12 Benefits Of A Long-Distance Relationship (Why It’s Definitely Worth It)

Love is shown in many ways, and most often, the best ways offer you with the greatest, most unforgettable memories. If you are in a relationship, I am sure you feel fortunate to have someone you can call your own. Still, the truth is that only a handful of people in relationships get to experience this love at such a close distance. 

For those of us in long-distance relationships, chances are we've had friends and family advise on what to do to make the relationship work, or flat out tell us that it won’t work, and even explain how there's probably no form of silver lining in your current situation. 

But not to fret! I'm here to soothe your almost troubled heart and tell you what are the advantages of a long-distance relationship and all the great things that do come with being in one. You might think it's the welcome sex, but hang on, there's a lot more than the physical perks. Enjoy!

Benefits of Long Distance Relationship

1. Teaches effective communication 

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When you're in a relationship with someone, you will certainly spend extended amounts of time together without having any real conversations. This can take a turn for the worst if time isn't set aside intentionally for such talks. This is one of the reasons why people in long-distance relationships benefit from their inability to be together all the time; they just have to talk. 

Long-distance couples, by default, try harder to communicate with one another, and this often increases their communication skills and intimacy levels. Such efforts always payback since they experience a more robust bond over time. 

2. Tests the love 

This next benefit sounds a little bit scary, but it is vital for all relationships. Many are of the notion that the closer you are to your significant other concerning proximity, the greater the love between both of you. This isn't always true. Partners who have never learned to be apart often break up when something comes to separate them (a new job in another location, for example).

 This happens most often because such couples cannot handle the distance and are willing to give up their love in search of the security that comes with staying together. The time spent apart often allows each partner to grow personally, and it also challenges you and your partner's love for each other. 

3. Teaches patience 

In our world, today, we're all used to having things come fast and easy. Technology has allowed us to keep in contact with many people rapidly, either via text or email and as such, we tend to think that all things in life can work that way. However, relationships that last often don't come instantly. In many cases, they require a lot of patience, just like decent coffee. 

What’s more, being in a long-distance relationship teaches us the trait of patience, which is a very powerful life skill. In fact, patience in a relationship prevents you from feeling stressed and overwhelmed because you're able to tolerate minor frustrations and take a long-term view of problems and situations. 

4. Grows you Individually

Individuality is compelled by the distance existing between you and your significant other. Living and being with your partner all the time often leads to synchrony of behaviors and personalities, so much so that it may be hard to distinguish one from the other. 

No doubt, the ability to finish your partner's sentences, do everything with them may seem very romantic and cute in the beginning, but it hinders an individual's growth as the years go by. The ability to discover who you are as a person is best done when apart since it allows you to think about your own goals, value, and your persona. 

5. Forces independence

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Relationships can be sweet and sour at the same time, and there are some people who often lose themselves in a relationship, becoming a mere extension of their partners. When this happens, these people miss the spark that made them exciting and friendship worthy in the first place. When you don't share a zip code; however, it's challenging to live through your partner, and as such, you hardly face such problems. 

To preserve the essence of who you are, the best thing to do is live apart from your significant other or spouse, even though you're in a relationship. This way, you both have your own social lives, jobs, and friends. If you're yet to cement your independence in the real world, this is especially critical for you and your partner. 

6. Strengthens the emotional bond

Sex is everywhere, in the media, and on television, and as such, the majority of the society is obsessed with it. Although sex is very important in a relationship, it isn't the first part of a dominant force driving the relationship. The lack of physical contact in long-distance relationships often causes some couples to break up, showing that sex is the glue that held both parties together. 

When you're in a long-distance relationship, the physical bond between you and your partner is strengthened because you're able to communicate more about each other and yourselves. This helps to build trust and also to foster communication between both parties. Since you cannot be close to your partner physically, more time and effort is spent on strengthening the other aspects of the relationship.

