Smart Comebacks To Sexist Comments (61 Ways To Reply)

Sexism or sexual harassment is one of those experiences that would bring a mix of emotions over you; shock, fear, shame, embarrassment, anger, panic, and maybe low self-esteem as a woman. Most times, it's almost impossible to have the proper response to a sexist comment immediately, mainly because of the shock it comes with.

Sexism jokes are not pleasant to the ears and do not tell well on the people on the receiving end. Not all men know this. A good and kind way to fight sexism is to boost your level of confidence to face certain things the way they come, although you may not know exactly what to do until moments later.

It's not advisable to shout back or respond in a mean way, especially if you're not on the street or another public space where there are many people. If you do, that's more like encouraging sexual harassment to happen on your part, and it's not the best way to handle any kind of sexism.

That doesn't mean you should accept or keep up with any sexist joke said to you to avoid the fear of negative happening. The good thing is, there are many suitable comebacks to sexist comments, whether it's on the street or somewhere isolated. Keep reading to learn 61 ways to respond to sexist comments.


61 Ways To Reply To A Sexist Comment

1. Don’t laugh

The gravity of what someone says is felt when you don't take it lightly with them. If a man makes a sexist joke about your makeup or something you did to complement your dressing, don't laugh.

Keep your most serious face in response to his statement. Your facial expression will send a clear message that his joke wasn't appreciated and would not be welcomed in the future, which will make him feel more awkward about the situation. 

2. Make him feel like his senses need medical help

Sometimes making a man feel like he needs medical help after making a sexist comment is one of the best comebacks for him. You could say something as simple as ‘sure you don't need mental help?’

It will make him feel insulted, and at the same time, he'll have his fair share of embarrassment and a bad feeling. But that's a way to approach a situation like this and one of the best comebacks to sexist comments. 

3. Respond with a rhetorical question

Rhetorical questions make people feel clueless and stupid for whatever they say or do wrong to make jest of other people. For instance, ‘do you want a response to that comment?’ is a perfect question to ask.

Of course, he didn't say to receive a response from you. It was probably a side joke that turned out wrong. But, asking a rhetorical question is one of the nice comebacks to sexist comments.

4. Nod sarcastically

One of the unexpected comebacks to sexist comments is nodding. Do it in the most sarcastic way you can. What makes it even nicer is maintaining eye contact while doing it. The guy may not be able to face you.

It will make him ask numerous questions, which you may not hear, but would notice on his face. He may try to concentrate on something else to pretend you're not nodding at him.

5. Pretend you didn’t hear.

This is another fun comeback to a sexist. You may have a lot to say, with many mixed emotions to express, but if you keep quiet and pretend you didn't hear, it will put many things in place.

Sometimes, the other people around may start laughing at him for looking embarrassed at being ignored for making a sexist joke he feels should be funny, but it's not. It will caution him from saying another word to you.

6. Advise him to filter his words

It's better to approach a situation in the peaceful way possible. Not all men know how blunt, mean, or hurtful their words are. Some of them need to be told to filter the things they say.

So if a guy makes a sexist statement, you could tell him, ‘next time, think about that before you say it to a woman.’ Depending on the situation, you could say it to him publicly or privately.

7. Simply say ‘okay’

An apt response is one of the best comebacks to sexist comments. It makes the man question you or himself if you indeed heard what he said. So it will give him a slight shock. 

This means you don't care about his jokes or any other thing that comes from him. And it shows his comment about you is insignificant as long as he exists. If he says different things, keep replying with ‘okay’ to shut him up. This may be a hit-hard to do, but it will help manage the situation.

8. Repeat what he said in the right way

When a man says, ‘you look sexy.’ Repeat it in other polite ways. You could tell him, ‘you mean to say I look beautiful?’  This would make him realize how offensive his statement sounded.

At the same time, it will make him feel dumb. Some men would apologize for the use of wrong words, while others may not. Either way, your message will be sent across with little or no stress.

9. Compare their comments to their family members

Most guys cherish their family members so much that making an offensive comment about their loved ones could throw them off balance. You don't need to make a nasty comment about them.

Remember, two wrongs never make a right. So you could say, ‘I’m sure you wouldn't like someone saying that to your sister.’ Whether they respond or not, they'll get the message, and it's one of the perfect comebacks to sexist comments.

10. Weirdly compliment him

weirdly compliment him

If a man makes a sexist joke, it means he may be insecure about something in his life. It could be his outfit at the moment, his lack of composure or he feels he can disrespect you at will. 

