Boyfriend Girlfriend Challenges (181 Fun Challenges)

Are you looking for fun challenges for couples that will help spice up your relationship? Look no further! We have the biggest game compilation on the internet, certain to keep you and your partner preoccupied for a while. More so, we’ve added all the questions you can ask your boyfriend or girlfriend during challenges or Q&A competitions.

You can play these games to build a strong connection between yourself and your significant other. More so, they will help the both of you bond in fun and exciting ways. Can’t wait to get started? Below are one hundred and eighty-one challenges for couples you can use today.


181 Boyfriend Girlfriend Challenges

1. Can’t say no challenge

Couple challenges like these will make couples do things they never imagined. It’s a fun way to get your partner to do something you’ve always wanted. Pick the rules and set the punishments for when they fail to accomplish their tasks.

2. Whisper challenge

The couple’s whisper challenge involves one partner blocking out sound from their ears with loud music and the other whispering something to them. This competition tests who can read lips better in a relationship. It’ll be fun watching them guess your words.

3. Speech Jammer

You can play this game using any speech jammer app on the web. It plays your words seconds after you say them, making it hard for you to speak. Watch your partner try to communicate with you this way. If they can do it, reward them.

4. The floor is lava challenge

The lava challenge is quite exciting because it involves you shouting, “The floor is lava” at spontaneous intervals. Your partner would have to act as though the floor was lava and find something to climb on within seconds. If they can’t, they lose the game.

5. Singing gargle water challenge

If you or your girlfriend are great singers, how about when your mouth is filled with water? Try this exciting competition by daring your partner to sing something with a full mouth. If they can do it successfully, they win.

6. Boyfriend does my makeup challenge

This makeup challenge is quite popular on many social media platforms. You let your boyfriend do your makeup and post videos of it. They don’t necessarily need to pass the makeup challenge. Simply enjoy the process by testing your partner’s skills.

7. Couples Pringles challenge

This spouse challenge involves testing how good your taste buds are. You need to get as many flavors of Pringles as possible and mix them into a bowl. While blindfolded, try to guess the flavors by tasting each of them. You can be creative by trying out other snacks too.

8. Blindfold kissing challenge

Strengthen your relationship with this blindfold kissing challenge. You and your partner will wear blindfolds while you try to locate each other’s lips and kiss each other passionately. This type of challenge is more exciting when you’re on double dates.

9. Guess the movie

Couple challenges like these involve creating a team and testing your partner’s knowledge of movies. Write down several lines from films and see if your partner can recall the name of the movie. Award marks for every correct answer.

10. How well do you know your partner?

Couple challenges like these will test how well you know your partner. Ask yourselves personal questions that your partner has to answer. Any wrong answer attracts a punishment, while correct answers require rewards.

11. Pause challenge

Your partner can choose when you pause irrespective of whatever you’re doing. Set the maximum number of seconds both of you have to pause and check who passes the test. Challenges like these are spontaneous and fun because they’ll keep you on your toes.

12. Conjoined twin challenge

These are exciting challenges for couples that promote unity between the couples. You have to act like conjoined twins for hours by fitting into the same cloth and doing everything together. The first to call it quits loses the game, and the other partner wins.

13. Guess the smell

Do you have a strong sense of smell? Why not turn it into a competition with your partner. Play Guess The Smell by blindfolding your partner and making them guess what you’re holding in your hands. It could be anything from food to clothes, etcetera.

14. Guess the body part

Make things more interesting with this body challenge. Blindfold your partner and place several body parts on their face. They can either use their fingers or tongue to guess the body part. This body challenge is fun and can promote intimacy between you and your significant other.

15. Couples LEGO challenge

Go back to your childhood days with your partner and have a creative game with LEGO pieces. Both of you can build something fun and see who has a better piece. You can also give precise instructions on what you build to make things fair.

16. Seven seconds challenge

You only have seven seconds for this challenge. You have to answer your partner’s questions in the allocated time or you lose. For example, name three of my siblings. If you can mention it within the time, you win.