7. Cements commitment 

Many couples don't like long-distance relationships because let’s face it, they’re hard work. Not being able to snuggle with your partner, and having to settle for a Skype date can leave you downright depressed and nostalgic at best. The good thing about long-distance relationships, though, is that the time apart and the hard work each party puts in shows just how much the couple wants to be together. 

What’s more, the ability to persevere through all difficulties associated with long-distance helps the people involved be more committed to the relationship, and this helps them survive many other things that might come their way. Hopefully, when the gap Is finally closed, the couple gets to rely on the communication skills, personal strengths, and trust they've developed over time thanks to distance. 

8. Moments spent together are appreciated 

It's super easy to take someone who's always around you for granted, and it's also very easy to get so wrapped in your daily life that you forget to value your spouse. In some instances, such couples get into many arguments and problems that might cause a major and nasty breakup. Situations such as a bad day at work are typical for everyone, but if they happen regularly, they can take a major toll on a relationship. 

Distance is a gift that teaches both parties to value themselves and each other, as well as their relationship. It also allows both parties to appreciate what they spend whenever they're together, the jokes shared, and the laughs that echo on their walls. Furthermore, being away from your partner for some time shows you just how much you love your spouse. 

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9. Makes relationship more than physical 

Long-distance relationships are like friends without benefits. Celibacy can get very painful and tough, but it’s also great because you don’t have to put up with someone only for sex and vice versa. What’s more, long-distance relationships are anything but physical. People in long-distance relationships or those who have been in such relationships often talk about their partners being their other halves, soulmates, and loves of their life, and it's simply amazing. 

 10. Lust vs. love

Two people in a long-distance relationship are often attracted to one another mostly because of the conversations they have, and not the sex they share. This makes their foundation based more on emotional intimacy and shared values than just physical attraction. And although a distant relationship might not be an iron-clad guarantee for the success of a relationship, it sure helps. 

11. Builds trust (or tests it)

Being apart from someone you love can be nerve-wracking both physically and mentally. Knowing one person is out there having fun without can cause the other’s imagination to run extremely wild. All these insecurities only arise when you're in a long-distance relationship; thus, you're also able to learn the practice of trust and confidence in your significant other. There's no better gift than this. 

12. Memorable moments are shared 

Imagine seeing your partner after months of being apart. The feeling is surreal! A distant relationship allows you to branch out and make each moment with your partner memorable. You can both take a trip somewhere, play tourist in your town, have a picnic at home and do other crazy things to make the day special. Going all out allows you to shape and create memories that fit into your personal story, becoming positive elements in your relationships. 

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What are the advantages of a long-distance relationship?

A distant relationship helps couples strengthen the bond existing between them since they get to engage in constant communication, talking about themselves, each other, and their relationships. They also get to foster individuality while building trust. Furthermore, a distant relationship goes past the physical and focuses on emotional intimacy. 

Do long-distance relationships last?

Even though a distant relationship comes with many positive elements, studies show that only a handful of such links last. In fact, the average length of such a relationship is 2.9 years, which is lower than that of proximal relationships which last averagely up to 7.3 years. 

What are the pros and cons of a long-distance relationship?

Freedom to focus on yourself and perform better
You get a deeper appreciation for the relationship, especially during the times you spend together
Every meeting is a new experience 

Intimacy is challenging to maintain 
The goodbyes are always painful 
Some distances are very extensive and can cause a huge gap.

What is the effect of a long-distance relationship?

A distant relationship can go two ways; sweet endings or bitter breakups. Some partners may develop jealousy towards their partner's close friends, or complain that they spend too much time with them. The sweet ending Is that both parties can come out having a deeper intimacy, better communication skills, and a deeper understanding of their love for each other. 

Does distance increase love?

Research shows that, indeed, absence does make the heart grow fonder. Many couples who can withstand the strain of a distance often have stronger relationships than those who live closer together. 

To Sum Things Up

I hope this information benefits you and your significant other. From building trust to growing individually and even fostering better communication, being in a long-distance relationship doesn't have to be strenuous or tragic.

Be sure to leave your comments below, whether or not you're in such a relationship; all thoughts count!

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