Compare something you feel he may not be too proud of with the joke he made about you. It could be his cap is faded, he's not wearing a belt, or his outfit combination doesn't sit right. Do it in a friendly manner and walk away.

11. Exaggerate what he’s commenting about and ask if it’s okay

One of the perfect comebacks to sexist comments is readjusting anything they made jokes about to annoy them further. So if they make jest of your cleavage, drag down your blouse to show more of it.

Do this in their presence and ask them if it's okay that way or needs more readjustment. That would make them speechless and sorry for anything they said, even though they may not apologize immediately.

12. Respond with an annoying joke

There would always be guys that say sexist jokes. But telling an annoying joke is also one of the comebacks to sexist comments. So it's more like giving back the commenter his bitter pill to have a taste of it. 

A man could say it's not lady-like for you to eat on the street with your fingers. A simple response like ‘oh really? Is that why you want to cry?’ This can make him regret making that comment in the first place.

13. Scold if you have to

Most men don't like it when women stand up to them for making jokes related to sexism. It doesn't matter if it's on the street, office, or mall setting; it hurts the same

When a guy makes a statement you don't like, or a joke that makes you feel off, open up and say it to his face. It doesn't only solve the problem; it sends a message to other sexist men.

14. Respond with sarcasm

Nothing kills a man more than a sarcastic response to his prideful sentence. It hurts his ego and decreases his self-esteem. Responding with sarcasm is one of the perfect comebacks to sexist comments. 

If he says, ‘your dress is exposing your body.’ You could respond with ‘can I borrow yours?’ It will leave him with a blank mind and the urge to respond, but he won't have the words to do that.

15. Pretend you don’t understand it

One of the ways to handle sexism is to pretend you are clueless about what he's talking about. Make it real by asking questions with keen interest and full concentration. Do it confidently without minding the surrounding.

Any sane man will feel too uncomfortable to explain his sexist comment to you. It won't sound, and he won't know how you'll react to his explanation at the end of it. So he'll let it be.

16. Refer to them

If you fall into the women that most times experience sexism, one of the good comebacks to sexist comments is referring to their outfit or something they're doing to put them in your shoes.

‘You look ugly,’ and then you reply, ‘like your faded old shirt?’ Anyone who receives a reply like that will learn to reserve certain comments at least for a specific period after their encounter with you.

17. They should know they have a misconception

Men that sexist sometimes need to be pushed back on the right track. Some of them are raised in backgrounds where everything has a stereotype, whether good or bad. This could include the ‘right’ way a woman should behave in public.

You should be kind enough to tell them how rude and uneducated they sound with their comment. It's one of the best comebacks to sexist comments if you experience one.

18. Make them sound stupid

One of the ways to handle sexism is to make the sexist man sound stupid. There are many ways to do this. You could ask a couple of related questions and make them listen to how they sound. 

Make similar comparisons and relate them to the comments or jokes they made about you. For instance, ‘your makeup is disgusting,’ and you respond, ‘like melting cheese in a pizza?’ is one of the best comebacks to sexist comments like this.

19. Give them clues to say shitty things to themselves

Sometimes respond to them with a technical answer, one that would be good enough to demand a quick reply but confusing to find the right words to explain himself without sounding wrong.

For instance, if a man says, ‘why are you so rude? Are you on your period?’, you could respond with something like, ‘if bleeding is my reason for being rude, what's yours?’ That response would make him give replies that would eventually make him sound shitty.

20. Address their statement immediately

address their statement immediately

This time, you don't necessarily have to scold. You could tell them not to say anything like that to anybody, male or female, in any circumstance. Let them know how offensive it sounds. You don't need to say anything that would require their response. 

At this point, you're like a teacher to them, so you have to teach them facts and make them understand the reasons behind them. When you're done, it may take them a while to make another sexist comment.

21. Give them a stern look

There are times you don't need to respond or react to any sexist comment. Just give them a stern, unfriendly look in the eyes with or without a facial expression.

That is enough to send numerous responses to any man that uses the stereotype mentality to comment on you, your appearance as a whole, or how you behave.

22. Tell them you’re calling the cops

This statement has been helping women for a long time now. Men don't like any trouble for any reason, so they keep calm when they hear you say you'll call the cops or any force higher than them in society.

If you're a woman who's not so good with words, or comebacks to sexist comments, this could be one of the ways to respond to a guy to the fullest, especially on the street.

23. Exaggerate their comments

One of the perfect comebacks to sexist comments is exaggerating their statements. Relate it with every other woman out there, including his loved ones, if you need them to make your statement clear.

