Brother And Sister Falling In Love (11 Facts About Sibling Love)

Sister and brother couples have been one of the longest taboos to have ever existed when it comes to relationships. It’s nothing new underneath the sun. In fact, it’s widely considered unacceptable in every religion as well. The bond between a brother and a sister is genetically orchestrated; they both have similar traits that pull them close. 

However, a brother and sister in a relationship is a rare occurrence, mostly when they've lived together all their lives.

Living with a brother or sister does neutralize any form of physical attraction; this is why it's encouraged. It's difficult to be attracted to a person whom you've been taught to love brotherly from the day you were born. However, some codependency can cause a change in a dynamic but living together as siblings were and still is the best desensitization that kills such behavior. 

Through adequate research, we've established that it's easier for siblings or close family who have been separated from each other to fall in love due to a lack of desensitization. The deep connection between them (caused by their genes) can be interpreted as love when they meet. 

It's challenging to convince a brother and sister couple who feel they are in love that they aren't. They are bound to attract each other by instinct, and without physical attraction being killed, the situation can go haywire. 

It's quite gross to have sexual fantasies about a sibling. However, living in denial doesn't help. 

Below are some facts about incest that everyone should know. 

11 Facts About Sibling Love

1. Genetic mutation

genetic mutation

It is scientifically proven that children born from incest are prone to various genetic disorders. So, no matter how much you think you love your brother or father, keep in mind that the children you would both have would be unhealthy.

In the Olden century, the genetic mutation of such children was referred to by religious groups as the curse of the “gods” on the child made from such a taboo. The worst that can happen from siblings having sex is pregnancy, and that’s terrible. If, however, you decide not to have kids, it’s still hurting you mentally to engage in such an act. 

2. Denial doesn’t help

There's no need to live in denial about your feelings for your brother. I mean, it’s weird. But if that’s how you feel, there’s nothing you can do except seeking help, and most times, that involves telling the whole truth to a professional who can counsel you. 

Sometimes, it’s behind the feeling of physical attraction to sexual activity. Whether consensual or not, this type of behavior should be addressed. 

Living in denial draws you deeper and deeper into a delusional lifestyle. However, if you talk about this earlier, you would be saved. Be certain about your feelings before jumping to conclusions; it just is a misconception. 

3. It’s a crime

Yes, it’s a crime punishable by law, especially the U.K law. Imagine a father who is of higher authority and a protector, sleeping with his daughter whom he’s supposed to look after; this daughter in question would be traumatized. Such a thing is appalling to hear. Whether this incest is by a man or woman, it’s punishable by the law. 

Close relations include father, mother, siblings, and step-siblings. Carnal knowledge between a parent and the child is always seen as abuse in most countries as seen as a result of power abuse. However, amongst siblings, it’s ruled that the right to commit such weighs more than the good of the family. 

4. There’s a genetic attraction between the couple

Yes, there’s a genetic attraction in the family. Whether or not they want to care for each other that they are a part of themselves gives them a sense of belonging. Siblings, although separated when they come together, will be attracted to each other because of their similar or even complimenting traits

It’s normal for them to want to be together and whatnot. However, there’s a thin line between this attraction that can lead to sexual activity. 

5. Long-term consequences

long-term consequences

The consequences of incest do not just end the moment it happens. If the worst occurs and the sister or child gets pregnant, the baby would be very unhealthy. Also, it messes the victims up psychologically; it takes a while to recover from that type of trauma, mostly if it was abuse. 

I advise you to speak up if you ever feel some kind of way. Ir’s better than abutting the thoughts and killing yourself from the inside. For a few people, it begins as an experiment gone wrong, in the sense that they became cool with it, much that it happened often. 

6. Separation fuels the attraction

It’s more plausible that close families who were either separated at childbirth, later in life as teenagers, or never met until they were adults, are at a higher risk of being attracted to each other. They have similar traits that would draw them closer, and without the neutralizer, you cannot tell how far they would go with their attraction. 

You’re probably just fascinated by the fact that you haven’t seen this man (your brother) before or in a long while. It’s so heartbreaking to realize that what you had between yourselves wasn’t borne out of a genetic attraction, and you can’t be coupled. 

