Compromise In A Relationship (13 Ways To Reach A Compromise In Relationships)

No two people are ever the same, even identical twins have characteristics that make them different. As a couple from different backgrounds, you will have differing views about things. 

But, how do you handle the presentation and execution of such things without hurting each other? 

Relationships are not about shoving your perspectives down your partner’s throat just because you expect him to see things from your view. You need to make sure there is stability when it comes to loving and satisfying each other. The problem lies in you always wanting to be right while your partner agrees with most of your demands. 

Unfortunately, relationships and even life don’t work that way. Both you and your life partner have to respect each other’s wishes and always find a middle ground when making decisions.

Inability to meet in the middle will often lead to contempt, quarrels, and eventually, an unhealthy relationship. When you are truly in love with someone, you would make sure the other person gets their voice heard more, and decisions are made by both of you and not just one partner. 

In this article, you will find ways to compromise without losing your integrity or the joy of loving your partner.

13 Ways To Reach A Compromise In Relationships

1. Accept That You Can’t Be Right All The Time

accept that you can't be right all the time

It sucks to know you can’t have what you want every time but, it is what it is. Relationships are about both you and your partner being okay with something, even though it’s not that simple all the time. Yes, you are in control of your life and you can do anything you set your mind on doing. However, the moment you enter a relationship, you have to complement each other.

Your partner can’t be an alien to your decisions, even though you feel like listening to him may ruin things. Sometimes, you may have to take the risk of compromising even when you know he’s wrong. Trust me, after he’s made a bad decision, your partner is more likely to learn from that than if you nagged him about it. 

2. Learn To Always Find A Middle Ground

Instead of completely scratching off certain life goals, learn to find a middle ground that will serve both of you. If he wants to start having kids immediately after you get married but you want to wait a year before you journey into motherhood, you can choose a middle ground that will satisfy each other. 

You could decide to reduce your waiting period to six or seven months and the problem is solved! What’s important is that both partners see the other effort to reach a fair decision.

3. Disagree To Agree, Don’t Be Stuck In A Standoff

When issues arise and you’re both in disagreement over what solution to go for, it is okay to disagree with your partner. He will also be diligently canvassing for his opinion and if neither of you makes a compromise for a third option, you’ll be stuck in a standoff.

Remember that you’re lovers, not enemies, you should be able to bend a little for the one you love. If not, there will always be friction in your relationship. 

4. Sometimes You Have To Trade Your Desires For That Of Your Partner

One way to make a compromise in your relationship and still be a happy couple is to do what your man wants sometimes while temporarily putting your desires on hold. If the action you have in mind to take isn’t life-altering and his plan can take precedence at the moment, take a step back and go with his plan. 

Also, make your partner understand that he will do the same thing for you if a situation calls for it in the future.

5. Compromise Includes Communication

compromise includes communication

The mistake most people make in their relationship is to stifle communication and active interaction. Restricting communication between you and your partner will do your relationship no good because assumptions will take the place of certainties.

As such, you need to keep the communication line as open as possible, don’t assume what your man wants, ask him. Don’t let your partner guess what you need, tell him and your relationship will be exactly what you dreamt it to be.

6. Stop Hearing Without Actively Listening

Selective attention is a thing and it can either work out to be good or bad. What you pay selective attention to matters. If you hear without listening, you won’t be able to give the right response. 

To foster a happy relationship, you need to be present with your partner physically and emotionally. Stop listening half-heartedly as that would make you give him a response he won’t like. The compromise includes giving your man full attention, not a distracted one.

7. Express Your Point Without Raising Your Voice

A voice raised in anger won’t be heard clearly because the words are shrouded in noise. If you want to be heard, you should express yourself calmly, even if you’re angry. 

If you’re too upset to talk, wait until you’re a bit calm before you air your thoughts. When two people are trying to reach a compromise, cool-headedness is vital, else, there will be no way to resolve the problem amongst each other.

8. You Don’t Need To Argue About Every Little Thing

Sometimes, people argue on the most insignificant things and this happens in serious relationships too. While unserious squabbles occur between partners sometimes, you shouldn’t allow them to escalate into serious issues most of the time. 

If you can work out a compromise that helps you solve problems before they reach the boiling point, you’ll spend most of your time as a happy couple. Instead of building a love-hate relationship, build one where you’re secure about where you both stand no matter the situation. 

9. You May Need To Reach A Compromise Regarding Finances

you may need to reach a compromise regarding finances

One of the things that cause discontent in a relationship is money. As your relationship progresses from casual to serious, it is necessary to discuss money and spending, especially if you’re considering moving together. 

You may be already living together, the more reason you should review issues relating to money. If you decide to live spontaneously instead of making a compromise with a method that works, you’ll have problems. 

 10. Give An Inch, Take An Inch

Since you cannot have things go your way every time, it is even more paramount that you have a ‘give an inch and take an inch’ system to balance things out for you. What this means is that, when your partner wants something and you don’t, give him an allowance to satisfy his wants.

However, you will make him understand that you’re giving him an inch because you expect him to compromise on something as well, and the effort can’t be one-sided.

11. Let Priorities Lead Both Of You

While it is great to compromise for the benefit of the one you love, what exactly are you compromising on? Are you sacrificing your principles and desires for a just cause or you’re trying to satisfy a whim?

You need to ask yourself these questions to know if the compromise is worth it. If not, you need to reevaluate your priorities as a couple and individuals before you settle on what to compromise on.

12. Put Yourself In Your Partner’s Shoes

Empathy is an important tool for compromise. If you’re not empathetic, you need to learn it deliberately. From time to time, you need to put yourself in other people’s shoes, particularly that of your partner. 

Ask yourself how you would feel if he was the one being unreasonable on a matter. When you see things through someone else’s eyes, you’ll be more appreciative of the impact of making a beneficial compromise. 

13. Look At Things From A Long-Term Perspective

look at things from a long term perspective

You may choose not to make compromises with and for someone you won’t be within the long run. However, if you know you want to make long-term decisions with a partner that you love, you should be serious about making compromises. If not, your relationship will not survive the problems you might face because you couldn’t make a simple compromise. 


How do you reach a compromise in a relationship?

There are several ways to reach a compromise in your relationship but, the first thing to do would be to admit that you can’t have all you want exactly the way you want them. Compromise means giving room for your partner to be happy doing what you don’t necessarily like all that much.

Should you compromise in love?

Compromise in love is inevitable because you need to make some adjustments for each other. For example, if you feel like going on a vacation with your man but he can’t, you may need to hold on till the time he can go with you.

What does a man need in a relationship?

Most men need stability in a relationship, even if they initially give the impression of non-commitment. They want a relationship that doesn’t take away their natural need for control or completely take away their freedom as they used to know it.

What should you not compromise in a relationship?

As much as it is okay to make a compromise, you mustn’t lose your values because you want to protect something criminally or morally wrong. Compromises are best for more noble endeavors rather than silly adventures. 

What is a healthy compromise in a relationship?

A healthy compromise in a relationship is more of a give and take a situation which ensures that it’s not just one person feeding off the other one. There must be mutual respect for the other partner’s needs.

In Conclusion

Compromise doesn’t translate to sacrificing your values for the wrong things, it means giving an allowance for the right ones because you love the person you’re compromising for. When done well, making a compromise can give you a win-win result. Please leave a comment below and share this article if you enjoyed reading it. 

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