Exaggerate it with many abusive words, preferably in the form of questions they can't place their head around or answer immediately. Be dramatic, so it's more of a one-sided argument without caring about his opinion in the conversation.

24. Repeat their comment loudly

One way to handle sexism is to make sure the sexist knows you're aware of what he's trying to do. If this happens on the street or a place where many people are, repeat his comment loudly for others to hear.

Keep saying it out aloud and concentrate on his face. Any guy that experiences this as one of the comebacks to his sexist comments would feel embarrassed in different ways.

25. Ask him a random question about an aspect of his life

One of the comebacks to sexist comments is asking them a random question about their life. You could ask about their pet, relative, friend, or generally feel concerned.

They may feel awkward enough to respond or not. Either way, it will give a headway on how best to react to their comment. Sometimes, responding to these sexist guys takes more time and patience to achieve the perfect result.

26. Sing a line of a well-known song

One of the most famous comebacks to sexist comments is singing or reciting a famous line of a well-known song. Do it with a funny and annoying voice. It will keep the guy in an awkward place.

The second may keep resounding in his head which could make him feel sad or angry whenever it does, and he relates it to the situation. Nobody likes to lose a verbal fight like that.

27. Laugh sarcastically and uncontrollably

Laughter draws attention to you from different angles. Imagine a guy saying a sexist joke, and you laugh in a loud and sarcastic way. It will create a moment of silence and confusion.

That's because it may not be the reaction he expected from you, so it may be confusing to him why exactly you're laughing that much. This is one of the harmless comebacks to sexist comments.

28. Ask him to explain his statement further

Asking men that say sexist jokes to explain their statements is like a subtle blow in the face with using your fist to do it physically. You'll make them speechless.

When you do this, it may take some time for him to say a word. That could be because he knows how stupid it will sound if he responds to your request, which makes sexism a bit fun to enjoy at that point.

29. Talk to someone and indirectly refer to him

It could be someone directly in front or beside them. You could ask them questions on how they react to sexism or what they'll do if someone made a sexist joke about them.

Make it obvious enough for the sexist guy to hear. You could look at his face while talking to the person. That way, he knows his comment was not necessary or meant to be said out loud.

30. Tell him to fix something on his face

tell him to fix something on his face

It doesn't matter if there's something on his face to fix or not. It's more like telling him to correct himself or his flaws first before noticing other people's, which will make him embarrassed.

It's even better when he responds to your sarcastic statement, not knowing what you mean. It could be in a less public space or on the street. But that's one of the comebacks to sexist comments without lifting a finger.

31. Warn them not to repeat it

Challenging someone not to repeat an offensive joke is a direct comeback to a sexist man. You don't have to shout at him. Remember, violence is no way to correct most men.

There's no need to threaten too. You could warn them not to repeat a joke to you or another woman, which is one of the ways to handle sexism in the long term for other women gradually.

32. Report to the authorities

This relates mainly to sexual harassment on the street, office, or in any place with higher authorities in charge. It helps to keep the level of sexism in that environment low.

If it's in your office, you can report to any department that handles issues like that. If it happens on the street, you should report to the appropriate governmental or private bodies for help. It's one of the ways to reduce sexism.

33. Act like what they said is a crappy story

One of the comebacks to sexist comments is to respond with a comment or phrase that makes the guy sound like a joke. After his statement, you could say, ‘oh, cool story,’ or, ‘you should get a degree for saying rubbish.’

That's like making everything he said to sound as irrelevant as him as a person. That way, other men take correction and learn to be silent about unpleasant things. 

34. Make gestures to tell them what to do

A sexist comment could have a simple comeback like placing your index finger on your lips like ‘shhh,’ which means you're telling him nobody is interested in what he has to say.

Or, you could make other gestures that come to mind at the moment. He may want to be violent because of how that would make him feel, but unfortunately, he won't because he knows the consequences. So, you win.

35. Tell them it’s okay to act stupid

One of the best comebacks to sexist comments is acknowledging their jokes and telling them they're permitted to be stupid. Imagine how someone would with an unexpected comment like that.

The bad thing is, the thought of it would make them feel insecure or unimportant in the long run. But, the good thing is, you get to feel better and respected by the other people present in the environment.

36. Let them know some opinions are best left unsaid

Some people love to feel famous in an environment, especially on the street. So they say or contribute to everything and anything they see, which may be one of the times they say a sexist joke.

At this point, you could be straightforward with them about their negative comment and advise never to talk if their opinion is not needed. That's one of the ways to reduce sexism.

