Confidence In Relationships (21 Examples Of A Confident Relationship)

What do most people consider as the key factor in a relationship? Is it the rush of emotions and feelings or both parties’ ability to make each other feel good and secure? What exactly do you look for in your dream relationship?

You’d be surprised at the number of people also seeking the right balance in their relationships and the question remains, what can I do to maintain my relationship progress uphill? 

Unfortunately, most people ask the wrong questions, look for the wrong signs, and let their emotions guide them all through. As a result, they regret they ever met the person. However, they can’t help but still love them and they blame themselves even when they weren’t the wrong partner.

Confidence in relationships is an understated factor that most people think of in terms of ‘we’ instead of the individual responsibility that it truly is. If your relationship is to thrive, it needs to have the confidence factor which starts with each partner. And then, both parties’ confidence will keep the relationship progress on an upward trajectory.

In this article, you will read about tips for building the confidence factor in your mind, personality, and life to have healthy relationships, especially of the romantic kind. 

21 Examples Of A Confident Relationship

1. There’s no sneaking around on your boyfriend

One of the signs that would tip you off that you aren’t confident about your relationship is snooping around your man. Some women get suspicious at the drop of a pin when it has anything to do with their boyfriend.

Why do you need to sneak around playing detective on your man when you can just ask him directly if he’s cheating on you or lying to you? A man who’s going to lie will still lie. You snooping around trying to catch him in that lie is both exhausting and disrespectful to your pride. 

Confidence means confronting your man with your suspicion and making a decision to stay with him or not based on what you perceive as the truth. 

2. You are certain that he loves you, instead of doubting the fact at every turn

you are certain that he loves you, instead of doubting the fact at every turn

Many women battle with uncertainty because they feel insecure about whether their partner truly loves them or not. If you continue the relationship doubting the love of your boyfriend, you will be unable to enjoy the relationship for whatever duration it lasts.

Nothing is guaranteed and relationships crash sometimes due to various reasons and so, it is better to approach relationship issues with the confidence that you will overcome them. Instead of worrying about him breaking up with you after every quarrel, focus on the truth that he loves you enough to want to take the right steps towards fixing the relationship.

3. You understand that you are not responsible for every problem that arises in the relationship

Some women get jittery and fearful when things are not working out in their relationship and so, they take the blame on themselves all the time—just to keep the relationship going. 

However, this is an unhealthy way to live your life because when that particular relationship ends, you will continue the same behavior that has kept hurting you over and again. You may want to take responsibility for the things you do but also, try to allow your partner to take the blame when he is at fault too.

4. There are no games played. Only straight-up honesty

Some people play games for a reason but their peace of mind and relationship usually suffer the consequences of these games. Rather than going about playing games, you should try direct communication of your feelings first before attempting other methods.

There will always be relationship issues but, how you handle them is the important thing. Be confident that your partner will be honest with you and appreciate your candor too. Honesty is a major ingredient in relationship soup. If you can’t be straightforward and generous with using this tool to improve your relationship, things might end up badly.

5. Confidence can sometimes mean making your partner sweat a bit

While petty games are for children, strategic actions that put your boyfriend on his toes can be good for the relationship. Some people, including men, get too comfortable in relationships that they start to take their partner for granted. 

If you have observed that your boyfriend isn’t appreciating you or being as affectionate as he used to, you can give him the illusion of a competition to make him buckle up a bit. 

For example, hint at the number of men that have asked for your number recently and see how stiff he becomes. Men love to know these things, even though they don’t like that it is happening. If your partner loves you, he will adjust because your confident challenge worked out.

6. You’ve both set the ground rules

you've both set ground rules

The saying “what you allow continues” is very true, especially in a relationship where emotions rule most of the time. When starting a relationship, couples should still be clear-headed enough to set some ground rules to avoid stepping beyond the other 

It is true that as a couple, especially a married one, you are united and seen as one. However, even married people are still individuals who came together. As such, each party is an entity on its own, and setting ground rules will ensure there is still respect in the relationship–long after you’ve seen all there is about each other. 