17. Water balloon challenge

Have you ever wanted to play with water balloons? Try this competition with your partner. If they get your questions wrong, you burst a water balloon over them. The partner who’s the wettest after the competition loses.

18. Not my arms challenge

Is there enough cooperation in your relationship? With this exciting competition, you and your partner wear the same large t-shirt, with the girlfriend at the back and the other partner in front. One partner navigates movements while the partner at the back uses the other’s hands. You can always switch positions.

19. Heads up game

This fun challenge is great for a date at home with your partner. You can either use the app or physical cards for the competition. Similar to charades, your partner has to make you guess what’s on the cards by either mimicking or giving clues.

20. Try not to laugh challenge

try not to laugh challenge

This competition involves watching funny videos online and seeing who laughs first. Whoever budges loses, and has to deal with punishment. It’s a fun task that’s certain to keep you entertained and create a unique bond between you and your partner.

21. Dizzy game

Is it possible to accomplish anything while dizzy? You can only find out with this competition. Make your partner dizzy by spinning them around for a while and asking them to do something while lightheaded. You’re sure to see funny moves from your partner that’ll make you laugh.

22. Try not to cry challenge

Bond over emotional clips or movies with challenges like these. You and your partner will decide not to cry while watching things that will most likely bring you to tears. You don’t necessarily need to set punishments or rewards, but just to enjoy the moment.

23. Couples yoga game

They say yoga is relaxing, but how long can you hold a pose? This challenge requires several yoga positions, a floor mat, and partners trying out poses together. Whoever holds the position the longest wins and gets a reward from the other.

24. Truth or dare

Fun challenges like truth or dare can also help couples get closer together. Find out new things about your partner and get them to do things you always wanted. Set the question and be creative with your dares.

25. Couples imitation game

Want to find out what your partner really thinks of you? Try this imitation competition. Your partner has to mimic how you act when you’re happy, sad, or angry. It’s an exciting way to spice things up in your relationship.

26. Guess the lyrics

Are you and your partner song lovers? Start a song and make your partner finish it up. People in long-distance relationships can also do this competition via text. Type a song lyric and see if your partner can guess the song or finish singing it.

27. Budget shopping game

Couple challenges like these will inspire partners to be more money-conscious. Set a budget and see who can buy the most with the money allocated. Whoever shops the best wins the competition. You can shop for each other or for the house.

28. Guess what’s in your mouth

With blindfolds and different snacks or meals, you can have a fun date night with your partner. Put something in your partner’s mouth and see if they can guess what they’re eating. It can be cookies, fish, ice cream, or anything you please.

29. Can you lift your partner?

See who’s stronger between you and your partner with this lifting competition. It’s great on double dates where you can form a team and see who wins. Lift each other or something else, and see who outlasts the other.

30. Who’s a better dancer?

Dancing is inevitably a fun experience. You can go for dance lessons or take online sessions to see who can bust better moves. Have dance competitions at home with your favorite music and simply have fun.

31. Who’s better at small gestures?

Fun challenges like these will help you express your love better to your partner. Find out who’s better at making sweet gestures by challenging yourselves to make one another smile. Do sweet things for each other and find out who wins the bet.

32. Tiktok Q&A game

Find out how much you know about your relationship with this insightful competition. All you need to do is to open the TikTok app and use the Q&A voiceover. Answer the questions and just enjoy some time together.

33. How long can you do the plank?

It’s exciting when partners keep fit together in their relationships. You can join the plank dance competition on Tiktok which involves doing the plank and several other moves with your partner. The plus side is that both of you will enjoy yourselves.

34. The StandUp Couples

This fun competition involves one partner getting on the shoulders of the other partner and doing something fun like a dance routine or workout process. It’s an exciting way to see if your partner can lift you for as long as possible.

34. Don't look away

Challenges for couples like these are often tough but exciting. You and your partner have to watch scary or gross videos and see who looks away first. You can set rewards for whoever withstands the clips the longest.