37. Educate them

Not all men know sexism exists. It may be hard to educate them on many levels, so you could use different scenarios and sexist jokes and why they sound wrong to be heard by the receiver.

Try this with sexist men and guys that have the stereotype mindset. You may be surprised how much it will help them understand certain things. It's one of the subtle comebacks to sexist comments.

38. Acknowledge the fact that he may not know what he’s saying

Many people out there need mental help even though they may not know it. Some say what they don't know, while others talk because they feel they should look at that point.

One of the ways to handle such a situation is to consciously look at him pitifully with a facial expression of disgust. Doing that alone is enough to express a thousand words to the sexist guy.

39. Threaten a bit with a consequence of his comment

Sometimes people like to hear threats. It doesn't have to be a harsh one, but something that would make him want to reverse his statement without thinking twice. This is one of the ways to handle sexism.

If you're in a country where there are laws against sexist men or people in general, you could make great use of this situation, knowing they'll fall into trouble if they try it a second time.

40. Ask the man to say his comment louder

ask the man to say his comment louder

If a man says a sexist joke, and you ask him to say it louder so everyone can hear, he may be shy to do so or forced to remain quiet. Asking someone to repeat his offensive joke is like telling him to implicate himself.

On the other hand, if he responds and he’s on the street, he could face violence from people who are not supporting sexism, especially when it involves women. This is a remarkable comeback.

41. Raise your phone as if you’re recording and tell him to repeat his comment

One thing many men are afraid of is being implicated by something they said as a joke. So you could handle the issue of sexism by pretending to record the conversation on your phone.

You could do that and play the recording back to make it look natural or threaten and ask them to repeat their joke for record purposes. That alone would instill fear and prevent them from talking. It's a dramatic comeback you should try out.

42. Give him enough audience

Give a sexist guy full attention to whatever sexist joke he has to say, and he'll remain mute. Why? Because at that point, he doesn't know what you'll do, and he's not sure of your next action.

Try giving more attention than he ever expected from you. This is one of the comebacks to sexist comments that would make the man unsure of what to say or do next. It will help tame the attitude in one of the calmest ways.

43. Walk closer to him as if to attack and pause

Fake violence is another comeback you should try to do to a sexist guy. Let him say any joke, then quietly walk up to him slowly as if you want to fight, pause, and ask him, ‘what did you say?’

A greater percentage of men in this situation would remain silent for fear of what might happen if they do. If you do this on the street or anywhere, there are many people; they could apologize or say something nice to calm you. 

44. Smile and return a similar comment

One way to approach sexism or sexist guys is to respond with a similar comment. You don't have to make a complete joke or statement, so you don't become sexist like them. 

For instance, if a man says, ‘you look bloated,’ you can respond with ‘that makes two of us.’ That is a comeback he'll never forget in his life. It will serve as a lesson for him to be nice to any other woman he meets in the future.

45. Tell him to observe a woman’s face before talking

Women all have different personalities; calm and reserved, extroverted and wild, quiet but violent, or extroverted but peaceful. You can never tell which is which for each woman till you abuse them.

Most men don't know this. But, whichever be the case, sexism shouldn't be encouraged. If a man says a sexist joke to you, advise him to observe a woman's mood before talking because not all women would be nice enough to take it lightly. Some may make him end up in jail.

46. If it’s a gesture, respond with one too

Sexist behaviors come as a form of sexual harassment too, which includes the way a guy looks at a woman. If a man licks his lips while looking at you, smiles sensually, or weirdly winks at you, do the same to him.

Don't do it attractively, especially if it's on the street. Repeat in the most disgusting way ever. That's to show him how irritated you feel about his gesture. 

47. Move closer and ask him to repeat his comment

Most people lose their speech power when they're near who they're referring to, especially if it's a negative comment. Try this with a sexist guy to see their reaction to it. 

Decrease your proximity between him, and ask him to repeat the same joke he just said. His level of confidence would drop for many unsaid reasons. This is an active comeback for many sexist comments.

48. Let them know how disappointed their loved ones would be

A good comeback is rubbing how bad the sexist guy is in his face. When they say a joke, don't react to it directly. Instead, praise his family members and make him comfortable first, then begin to say how disappointed they'll be to know he's sexist.

Don't say it for too long; keep it going for as long as he remains clueless, and stop just before it turns to violence or physical fight. Using how one's family feels about them is one of the best ways to handle sexism.

49. Ask him to apologize

You can publicly or privately ask a guy to apologize for a sexist comment or joke he says. But keep in a position that will force him to without any hassle.

It could be in front of your colleagues, other men, or random people. Repeat the statement and tell him you would like to hear a phrase of apology from him without any fight. This is one of the comebacks to sexist comments.