7. You have the boldness to set boundaries

The reason we set rules is to ensure we don’t cross boundaries and one of the easiest ways to diminish your partner’s sense of self is by encroaching on his boundaries as you own him. Even though you are a team, both of you still need your time to do what you desire. 

A confident woman won’t be scared by the prospect of setting boundaries because she has the assurance that her boyfriend loves her regardless of what his personality chooses to do. Setting these boundaries also allows you the freedom to express your dislike when your man crosses the line. 

8. You keep track of the relationship progress by engaging in some occasional activities

One of the ways to let your relationship rot and go up in flames is to handle it as nothing can touch it. Confidence is not foolishness but, that’s the way many people see it. Life is full of challenges and your relationship won’t escape one or two problems and so, it is foolish to assume that your relationship is so secure that nothing can break it up.

As such, regular evaluation is necessary to keep the relationship on track. Having consistent discussions and progress evaluations might be too boring for a couple in love. 

So, trying out new activities will be a better option. Consider taking a road trip, a staycation, vacation in the desired destination, and other fun ways of relaxing but also, assessing how to make your relationship stronger.

9. Issues unsolved are resolved early on

If your relationship is to transcend all the troubles of life, you shouldn’t allow grudges and offenses to fester. An insecure partner will avoid confrontation because she is scared her man won’t like what she has to say and he might want to leave her. A confident woman will confront him anyway and will be ready for whatever the outcome would be.

Fear of your partner should not be there if your relationship is to thrive for a long time. So, you should be able to address issues as they occur instead of keeping quiet to save your relationship. In the end, things will blow up in your face if you pile up problems. 

10. There’s a healthy sense of self-awareness that makes you feel good 

Remember, a relationship involves two people who had separate lives before they became a couple. All the activities you engage in shouldn’t halt because you fell in love. Also, your life shouldn’t completely revolve around your boyfriend because he wants it to. 

If you allow yourself to get submerged in loving and focusing too much on your partner, you will lose yourself bit by bit until you don’t know who you are anymore. A healthy relationship is one where each person is confident and has a healthy dose of self-awareness that doesn’t affect their devotion to each other.

If your relationship lacks this simple but vital factor, there will be loads of problems to wade through.

11. You trust the decision and choices you make

you trust the decision and choices you make

Another way to measure your level of confidence when you are in a relationship is to assess how you feel after making a decision, whether it affects your partner or not. 

Does your man trust you to make the right choices for yourself and him? Do you doubt the clarity of your mind and the things that come from it? Or, do you always need your boyfriend to validate your actions?

If you are to call yourself confident in a relationship, you need to start trusting that you make great decisions, regardless of your partner’s opinions. If you don’t, you’ll always depend on your man to do right by you.

12. There’s no showing off

The mistake many people make is that they think confidence is the same thing as showing off. Being confident has little to do with overblown egos and unchecked pride. A confident woman is sure about herself without rubbing other people’s faces. 

Anyone who tries to make people see her as confident is probably not confident but egoistic. Similarly, your man should be confident about his abilities and approachable at the same time. A relationship can only last if it has this healthy balance. 

13. You both take charge of your responsibilities

One of the characteristics of a confident woman is that she isn’t scared to handle responsibilities. A couple that doesn’t shy away from their responsibilities tends to be more committed to each other. Confident people dare to merge their daily lives with the demands of their relationship without breaking.

To have the right level of confidence in your relationship, you need to be ready to share responsibilities equally to allow sustainability. 

14. You’re not only idealistic but also realistic

Most women enter a relationship with so many stars in their eyes that they fail to see the reality. Therefore, they give up easily when the going gets tough. One of the ways to exhibit confidence is by seeing things the way they are rather than just the way you want them to be.

Yes, you can create the kind of reality you want but, you can’t pretend to have what isn’t yours. A confident person isn’t afraid to face reality and come up with a solution that will create the ending you want.