35. Couples 1-2-3 Challenge

Find out how well your partner knows you with this exciting relationship challenge. Both of you have three seconds each to answer the same question. For example, one person asks, “What’s my favorite color?” Then both of you count to three and voice out the answers together.

36. 30-Days Fitness

Finding it hard to have a workout routine with your partner? Why not try fun challenges like these? For thirty days, you have to stick to a workout calendar. Whoever gives up first has to reward the other partner with whatever they like.

37. Chapstick challenge

This competition involves kissing your partner and guessing the flavor of their chapstick. Get as many flavors of chapstick and apply them. See if your partner can detect the flavor by kissing you. This competition will also build intimacy in your relationship.

38. Tiktok Flip the switch

Play Flip The Switch with your partner by switching clothes and making a video of it. You can see examples of these challenges on Tiktok and use them to create yours. You’ll change sides and you’ll be excited to play dress-up with your partner.

39. Beer pong challenge

If you like drinking games, you’re sure to enjoy this one. All you need are plastic cups filled with your favorite drinks and a ping pong ball. Try to flip the ball into the cup, and if you succeed, you get to drink its content. Whoever scores more cups wins.

40. How long can you stare?

how long can you stare

Staring competitions can also build intimacy between partners. How long can the both of you stare at each other? You’ll have to keep staring until someone stops. Set rewards and punishments to make the competition more fun and exciting.

41. Strip the other

This competition is an exciting way to bring couples closer. Both partners would have to take turns striping the other. Whoever strips the fastest wins and has to treat the other to something they like, like a massage or even bed in breakfast.

42. Dress your partner up

Contrary to striping, you can have a fun competition dressing your partner up for a day. Choose clothing items you’ve always wanted them to wear and give them a complete look. You can take things further by going on a date with the selected clothes.

43. Pocket change challenge

Learn new saving habits in your relationship with this pocket change competition. Pick a certain amount that both you and your partner will have to spend during the week. Whoever exceeds that amount loses and has to treat the other to something special.

44. Workout competition

Join other relationships online with workout trends. You can do a certain amount of push-ups every day. You can also see who lasts the longest with certain workout positions. The plus side is that you’ll stay fit together.

45. Financial goal challenge

Set a financial goal with your partner and strive to achieve it. You can pick a specific amount to save every month, or work towards earning a particular amount. If both of you succeed, you can choose how to spend your money together.

46. Shop for your partner

Thinking about buying something nice for your partner but don’t have the opportunity? Here’s your chance! Fun challenges like these will help you spoil your partner, all under a budget. Pick the amount and both of you treat yourselves to something special.

47. Surprise date challenge

The surprise date challenge is a beautiful way to spice up your relationship. Every week, either you or your partner has to plan a surprise date. You can only reveal the details of the date on the specific day, which will make things all the more special.

48. Can you answer 20 questions?

How well do you know your partner? You can play this 20-question competition if you have a long-distance association with your spouse. Pick random twenty questions and see who scores the highest.

49. How well do you know me?

Similar to the previous challenge, you can write down questions you’re certain your partner doesn’t know about you. Squeeze them into tiny balls and they’ll select at random. If they answer plenty of questions correctly, they win.

50. Video game night

It’s always a fun idea to play video games with your partner. If you’re not too skilled, they can teach you. It’ll be a great bonding process. Pick interesting games and see who wins them. Set rewards to make whining all the more exciting.

51. Stoneface challenge

The task is holding a stone face for as long as possible while one partner tries to make the other laugh. You can make funny gestures or make jokes to make them lose. The only exception should be tickling them.

52. Finish the lyrics

Love karaoke? You’ll love this competition even more. Start a song and see if your partner can finish the lyrics. These challenges for couples help them bond over the songs they love. You can also write the lyrics and see if your partner recalls them.

53. 7-day love challenge

This competition has the perfect way of bringing out the best in couples. You have seven days to showcase your love for your partner in the best possible way. It doesn't have to be something big. You can use small gestures to show them how you feel.

