Top 13 Reasons Women Start Crying During Sex (What You Should Know)

Crying during sex is normal for women. Some women are just overwhelmed by their emotions and cannot help it. If you cry during sex, you might want to figure out why you do this. 

Do you feel uncomfortable? Are you in pain? Do you enjoy sex with your partner? 

Think about all of the possible reasons that you may be crying to get to the root of the issue.

Crying after sex is known as Postcoital Dysphoria (PCD) or Postcoital Tristesse (PCT), according to Healthline. Symptoms of PCD include sadness, tearfulness, and irritability. These symptoms may occur even if you are completely satisfied with the sexual intercourse. So if you orgasm, you might still be irritable or sad! That really isn’t very satisfying, is it?

So, why do women cry during sex? 

Let’s look at some of the top reasons that this happens. Plus, if you feel that this is a problem you have, we’ll take a look at the things you can do about this problem so that your sexual events are more pleasurable in the future!

Why Does A Woman Cry During Sex?

1. She is in pain

Some women find intercourse to be painful. If that is the problem with you, you should talk to your partner about using the right kind of foreplay to entice the mood in the room. You need to be in the mood for sex or it might hurt you. If sex is always painful, you should speak to a doctor about this, and there are things they can do to help!

2. She wants attention

There are some women who cry to get attention from the men they are sleeping with. They just need that extra TLC (tender loving care) that they feel they are not getting elsewhere. If you cry to get attention, you might want to talk to a therapist about why you are behaving this way. They can assist!

3. She knows the guy does not feel the same about her

A woman may be upset because she knows the guy does not feel the same about her that she does for him. If your relationship is one-sided, you should maybe reconsider having sex in the first place!

4. She feels happy after sex

Tears of joy are quite common after sex. She may be feeling excited that things are going so well in the relationship or that she has had this great experience!

5. She is ashamed because she did not know the guy

We’ll chat more about this one in the tips section below. You should try to get to know the person you are sleeping with before things develop in the bedroom!

6. She is feeling super relaxed

she is feeling super relaxed

Sex can be quite a good source of exercise, and you’ll feel plenty relaxed if you just had an orgasm. If that’s the case, you should enjoy the relaxation afterward.

7. She does not understand her emotions.

Women often cry because they are confused about how they feel. We get a myriad of emotions and just don’t know what to do about them!

8. She is feeling relief

Maybe you were wondering if the guy really liked you enough to sleep with you. Now that you have your answer, you might cry because you are relieved that it happened.

9. She has fallen in love

Quite commonly, this is the reason that women cry. We just fall in love when we make love with someone. It’s hard not to!! We just want this guy to be our one and only until the end of time! We want him to be our Knight in Shining Armor and save us from all of our everyday problems! We believe that having sex is equal to love!

10. She is reminded of a past event

If a woman was raped in the past, she might cry because she is recalling the trauma she experienced. There are plenty of ways to get help out there if this has happened to you! Make sure you get the help you need – even if just from talking to a therapist or going to a recovery group that welcomes sexual abuse victims.

11. She feels guilty for cheating

If the woman is taken, she may feel quite guilty because she has cheated on her boyfriend or husband. She may cry because she is full of guilt and shame for what she’s done. If this sounds like you, you may need couples counseling. You’ll want to determine why you felt the need to cheat. What was going wrong in your relationship?

12. She feels anxiety because she doesn’t know what will happen next

she feels anxiety because she doesnt know what will happen next

Will he spend the night? Does he want to cuddle? Does he want to do it again? Will he want breakfast in the morning? What is he feeling? 

These are just a few of the questions that go through the mind of a woman when she is thinking after sex. She just wants to plan ahead for whatever is going to happen next! What does he want to do?

When women have a million thoughts going through their heads, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed or stressed out because we can’t sort it all out quickly. Because we are so confused, we just don’t know what kind of emotion to express! Crying may just be the option that is available at the time, so the woman decides to cry!

13. She is relieved that it is over

While this is an unfortunate reason to cry, it happens. We are sometimes just glad that sex is over, so we can focus on whatever will happen next. Maybe you are a businesswoman and just want to focus on your next meeting instead of thinking about intercourse with a guy you didn't care that much about! It happens!

How To Keep From Crying During Sex

Think about something else

Think about something that is unrelated to sex. Maybe go over your list of things to do tomorrow or think about an event you have coming up, like a Christmas party. 

If your mind is preoccupied, you will likely trick your emotions into being under control. Keep your thoughts on pleasant things if you can, but don’t get too distracted by what is going on in the bedroom. 

If your mind is on something other than sex, you will be able to control your emotions because your brain will be focused on something else. You might think about a hobby you have recently started or an interest you have. What are you most passionate about? If your mind thinks about those things, you will not even register that you are having a close connection with someone.

Pick the right partner

Often, we experience the feelings that we do during sex because we have not picked our partners in a wise manner. Instead of waiting until we were in love, we connected with just about anyone because we just wanted to have sex, to feel that connection with someone. Maybe you were lonely or just wanted to have a nice friendship with someone other than your family.

If you don’t take the time to choose your partner wisely, you may regret it during sex. That is when the feelings of guilt and shame come into play. You are wishing you were doing it with someone else – someone you knew better. Maybe you should try meeting someone online where you can connect emotionally rather than seeing them in person for the first time.

You could try using a dating application like OKCupid or eHarmony. Both of these dating sites use questionnaires to match you up with the right person. You are connected with people based on many compatibility factors, not just on your physical appearance. This way, a third party is basically “setting you up” with someone you have things in common with.

I met my partner on OKCupid, so it’s definitely recommended by me. Also, even if you meet someone at a bar, you should just get to know them well before having sex with them. You might want to have a few dates first so that you can ask questions and tell them a bit about yourself. “Like” the person you have decided to sleep with and your time will be more enjoyable!


Why do I cry after climax?

Satisfying sexual interactions lead to emotional satisfaction (climaxing), but that doesn’t mean that you do not feel anything. You may feel a deep connection to your partner or have an orgasm unlike any other, which causes you to cry upon climaxing. To improve sexual intercourse, you might try talking about your feelings.

What emotion is released during sex?

Oxytocin is the hormone released during sex. If you have an emotional connection with your partner, you may have an orgasm unlike any other, causing an emotional release of tears! Emotional sweating of stray tears can happen when you are completely relaxed or overwhelmed with emotions.

What happens after sex to a woman?

Some women start crying during sex because they feel physical pain; after painful sex, a woman does not have happy tears or tears of joy because she is in physical pain. If she feels this way after sex, she may want some time to herself after intercourse.

What does an orgasm for a woman feel like?

The best way I can describe it is like a rollercoaster. Usually, when you climax, it is like being at the top of a rollercoaster, and as you slide down the coaster, you are coming down from the orgasm. I had a friend once tell me it reminded her of sneezing!

Why do girls get attached after sex?

Girls often get deeply connected to their partners after sex because they have just shared their bodies with them. Crying during sex can be normal for a girl, especially during sexual assault or because of feeling shame for what just happened. These emotions happen to a lot of women!

In Conclusion

Some people cry during sex because they are unsure of their sexual orientation or because they are reminded of past sexual experiences that did not go well. Those painful memories can trigger a myriad of emotions. What is your take on the subject? Do you start crying during sex? Please share!

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