Breaking Up During Pregnancy (11 Ways To Handle The Situation)

Breaking up during pregnancy can hurt a little more than if you weren't carrying another life inside you. I mean, this is the time you're not supposed to be alone. When the hormones hit, you're going to appreciate the company of someone you love, preferably the father of the baby. 

However, if that's not possible, I bet you have family and friends who would love to step in. A broken relationship isn't the end of the world, even though it might feel like it occasionally. 

Keep in mind that the most important thing right now is the baby. Ask yourself difficult questions that would help you do what's best for yourself and the baby in the end. 

Do you want to keep the baby? Can you afford to? And is the father aware you're pregnant? 

These are some of the questions to ask yourself first. Now before you freak out because you haven’t gotten all these things figured out, calm down, breathe in, and read some of the tips on how to handle this situation.   

11 Ways To Handle Breakup During Pregnancy

1. Give yourself time to grieve

You need to take some time alone, away from the chaos, to grieve about the separation and heartbreak. It will be a difficult adjustment at first, but once you begin to spend a little time alone, you will enjoy the solitude. During the first trimester, your belly isn’t so huge, but you’re still dealing with the initial symptoms here and there. 

It’s not a wrong time to spend time studying about what your body would be going through in the next couple of months. Don’t spend too much time alone, anyway. Keep in mind that this isn’t the end of the world, only the beginning. 

2. Spend more time with family and friends

spend more time with family and friends

Let your family and friends get involved in your life, it’s a lovely time to bond with them. Whether you want it or not, during this period you will need all the help you can get. Think of all the beautiful people that your child would be surrounded by when you give birth. 

You’re not capable of taking care of yourself always. You can if you try, but it’ll be very stressful. You need people who won’t give up on you quickly and will help make life more bearable. Ask them for help and let them help when they offer aid. 

3. Focus on financial support

Like I said, sometimes having a baby is terrifying for a couple, and it’s mostly because they’re not financially stable or mentally ready to care for another person. Raising a child is expensive, demanding, and time-consuming. You can’t afford to provide the necessary resources for the pregnancy, over-stress yourself, and risk losing everything (including your life). 

One of the most important things to focus on is financial support. Plan on ways you can make money on your own if you’re keeping the pregnancy. Like I said again, family support would come in handy if they offer to help you, now is not the time to sever your relationship with them.

4. Avoid stress

It’s not going to be a comfortable journey on your own, but it isn’t impossible to attain happiness and solitude after the breakup. Whether you’re spending time on your own, with family, or with friends, it's a primary concern that you do not stress yourself and the fetus.

Pay attention to your body, and try the best you can to control your emotions. Understand that everyone around you is only trying to help ease your stress. So, try not to be irrational and exercise patience. You don’t want to cause harm to yourself or your unborn child, do you? Be calm. 

5. Join a group

It’s smart to join a group of women going through the same thing as you (being pregnant). There you will meet someone who may have broken up with her partner on the same account similar to yours. You all can encourage each other during these months of pregnancy and even share tips. In groups like this, they’re professionals available to offer good counseling for those who need it. 

Some groups even donate money to financially support women who can’t afford to manage on their own. It’s a beautiful thing to be around people who understand what you are going through. With this group, you’re hardly ever spending time alone sulking. 

6. Find a hobby

find a hobby

It’s never too late for a hobby. Moments of pain, hurt, or grief is good times to find a way to distract your feelings and, in turn, rid yourself of them. Find a hobby, something soothing that makes you happy and you don’t mind spending time on. It could be about planning your baby's nursery, painting it, or buying decorations, whatever. 

Just get involved in happy activities, whether alone or with your friends and family. Is there something you always wanted to do? Cross it out of your bucket list now. Don’t let this break up define you. You can be sure of never being alone when your child is born. 

7.Try to understand your partner

Maybe, just maybe, you’re overreacting. Remember you’re pregnant, and many things are going on with your emotions, which may cloud your perception of a situation. Understand that this is also a lot for your partner to take in even though he’s not carrying the baby physically; mentally, he’s going through a lot as well. 

Be sure that you’re not irrational, take time out to go over the situation, and be honest and calm about it. I suggest you both talk things over after you’ve healed from the problem; you are both going to raise a child together whether you like it or not. It’s best you two get over the breakup and think about how to raise this child together or apart. 

8. Realize that this is normal

You’re not the first person to break up while pregnant, and I’m pretty sure you won’t be the last person to go through this. It’s okay, you cannot change the situation, and it’s worse to spend your time fixing something that’s already broken when you have a new life coming on the way. 

You can always see a therapist on the subject, especially when those stress hormones are kicking in. Your mental health is important, so don’t feel ashamed or overthink it, and get help when required.  

9. Weigh your options and prioritize

If you didn’t consider this during your grieving time alone, then do it now. Get your priorities straight. Right now, your health and that of the child’s are what should be at the top of your list. 

Maybe this is the time to focus on getting your life straight. Go through with your monthly checks, eat healthily, and focus on your financial situation. If you’re not thinking about keeping the pregnancy, I think it’s fair to let your partner know about your decision. However, don’t terminate the pregnancy in a ploy to try and fix the broken relationship.

10. Lean on your strengths

lean on your strengths

Remember, you are strong enough to go through with this. I know, it’s not ideal to spend this period away from someone you love but who says you can’t find another partner after you’ve given birth? Yes, you got pregnant and somehow your relationship ended along the line, things like this happen. 

Just take good care of yourself and everything else would work out fine. You never know what you would find when you're not even looking. 

11.  Occupy yourself

Going through a breakup during pregnancy may feel like the end of the world, but at the end of the day, you have to think of your own well-being, as well as your child’s. To make things better for you, focus on birthing plans, buying the clothes, cribs, and body care items you’ll use after birth.

When you focus on the fact that you’re bringing a new life to the world, it may take your mind off the broken relationship and focus on the happy days that lie ahead. 


Can arguing during pregnancy harm the baby? 

It's normal to have arguments during pregnancy; your hormones are all over the place. However, it's important to avoid excessive arguing that may lead to stressing the mother out, which is not suitable for either of them. The harm that stress can cause to the baby may not be so immediate, but it’s best to avoid it altogether. 

Why do relationships fail during pregnancy? 

During pregnancy, your body is going through multiple changes. Your pregnancy hormones are making you go through a truckload of emotions you may not be able to take control of. It's normal to get anxious, clingy, and more vulnerable, but most of this emotional stress is taken out on your partner, stressing the relationship. It's not every time a baby comes into the scene where the parents are excited; raising a child is terrifying for some people. 

What should you give up when pregnant?

There's a long list of things you should give up during pregnancy, and sometimes those are the things you want to do. At some point, you're going to give up caffeine, your favorite foods, alcoholic beverages, and the likes. At first, it'll seem impossible, but along the line, you will pull it off.

How should a husband treat his pregnant wife?

With so much love, affection, and support. She's going through a life-changing situation here, physically! She needs all the emotional support she can get. A husband must read up on pregnancy to be physically and mentally prepared to have a baby as well. He should be involved in her planning process and help her out with most of what she needs. 

Is it normal to be angry at your partner during pregnancy?

Well, your hormones are going to be all over the place, and sometimes that means getting mad at your partner for the most mundane reasons. These hormones could trigger intense mood swings that eventually lead to anger towards anyone around you. 

In Conclusion

I hope you enjoyed reading this article. It's got all the tips you need if you're breaking up during pregnancy. I would love to read your thoughts on the subject, so please comment below and share this article with your friends. 

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