55. Lip-reading challenge

Can you read lips like a pro? You have to detect what your partner is saying without them speaking a thing. If you get it correctly, you receive a reward from your partner and vice versa. Keep things interesting by making the rewards irresistible.

56. Scavenger hunt challenge

Hide something at home or in your backyard and dare your partner to find it. It will be pretty hilarious watching them trying to win. Make sure the rewards are worth the trouble to ensure both of you have a great time together.

57. Bad poetry challenge

Wanna express yourself through poetry? You don’t have to be a pro for this challenge. The funnier your poem is, the better. Try to woo your partner with bad poetry and dare them not to laugh. It’ll be an exciting experience.

58. Eating challenge

If you and your partner love food, this competition will be perfect for both of you. Pick a restaurant, or cook your favorite meals, and see who can finish their plate the fastest. It’ll be a great bonding process in your relationship.

59. FIFA game challenge

Play FIFA with your girlfriend and experience fun moments with her. You can also choose to teach her if she isn’t a pro and watch her improve on her skills. It’ll be a fun experience in your relationship.

60. Swap underwear for a day

swap underwear for a day

Swapping underwear can ironically improve intimacy in relationships. Challenge your boyfriend to wear your panties and set punishments if he doesn’t fulfill it. He can do the same with you and set rewards if you accomplish the task.

61. Cook for your friends

You can have fun memories with your friends over good food. Both partners will cook their favorite meals and let their friends be the judge. Whoever wins the crowd best wins the competition. You can also turn it into a fun date night with multiple delicacies.

62. Shopping spree

Fun relationship challenges like these are spontaneous but also exciting. Go on a shopping spree with your partner and get the things you’ve always wanted. You can choose to enjoy the moment without necessarily making it a competition.

63. Truth or situation

For couples that are far apart, this is the perfect challenge for both of you. Since you can’t physically dare your partner, you can play the truth of the situation competition instead. Pick a situation and ask your partner what they’re likely to do in it.

64. Never have I ever

This challenge is quite popular where you have to confess things you've never done. You can also make your partner guess the things you’re new to, while you surprise them with your answers.

65. Would you rather

This challenge is perfect for any relationship. Find out what your partner would do in certain situations with the ‘would you rather’ contest. You can make things more interesting by inventing crazy circumstances.

66. Two truths and a lie

Similar to the other challenge that involves two truths and a situation, in this competition, you have to say two truths and a lie. Your partner will then have to figure out which statement is a lie. If they get it wrong, you can keep things fun by smearing whipped cream on their face.

67. Which do you choose?

Find out your partner’s choices with this insightful competition. Ask them random questions and see which scenarios or options they would rather choose. This can help you know them better. More so, it will give you insight on how they’ll behave in certain circumstances.

68. Memories from the past

Play this interesting competition with your partner and reminisce on great moments from the past. It could be things like the first day you met, your first conversation, or any good memory that both of you have shared together.

69. Truth or beer

This challenge is similar to truth or dare, but the loser has to take a shot of beer if they can’t fulfill the dare set for them. You can change the rules to suit your preferences. You can also set rewards for the winner to make the contest more exciting.

70. Shot glass shuffle

For this challenge, you have to pour different kinds of beverages and drinks into shot glasses. Shuffle them and see if your partner can guess which drink they’re drinking. For every correct point, they get a reward. It’s an interesting contest for those that love drinks.

71. Beer pong twist

This challenge is somewhat similar to the beer pong one, except it has an exciting twist. Fill the cups with different alcoholic drinks and ask your partner questions each time you successfully throw the ping pong ball into the cup. You also get to drink the content of the cup, which makes the competition more exciting. Change sides until you’ve run out of questions.

72. Trivia Colada

This is a fun task that involves asking your partner as many trivia questions as possible. If they fail the question, they get to drink anything of your choice. You can make the competition more exciting by asking deep questions you've never asked yourself before. Play until you’re tired or you’ve run out of things to ask.

