

12. He'll understand how valuable alone time is

If you've been with a guy who's possessive, needy, easily jealous, and suspicious, then you'd appreciate being with a gamer. Since gamers spend most of their time on their game, (which is almost like having some alone time) they understand the value of some good time alone. 

Some people think that wanting to spend time on your own means that you just don't want to spend time with them. 

This has caused lots of problems in some relationships. However, with a gamer, this won't be a problem. When you're out with your girlfriends or with family, you won't have to worry about him calling you millions of times asking you who you're with or when you'd be getting home. 

13. You'd enjoy the latest tech

you'd enjoy the latest tech

Gamers are usually tech freaks too, this means that they keep in touch with the latest tech. They're not just fascinated by a newly released game, but also recent tech devices, and won't be afraid to spend their earnings buying them, unlike a non-gamer. 

You know what this means for you, if you’re someone who appreciates material things, you’d really love this aspect of being with a gamer. You'd get to try out the latest gaming chairs, latest headphones, speakers, gamepads, etc. 

In addition to this, you'd have your own personal tech guy. You don't have to fret if your phone or laptop gets faulty, he'd probably know exactly how to fix it, which will save you lots of money fixing your devices. 


What is it like dating a gamer?

Dating a gamer gives you lots of time for yourself since they spend most of theirs in front of their PlayStation or X-box. You have lots of time to focus on your own hobby. Spend time with your family and friends and discover yourself even more. You may even find a game or two that you enjoy.

Why should you date a gamer?

People view gamers as time-wasting lonesome slackers, but they aren't really like that. Note that gamers are actually very determined people. Once you're dating a gamer, you discover that anything they invest their time and money in is something they're determined to make work. 

Starting with their relationship with you and then their other life's goals. You may enjoy a stable and secure life with a gamer. 

How do you date a gamer?

If you live in the US or have lived there before, you've probably dated a gamer once or twice in your teenage or adulthood. Note that about 70% of Americans play video games even though they aren't professional gamers. To date a gamer, you need to understand that games aren't just child's play to them. Rather, the games are potential accomplishments.

What do you do with a gamer boyfriend?

It's important to set boundaries early on in the relationship. Let him know that playing games all day and not having any time for you won't be acceptable. Set specific times and days for dates, so that there's a balance in your relationship. 

However, you've got to accept the fact that he's probably going to spend more time with his gamepad than he does with you, so find stuff you love to do on your own.

How do I get my boyfriend to stop playing video games?

If your boyfriend is a gamer, then there's almost nothing you can do about that. You can't force him to abandon what may be the most important thing in his life. You could try talking to him about making a balance in his life, ie creating time for you and other aspects of his life. 


I hope you found this article helpful. Remember, dating a gamer comes with a few challenges here and there just like every normal relationship. However, there are some perks that come with it. Please let us know your experience with this in the comment section below and be sure to share it. 

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