7. Incest is only acceptable in the porn industry

Videos like this happen to be the most viewed pornographic content because people are fascinated by the idea, and it helps them live at the edge. 

However, has anyone ever realized that those actors are not indeed related or stepmother and son? It’s just a delusion created to mess with the mind of viewers. It remains an unacceptable act in the real world, and you don’t need a revelation for this. 

8. It’s motivated by curiosity

About eighty percent of the incestuous acts that occur between siblings are motivated by curiosity. An adolescent boy just wants to experiment with his sister and vice versa. It never ends well, especially if he enjoys the revelation. 

9. It’s common for relatives to experiment

it's common for relatives to experiment

Experimenting sexually with close relatives isn’t new. However, it’s more likely amongst cousins than with brother and sister. It does happen regardless, maybe once or twice, and that’s all. It’s normal amongst teenagers when they reach the age of puberty. 

10. Growing up together is a neutralizer

This is one of the strongest facts of brother-sister relationships. Living together all your lives neutralizes any form of sexual anxiety you may have between each other when you are older. It’s almost like you cannot stand the thought of it ( I really can’t imagine it). 

However, you still have a good bond between you and your brother without any sexual desires whatsoever. It’s also the dynamic of growing up together set by the parents that may either push them to become too close and perhaps spark carnal knowledge. This rarely happens anyway. 

11. It’s a physical complex

Close relative attraction is often developed by an inferiority complex on the side of one sibling. He thinks he cannot get another girl and there becomes way too comfortable with the only girl he’s known all his life or vice versa. 

It could also be borne out of sheer curiosity about the opposite sex and the next available person is a brother or sister to experiment with. Another complex can be borne during the hormonal period of either the brother or the sister. 


Can a brother and a sister have a healthy baby together?

No, a brother and a sister cannot have a healthy baby together or be a couple; genetic mutation does not allow it to happen. This child would be born with numerous genetic disorders or diseases. The child could be a retard, have down syndrome, and whatever else depending on the recessive genes of the siblings involved. 

In the days of the old, these awful genetic mutations represented the curse of incestuous behavior. It was known to be the ultimate punishment for people who commit such a gruesome act; it is still believed to be the price paid for indulging. 

What is it called when two siblings are in love? 

It is when siblings love each other beyond brotherly and sisterly love or try to be couples, this behavior is widely known to be a taboo that is punishable by the law. Incest is when close relatives become physically attracted to each other, with hopes of starting a family of their own. Everywhere in the world, incest is a crime punishable by law, especially in the U.K.

Is it normal to have feelings for your brother? 

It’s normal to have a connection with your brother. As I said earlier, you are genetically designed to be attracted to him because of your similarities. However, when these feelings go beyond brotherly love its influence by the dynamic of the relationship
Brother and sister who have been separated for a while have a higher chance of being attracted to each other and perhaps move to start a relationship. Also, when your brother is performing the role of a caregiver, parent, or guardian, a level of dependency can be developed. This dependence over time can mutate to physical attraction. 

What does incest mean? 

It is a sexual relationship between close family members. It’s not normal for a father, mother, siblings, or even cousins to have carnal knowledge of each other. It’s possible for there to be an attraction based on their similarities between each other but genetic mutations forbid this kind of relationship between close family members. 

Why is incest morally wrong? 

The moral problem with this act is the psychological, physical harm. It’s so common amongst adults and minors in the family unit. The mental health of a person can be destroyed forever because of such an act. It’s unacceptable morally to ruin a person's life for a couple of minutes of pleasure. 

Depending on your ethical system, you can choose what revelation to draw your judgments from. Scientists say that children get from this type of union are prone to genetic diseases, whilst moralists claim it’s wrong (pure evil). 


In this article, I’ve explained what incest means, how brother and sister relationships can harm the close family involved, and the facts about it. I hope it guides you on your co-existence with close families. Brotherly and sisterly love should rule the affairs of a family (including parents). 

However, if you are physically attracted to your close family, seek help. Write your thoughts on this subject below, I would love to read them, and please share this article with your friends (both men and women) and family. 

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