73. The happy hour

This challenge involves getting your partner to laugh at all costs. You don’t have to be good at stand-up comedy to make your partner laugh. You can simply showcase your funny moves or tell dad jokes. Activities like these tend to make partners bond in their relationships, even with bad jokes.

74. Pin the maltose

With blindfolds, cardboard sheets, and balls, you’re set for this competition. Cut out circle shapes in different colors and place them on the floor. Blindfold one partner and give them directions on how to put the balls on the circles.

75. Two truths and a shot

You play a similar challenge to Two Truths and a Lie, except you take shots of drinks in this case. If your partner doesn’t detect the lie, they’ll have to take a shot of whatever drink you request. It’s an exciting way to bond over drinks.

76. Ice cube tray race

Similar to the other challenge with the beer pong shuffle, this one involves ice cubes and a race. Fill two ice cube trays with any drink of your choice, preferably freezing cold, and get two straws. You’ll have to sip as fast as possible. Whoever can complete the task in the allocated time wins.

77. Guess the flavor

Challenges for couples like these help them get closer together. Apply different flavors of lip balm on your lips and keep kissing until your partner detects the flavor. You’ll certainly have a fun time together, without any losers or winners.

78. Red light challenge

Whenever you see a red light sign on the street, you and your partner have to stop and kiss. If you can complete all the stops before getting home, then both of you win. It can even become a habit in the relationship.

79. Kisses 4 Us challenges for couples

This challenge requires the Kisses 4 Us box set filled with instructions on how to complete the competition. You can improve your kissing game with your partner with this fun contest. Simply select a card and do what it says.

80. Weight loss challenge

weight loss challenge

You can create a contest on losing weight to help you and your partner stay in shape. Pick the number of days the competition will last and the activities both of you will be doing. For example, ten push-ups every day for the next month.

81. Sports team showdown

If you and your partner are sports lovers, you can bond over fun couple challenges like these. Pick a team while your partner picks an opposing one. Both of you will follow your selected choices through games and see which group wins.

82. The $10 Target challenge

Who’s a better shopper between you and your partner? Find out with this competition. Both of you get $10 each to shop at Target or any other mall. The partner who gets a better value for their goods wins the contest. It’s a great way to save and also enjoy yourselves.

83. Couple’s Bible Devotion

You can grow your association spiritually with this insightful contest. You have to create a routine where you study the Bible together as partners. You don’t have to decide on winners or losers, but stay dedicated to finish the contest. At the end of the competition, you can reward yourselves for your effort.

84. 365 Daily Devotions for couples

Challenges for couples like these will help you develop as an individual and with your partner. For an entire year, you have to stick to daily devotionals together. If you can complete the contest, you can both reward yourselves with things like a vacation or a trip to your favorite restaurant.

85. Bucket list challenge

This contest is quite interesting for couples. You get to create a bucket list together and fulfill your dreams one by one. You can include things like, going on a dream vacation, planning a fantastic date night, traveling to different cities, skydiving, entering a submarine, and several other adventurous ideas. The more exciting it is for both of you, the more you try to fulfill them.

86. Couple’s trust task

You can choose to do this the physical way or the emotional way. The physical one involves the trust fall where one person falls while the other partner catches it. The emotional one involves choosing to trust your partner more by challenging yourself. It won’t be an easy ride but it’ll increase the bond in the association. More so, it might even become a habit.

87. Pie-face challenge

Do you love whipped cream? Then you should try this competition with your partner where you smear whipped cream over their face if they get your questions wrong. Pick questions relating to any subject you like, but preferably about the two of you. This will increase the bond in the association and help both of you know each other more.

88. Couple’s duct tape challenge

Unlike any other challenge, this one has an interesting and adventurous twist to it. You have to tie up your partner using duct tape and see if they can break free in the least possible time. If you think it’s a fun idea, you should try it out with your partner. Although, you should make sure your boyfriend likes the idea before starting the competition.