15. You are secure about your place in the life of your partner

If you are the kind of woman who is in constant need of reassurance from your partner, you cannot claim to be fully confident in your relationship. If you are always looking over your shoulder because you see competitions in the friendship your boyfriend has with other people, you might be dealing with an inferiority complex

To ascertain your confidence in your union, you need to shed your fear or talk it out with your partner, so that he won’t have to assure you of his loyalty every time.

16. You can both make smart choices

you can both make smart choices

One of the tips above states that confidence means trusting the choices you make. However, you cannot trust the wrong choice or expect your partner to accept it. As a confident person, you need to make wise decisions and smart choices. This is because whatever you do will affect your partner and the other important people in your circle.

Don’t go about proclaiming confidence when you’ve just done something that will have repercussions on not only you but your man. If you need guidance or directions to make a particular decision, it’s okay to ask for your partner’s help. 

Vulnerability is not a weakness in itself, it is people that view it as such. When you’re vulnerable with your partner, you give room for more trust which is capable of helping both of you grow in the relationship

17. You both work out regularly

When a couple engages in life-changing activities that will ensure they grow together physically, spiritually, and emotionally, there is usually no limit to what they can achieve together. 

If you are a confident couple, you will help each other stay in shape, rather than condemn one another when your body changes. For instance, if you notice that your man is developing a paunch, encourage him to start a fitness challenge with you instead of nagging about it. 

18. You’re affectionate to each other

When people hear the word confidence, they sometimes equate it to arrogance and aloofness. Confidence embodies so much, including affection. A confident man isn’t afraid to show his affection towards his woman, be it in public or private.

A confident woman doesn’t pick a place and time to care for her man, she does it at all times and not because people are watching.

19. You don’t overanalyze things

Confidence usually sounds like a serious trait for seriously ambitious people but, in reality, it is a trait that every human should possess. Therefore, stop relating confidence to only people who overanalyze situations. 

A confident person does something, accepts he has done his best, and leaves it at that. Similarly, when you do something for your partner don’t brood too much on how he will accept it. Do it of your free will and hope for the best.

20. You both have other robust relationships that won’t affect your romantic one

Another myth that many people hold on to is that, once they are in a committed relationship, there won’t be time for other relationships. They will become so focused on their romantic relationship that they discard important friendships that span over decades. 

That you are in a committed union, even marriage, doesn’t mean you should relegate yourself to the background of your relationship. It is not healthy to be devoted to your man only. Instead, you should be confident about your relationship surviving despite the other people you interact with.

21. You are positive and have great energy

you are positive and have great energy

Another thing that confident people do is affirming positive words and channeling positive energy towards everything they do. As a confident woman, your day should start on the right foot. To do that, your mind needs to be filled with possibilities instead of worries.

Confidence is not the lack of problems but, the presence of calm amid problems. To maintain a confident relationship, you need to channel yourself into a positive position every day.


How do you gain confidence in a relationship?

You can gain confidence in a relationship by firstly gaining confidence in yourself. The first step to having a healthy relationship is to be healthy yourself. Understand your worth and you won’t need any man to validate your actions.

What is confidence in a relationship?

Confidence in a relationship refers to the ability of a couple to feel secure in each other and what they do even outside of the relationship. A couple that lacks confidence in their relationship will feel the need to check up on each other too often.

Why do I lose confidence in a relationship?

You may lose confidence in relationships because you aren’t sure what you want or who you are with. Also, if you suspect that your partner’s actions don’t match his words, you can easily lose confidence in the relationship. 

Why is confidence important in a relationship?

Confidence is vital in relationships because it helps you stay rooted when challenges occur. A relationship without confidence will sink at the sight of a little iceberg of problems.

Can being clingy ruin a relationship?

Acting desperate is a feature of a clingy person and yes, that can ruin a relationship. Clinginess is a trait of an insecure person and no man wants a woman who needs assurances all the time.

In Conclusion 

Confidence is vital if you want to live a full life. Some people would even say that confidence is sexy and every woman needs a great dose of it to have a successful life and relationship. When next in doubt, pull out your confidence mojo and have a beautiful relationship. 

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