My Boyfriend Won’t Acknowledge Me On Facebook (3 Rational Things)

Is your boyfriend refusing to acknowledge your relationship on Facebook?

Does he never post about you? Has he declined to make your relationship ‘Facebook Official’?

Are you wondering what this means for your relationship?

If so, you’re in the right place, because I will explain everything you need to know about this situation in the guide below.

The first step I’d like to recommend is to download this online communications tracker tool.

Now, I’m not saying that this lack of Facebook activity means your boyfriend is seeing someone else or is thinking about breaking up with you. 

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I know a lot of women who are using this risk-free tool to get over their trust issues. Of course, if he is messing around behind your back, the tool will reveal that too.

With said, let’s take a look at some reasonable explanations regarding why he’s not acknowledging his relationship on Facebook, and what it could mean.

Relationship Status On Facebook

The signs of a good partnership don’t include showing it on Facebook. In no other place do we give out compliments, criticisms, or judgments as readily as on online media. Anybody who has hundreds of friends on Facebook will likely agree that a lot of them are acquaintances or even people that they don’t know.

But why do we give out such information about ourselves to people we don’t really know, especially when it regards our own personal partnerships? Instead of looking after their private lives, many people keep their online media friends posted with couple photos, explanations of love, and updates of their own partnership status. Social media also emphasizes this behavior with apparent perfect relationship photos.

It is vital to gain an understanding of why users post such photos and comments online. Those who receive more interaction get the feeling of integration in a social sense, whereas those who don't get this, feel excluded. Often, the lower your ego or self-esteem, the more likely you are to post such things about your partnership. So it is unlikely that you are in a particularly happy partnership if you constantly post about it. 

Is It A Sign Of A Bad Relationship?

Instead of being a sign of a healthy or happy partnership, these expressions of love merely serve to support your own ego. It is argued that the less confident men or women feel in a partnership, the more likely they are to post photos with each other. Those who are really caring about the relationship express that in very alternate ways to posts on social media. 

Anyone in a relationship nowadays has a few things to consider, namely how to present yourself on social networks. It is difficult enough to get to know someone and once you've somehow managed to do that, it's not all easy. When you enter a partnership, new problems arise, how do you present yourselves now on social media?

Do you have to add each other as friends online or should you already be tagging each other on Facebook? The most important rule for the presence of couples on social networks is that you don’t overdo it. Remember that expressions of love can be communicated personally instead of online. 

1. Live in the moment

Live in the moment

Live in the moment, remember that that is more important than what other people think of your relationship. It is not really necessary to photograph the bouquet of flowers that he gave you just so that other people can see it. It is clear to everyone here that such posts do not serve to thank the loved one, but only to tell the world what a great relationship you have.

To label social media sites like Facebook as relationship killers may sound silly at first. Many people think that they use social media only to a limited extent anyway, or that they behave very responsibly on the internet. But the fact is that for many, it is now completely normal to live a kind of double life – one in the real world, one in the virtual world.

The use of social media often begins before the first coffee in the morning and ends in bed in the evening just before you go to sleep. This can mean that you are not living in the moment of your relationship. So, it is a good thing if your partner is not spending all of his time on social media, but is focusing on living his real life with you instead. 

2. Spending too much time on Facebook is bad anyway

Social media can destroy the relationship from two sides. It can become a relationship killer because it is a place of concentrated emotion – from joy to love, anger, and grief to hatred. While dealing with other users online can become a relationship killer, your own posting behavior on platforms such as this may also destroy the relationship.

Facebook dependency is one of the common causes of modern relationships. Spending too much time on Facebook may be destroying your relationship. Someone who just spends all of their time on his cell phone and checks all social media apps every minute clearly spends too little quality time with the most important real contact at his side. 

This is also the first step towards digital jealousy. For this reason alone, Facebook is generally regarded as a relationship killer because you waste a lot of valuable hours in endless scrolling and clicking and liking, which you could invest so much better in love and in your partnership. This is one of the red flags of an unhealthy relationship even if it may feel like it is normal. 

3. Digital jealousy

It is so easy to generate digital jealousy in our partner. Facebook can also become a dating killer if it is no longer behind it: The uncomplicated, purely virtual communication in social media lets you quickly cross borders that you would protect in real life and thus hurts your partner. Couple selfies, love quotes, embarrassing anecdotes: it may not be the jealousy related to Facebook that sometimes destroys relationships, but the lack of privacy.

Anyone who has to post about every intimate moment immediately to the world should not be surprised if the partner does stay with them in the long run. Sometimes private matters should remain private. You may not want everyone to get to know all of your secrets anyway, so ask yourself whether this is what you want. 


Why would my boyfriend not add me on Facebook?

The fact that your boyfriend refuses to add you online may be a bad sign and a red flag that he is trying to keep your relationship secret for various reasons. However, if he simply doesn’t tag you in loads of things on Facebook but makes an effort in every other aspect of your dating life, it is likely not a bad thing.

What does it mean when your boyfriend doesn't post you on social media?

If your boyfriend doesn’t post you on social media it may not be a bad thing at all. He may just not be that bothered about social media, he has other things to be doing, he rather express his love for you in different ways or he wants to keep your relationship private. Don’t worry about this if every other aspect of your dating life with him is great. 

What does it mean if your boyfriend doesn't post pictures of you?

If he doesn’t post pictures of you it may not necessarily be a bad thing. He may prefer to keep your relationship private. Anyway, every other aspect of your relationship is much more important than how it appears to other people online, so don’t worry about this if your relationship is great but he just doesn’t post photos of you. 

Why do guys hide their relationship status on Facebook?

Some guys may hide their relationship status online because they want to keep their new relationship private. He may be doing so because he wants to respect your privacy too. Just because a relationship appears perfect online, it doesn’t mean that it actually is in real life. Most healthy couples don’t post much on Facebook anyway. 

Can someone tell if you stalk them on Facebook?

Unless you like someone’s post on Facebook they won’t be able to tell that you have been stalking them, but ask yourself whether it is a healthy thing to do. 

To Sum Up…

“My boyfriend never posts about me on social media.” This may not necessarily be a bad thing, even if it may feel like it and you think that you want the person you are dating to post about you all of the time. Healthier, happier relationships usually don’t include a lot of posting about the person on social media, it is better to keep your dating information private. 

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