89. Couples telepathy

If you’re in a long-distance relationship, you can use this game to find out how your boyfriend would react in certain situations. Find out if you’re similar, and would behave the same way given certain choices. It’s a fun way to get to know your partner. Understand that the both of you don’t have to be similar. The major aim is to build a connection with them.

90. Text in song titles or lyrics

This is another great selection of things fun couples can do together. You can choose to text only in song titles or lyrics, and build a unique connection with each other. Choose a song that resonates with both of you and share how you feel about each other via text messages. You can choose to play this contest as many times as possible without choosing a winner or loser.

91. Text in emojis and gifs

Another great alternative is to text with emojis only. It’s an exciting idea for a date night especially when you’re far apart. Express how you feel with gifs or even with videos. Your partner then has to guess what you’re trying to say. The more correct guesses they make, the more rewards they get. Make things more exciting by setting the rules to your preferences.

92. Genealogy challenge

This is another nice competition for a long-distance relationship. If you and your boyfriend are far apart, you can learn about your ancestors and family line with this contest. You can download any genealogy app and slowly build your family tree together. It will be exciting to find out about each other’s past. More so, it will help you warm up to their families even more.

93. Rick roll competition

This competition involves pranking your partner by sending them misleading YouTube videos. You can send different types of videos while telling them it’s another thing. Meanwhile, it redirects them to a sweet or funny message. This prank spurred from a popular meme, and you can incorporate it as a competition with your partner. The more they fall for it, the more you win. 

However, you should only do this for a specific period.

94. WhatsApp Dare competition

There are various competitions you can do on WhatsApp between you and your partner. You can dare them to post specific videos on their status or message certain people. Set rules, rewards, and punishments to make things more exciting. However, try not to go overviewed with the dares. Try to set a task you know your partner would be able to accomplish.

95. 7-day prayer for my marriage

You can decide to take your marriage to the next level with this fun challenge. For seven days, you and your partner can take out time to pray for your marriage. It’s a great way to improve intimacy and help both of you bond on spiritual matters. 

In the long run, this will become a habit, where both of you find it easy to pray together. You can also set out prayer points for each day to make the work easier.

96. 27-days of gratitude

It’s never a bad idea to appreciate your partner. Why not create a contest for the next twenty-seven days? For each day, tell your partner something you’re thankful for. You can also include the specific things you like about them, which will encourage them to keep at it. The more you do this, the more the both of you will learn to appreciate one another in the association.

97. The kindness competition

Showing kindness to your partner is one of those challenges for couples that inspires them to be better. See who can express love better between you and your girlfriend. By the end of the allocated period, you can choose the winner. The plus side is that both of you get to enjoy special acts from each other. You might even keep at it for longer than expected.

98. Spa treatment competition

It's never a bad idea to treat your partner to something special. If you’ve planned other competitions, this is a great reward for winning them. The other partner that loses has to give their significant other an erotic massage or simpler pamper them like a baby. You can choose any activity that will increase the bond in the association.

99. Take a stroll every week

Strolling is a great way for couples to bond. If you rarely have time for this activity, you can turn it into a contest that you have to fulfill every week. Don’t focus solely on winning or losing, but more on the time you’ll spend together. This will strengthen the association and help both of you interact better.

100. Charity competition

charity competition

Even though your association is long distance, you can show kindness to other people irrespective of your location. You can both encode to give out some of your things to charity or make someone happy for a day. Activities like these will help both of you grow as a couple and inevitably build good morals together. 

Whoever does the most kindness to another person wins the competition.