50. Make a sexist comment and ask how he feels about it

make a sexist comment and ask how he feels about it

Sometimes, people need to eat a piece of their cake to know how it feels. When a guy throws a sexist joke at you, compose a beautiful one and say it back to him.

When you do it, ask him how he feels about getting a joke made about him as a person for living by his own rules. If he wants to respond, it will take a while to absorb the shock and come up with one. This is another comeback you should try, especially if it's on the street.

51. Threaten to sue for their statement

Nobody wants to be in a situation that has to do with the court. The reasons are that your reputation would be ruined, you'll waste your time, money, and you will be seen as being guilty.

This is what could happen to a sexist if he goes too far with his jokes. But, you don't have to take it that far. Threaten him so much that he pleads for your forgiveness or says something nice to override his previous statement.

52. Remind him of what happened to a few sexists

Reacting to a sexist comment, whether on the street or in a confined environment, could be challenging. But, when they say a sexist joke, you could take your time to remind them of the victims that went down for sexism.

When you do that, you automatically reduce their confidence level and sexist skills from zero to a hundred in a split second. It's a subtle comeback that works for a great percentage of sexist men out there.

53. Sarcastically repeat their statement

It isn't very pleasant for men to talk, feel important, and feel like they've made a great point, only for the abused person to make them feel like a bit of an object. It's very degrading but worth it. 

One of the perfect comebacks to sexist comments is repeating their statement sarcastically. It's physically harmless, and doing that will make them feel as insignificant as their comment.

54. Tell them how much you admired them before their comment

Men love to be admired, especially by women. And they love people that compliment them too. But the reverse happens when you take back that compliment and replace it with the opposite.

So if a man boldly says a sexist joke without any look of guilt or remorse, say to him, ‘I was admiring your looks and outfit until you made that sexist comment.’ That's one of the ways to handle sexism.

55. Remind him how toxic the world is with sexists

Most men don't like to hear they have negative vibes in an environment. So if you tell a guy the world is toxic because of his kind, you're making him feel like crap.

One of the comebacks to sexist comments is saying, ‘it’s obvious you don't know how toxic the world is with sexist guys like you.’ That will hit him harder than you can imagine, but it's worth it.

56. React with a dramatic gesture

The kind of dramatic gesture you react with is the kind that would attract everyone's attention on the street. They'll turn around in curiosity to know exactly what's happening, which will make him a bit calm.

He may try to reverse his statement in a very low tone or explain he didn't mean it that way to avoid attracting unnecessary attention, but keep doing it till you achieve your goal.

57. Suspend eye contact till he walks away

Look at him in his eyes. Even when he looks away, follow him with your gaze anywhere he goes, whether it's on the street, market, office, or park. Maintain constant eye contact till he runs.

That's more like a harmless warning which may feel visually and psychologically disturbing to him. It will make him feel uneasy and unsafe. That's one of the ways to handle sexism in most environments.

58. Volunteer to help him

Volunteering to help him doesn't mean you'll do so for real. It will make him feel like it's a trap you want to set to retaliate for his actions. Most men know when they're wrong.

If he eventually accepts your help, you gladly do so and use the opportunity to tell him how offended and sad you feel to get such a comment from him. This is one of the peaceful comebacks to sexist comments.

59. Invite a few people and ask him to repeat his comment

Sometimes, sexism could happen on the street in the form of sexual harassment. Whether the guy does anything physical to you or not, invite two to three other people and him to repeat his statement. 

No man would have the confidence to repeat his statement, which is why they may change it to suit them or remain quiet and shrink into their shell. That's one of the perfect comebacks to sexist comments.

60. Respond to him like a child

respond to him like a child

Do you know when you can't do or say anything when a toddler says an offensive joke? You laugh, or you babble a bit to them to show you understand they're kids.

You could do the same guy who's sexist. You could babble or say some sad things to make him look or feel like a baby. It could be repeating exactly what he said but childishly.

61. Openly blame it on his misfortunes

Sexism is sometimes a transfer of aggression from angry or frustrated guys about something they're going through. When a guy makes a sexist comment, tell him you know they're going through a tough time, and it's okay to be frustrated.

That would make him rethink the joke, think about his life and what he did to offend you that much. If he responds again, it will be from a place of pain.

To Sum Up

Sexism would always exist and happen as comments or gestures, as often as possible, but you can use comebacks to manage them. Feel free to use any of the 61 comebacks I've mentioned, and don't forget to drop a comment and share this article with others if you liked it. 

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