Are You Blinded By Love? (15 Ways to Tell & What to Do)

Being blinded by love means you do not see the flaws in the relationship clearly. You may be head over heels in love with someone, but are you facing reality and listening to your conscience? What are the reasons you are with this person? Are you aware of the red flags that have come to pass this season? 

Some people enter relationships with blinders on. They don’t open their eyes to what is truly there. Instead, they have rose-tinted glasses on. Other relationships have people who realize the issues that are there, but they don’t want to face them, so they pretend they don’t exist. Are you just waiting for this season of misery to pass?

In this article, we won’t lose sight of what’s truly important, so we’re going to tell it to you straight. Plus, we’ll look at the things you can do if you find yourself being blinded by love. Are you excited to get started? Let’s go!

Signs You Are Blinded By Love (15 Ways to Tell)

1. You defend your relationship at all costs

When people say negative things about your relationship, you get offended. What do they know about relationships anyway? That may be a question you ask yourself. They may not be experts in relationships, but they probably care about you, so they are offering their opinions.

2. You believe that your partner is the best

Is your partner the best person in the world? Do you believe he or she is the best you are going to get? Do you think this point of view is healthy?

3. You stay away from people who don’t support your relationship

You think those who have negative things to say just don’t understand love. 

4. You excuse the things your partner does in your head

You tell yourself his bizarre behavior is normal and okay, even if it isn’t. You may know the truth, but it takes a couple of times before it sinks in.

5. You say things you regret immediately

You feel guilty when you are honest with your partner. You lack the motivation to be completely honest for fear that he may want to exit the relationship forever.

6. You avoid talking about the important stuff

Anything that could stir controversy in the relationship is part of what you ignore. You tell yourself the many reasons that those topics aren’t important, and you avoid them at all costs.

7. You idolize your partner

You think he is pretty much perfect with no flaws. You make excuses for the things he does wrong. You don’t want to face the fact that maybe you have been wasting your time on someone who doesn’t have everything you believe to be important.

8. You fight for your relationship no matter what

Maybe it’s clear that your relationship has a lack of intimacy or a strong connection. It doesn’t matter to you because you are going to stay loyal to this person for as long as he will have you! You will fight to the death if you have to! It doesn’t matter how much time it takes, either!

9. You feel like you are head over heels in love

Your tummy is full of butterflies, and you just know you are in love. You are blinded by this all of the time. It doesn’t matter if he doesn’t want to spend a lot of time with you or pay attention to the relationship because you are in love. You ignore the problems that are really there.

10. You like what you “think” about your partner more than the truth

You think your partner is beyond a superhero because you believe he can do anything! You believe your love is stronger than anything!

11. You despise being single

Many women have enjoyed being single for a minute. In reality, they want to be in a relationship – no matter what. Women think about this all of the time because love is the most important thing in life to them. 

12. You think he “has potential”

He may need a little work, but it’s worth it to not be single and alone anymore. You believe he is one of a kind, someone you can turn into something great!

13. You defend your decisions

When people ask why the two of you haven’t broken up, you defend all the choices you have made to get where you are today. It doesn't matter what they think. That may be something that you think about a lot. 

14. You only talk to people who are agreeable

You enjoy being with people who won’t tell you the truth, people who will support your relationship, even though it is very flawed, and people who just like the drama of your relationship. They love hearing about the fights and ups and downs you are going through.

15. You ignore the really bad stuff

This is probably the most profound sign. You know there are issues in your relationship, but you just ignore them or make excuses for them. It doesn’t matter to you how badly he’s behaved or what he’s done because you just want to be together. 

What to Do If You Are Blinded By Love

1. Talk to your support group

You need to discuss your issues with your friends and family members, even if they don’t tell you exactly what you want to hear. Get their opinion and really listen to what they have to say. It’s important that you get the opinions of those you love and who love you. They care about you, so you should really listen to what they have to say.

2. Make a list of pros and cons

Create a list of what the pros and cons of the relationship are. What makes you want to stay in the relationship, and what are the red flags that everyone keeps telling you NOT to ignore?

3. Face reality

You need to think about what really is going on with you and your partner. What are the true reasons you are with him or her? What do other people say about your relationship?

4. Talk to a counselor

A qualified counselor can guide you in the right direction. You may not like what they have to say, but they can help if you are open to their suggestions.

5. Take a break from the relationship

take a break from the relationship

Sometimes, the best thing you can do is to take a break from your partner so that you can clear your head. 

6. Distance yourself from your partner

You may need more than a break from the relationship if things are truly bad. You may need to stop all contact for a certain period of time, so you both can have a break from everything. This way, you can really think about what’s going on. 

7. Stay busy

Focus on your career or school for a while. It may be best to occupy your mind with other thoughts than to allow yourself to be engulfed by this “love” so much.

8. Find a new purpose

Maybe start developing your relationships with other people. Take some time to get to know your friends better. Find something new to enjoy!

9. Develop new passions

Take a night class and find out what is so great about cooking or cross-stitching. Develop new passions in your life to see what else is out there. Start decluttering your home or apartment to see why everyone is talking about Marie Kondo.

10. Start a new hobby

start a new hobby

Start knitting or crocheting. Begin volunteer work during the year so that you can focus your time on something else. Develop an active interest in giving back to others, and your life will be blessed forever!

11. Focus on your interests

Do you love sports? Join a fantasy football draft. The most important thing is to stay busy with someone or something else for a while!

12. Find distractions.

Join a church group or other support group to get distracted! It’s important you don’t devote all of your time and energy to one person. You need to spread your attention to other things. There are support groups for addicts and codependent people, so find what works for your hurts, habit, and hangups. 

13. Talk to him honestly

Tell your partner what you are going through and thinking.

14. Find out what he thinks about you

Ask him what he thinks about you. What is his commitment to you?

15. Talk about your relationship

talk about your relationship

Be honest with him. What does he think about the way things are going? Is he also having doubts?

16. Talk to your partner about his flaws

Discuss your list of pros and cons with your partner to get his take. Does he have a similar list for you?

17. Ask your partner what he thinks you should do

After you have expressed your concerns with your partner and have been honest, go ahead and ask him what he believes the two of you should do!


What does blinded by love mean?

It means that your eyes are closed to the real problems in the relationship. Instead of seeing what is really there, you are pretending it doesn’t exist. At some point, you will have to face reality, and you’ll see the truth. It’s best to review red flags now!

How do you know if you are blinded by love?

You might be excusing your husband’s behavior or allowing your husband to play some kind of game with you, as you ignore the truth and the signs that he is not a good person. That’s just one example of being naive to love. Look at the signs in this article!

Is ignoring a sign of love?

You may be wasting time with someone if you are ignoring the important things. If you spend all your time focused on looks or money, you aren’t seeing what is really there. You are missing the important things because you are being blinded by attraction or some other quality.

Why is being in love so painful?

Love causes pain because we open up our hearts to others. We may lack the control we need to handle our feelings, and our feelings are overpowering. If you feel this way, you may need to distance yourself from the person you are in a relationship with.

What is true love all about?

True love is about putting yourself out there and really seeing what the other person has to offer in a relationship. Relationships are hard work, but if you can get past the initial things like the other person’s looks or financial status, you will see reality, which can be wonderful.

To Sum It All Up

Do you feel like you may be in love? Are you currently in a relationship where you are ignoring the flaws? Are you blinded by money or some other metric? We’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions! Please leave a comment, and share this post today!

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