Other Fun Questions For Q & A Tag Challenges

101. Where did we meet, and what year?
102. Where was our first date, and when?
103. Where was our first kiss, and when?
104. Who said ‘I love you’ first?
105. When is my birthday?
106. What animal do you think I’d like to be?
107. Who's my celebrity crush?
108. Who do you think is my favorite internet personality?
109. If I won 1000 dollars, what would I spend it on?
110. Who is more jealous between the both of us?
111. Who is more organized between us?
112. Where was I born?
113. What color are my eyes?
114. What’s my favorite food?
115. What food do I dislike the most?
116. What TV show do I watch the most?
117. Who’s my favorite musician?
118. What’s my shoe size?
119. Where did my parents meet?
120. What’s my weirdest habit?
121. What’s my best skill?
122. What am I bad at?
123. What sports do I like?
124. What’s my favorite movie of all time?
125. What’s my favorite drink of all time?
126. What’s something you wish I was better at?
127. What’s my favorite pizza topping?
128. What’s my favorite snack?
129. What’s my dream vacation destination?
130. What type of films do I like?
131. What’s my middle name?
132. What’s my best friend’s name?
133. Where was our first trip together?
134. How do I like my coffee/tea?
135. What’s my favorite video game?
136. What’s the first thing I do in the morning?
137. Which of my hobbies is the least interesting to you?
138. What do we usually argue about?
139. Who usually wins the arguments?
140. Who dominates the most in our relationship?
141. Am I a morning or night person?
142. What clothing item do I like the most?
143. How long do I get ready in the morning?
144. If you could change something about me, what would it be?
145. What’s my favorite city?
146. What musical instrument am I good at playing?
147. Where am I on Friday nights?
148. What’s one thing you learned from me?
149. Do we have a song? What is it?
150. What TV show do I like that you dislike?
151. What are the three favorite things I like about you?
152. What was our favorite date night?
153. What’s my favorite season of the year?
154. How would you describe our first kiss?
155. How often do I make you angry?
156. What’s my favorite type of car?
157. What’s my best personality trait?
158. If we got married, where would we do our honeymoon?
159. What’s my goal in life?
160. What’s the craziest thing I’ve done?
161. Do you remember the first thing I said to you?
162. What’s the first thing you said to me?
163. What’s my best childhood memory?
164. What attracted me to you??
165. Would I rather hug or smooch?
166. What do I do in my free time?
167. What’s my best feature?
168. What part of my body is your favorite?
169. What’s my favorite color?
170. What do you think is my ideal breakfast in bed?
171. What’s my greatest fear?
172. Do I love kids?
173. Is my dream wedding simple or luxurious?
174. How long have we dated?
175. Do you believe in soul mates?
176. Would you smooch me in front of my parents?
177. What’s my favorite ice cream flavor?
178. How many siblings do I have?
179. Would you take me to meet your mother?
180. Describe me in three words.
181. When was our first public smooch?


What challenges can couples do?

There are various couple challenges that can ignite the love and passion between partners. Some of them include Youtube, Tiktok, workouts, and even personal development competitions. You can also do fun challenges like two truths and a lie, staring competitions, and many others.

What is the boyfriend challenge?

These are fun relationship challenges you can do with your boyfriend to get closer to him. You can do tag questions, couples 1-2-3 competitions, or even pie face games where you mess around with whipped cream. The more creative you are, the better,

What does couple challenge mean?

Couple challenges are competitions for couples, which help them get closer when they have fun together. Some examples include a 30-day workout, 27 days of gratitude, truth or situation, whisper challenge, swap underwear for a day, and many others.

‘Who knows who better’ couple questions?

Some questions you can ask for the ‘Who knows who better’ couple competition include: Where did we meet, and what year? Where was our first date, and when? Where was our first smooch, and when? Who said ‘I love you’ first? When is my birthday? What animal do you think I’d like to be? 

How do you challenge your partner in a relationship?

You can be creative with challenges in your relationship. Strive for competitions that will draw you and your partner closer together and make you a better couple. Some examples include, shop for your partner, surprise date competition, 27 days of gratitude, and acts of kindness competition. 

To Summarize

Did you enjoy this article? Remember to pick the couple challenges you know your partner will be comfortable doing. You can also be creative and make some of your own. The most essential thing is the bonding that takes place. Kindly leave a comment below if you liked this article, or share it with others.

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