How To Survive An Awkward First Date In Style (9 Killer Ways)

Have you had an awkward first date? First dates are just bound to be uncomfortable because you usually don’t know each other very well. A first date feels awkward because you don’t want an awkward silence, but you also don’t want to blab about your past relationships all night either. There needs to be a healthy balance on first dates.

Dating can be tough, but if you want a relationship with someone in the future, you will need to spend some time in the difficult world of dating to find the right person. Luckily, this article will cover what you need to know to survive the murky waters associated with the dating world.

How To Succeed On The First Date With Style

1. Be confident

Try to have a carefree attitude during your date. You might feel like it is an awkward date, especially if it is a blind date, but you don’t have to feel awkward. Just take a deep breath and remind yourself that you are a confident person!

2. Tell stories

tell stories

Discuss different topics. If you feel uncomfortable, have a few topics already in mind so that you can be your authentic self and talk freely about whatever you love. Make a good impression by talking about your passions – the things you love the most!

3. Ask questions

Asking questions and keeping the conversation going is the best way to find common ground with your date. Be sure to ask open-ended questions so that you can get your date to talk more. This will also alleviate the awkward silences that come after a conversation filled with yes or no answers.

4. Be a good listener

According to Men’s Health, one of the greatest ways you can have a killer first date is by being a great active listener. Don’t just have a one-way conversation; involve your partner. So, what is active listening? It means paying attention with all your might, even if the conversation is boring!

Consider repeating back what you think you heard to show you are paying close attention. Ask for clarification on anything you do not understand; this may make the topic more interesting, too! Try to relate it to something you do understand well. After your friend is done talking, ask clarifying questions or ask thoughtful questions.

5. Do something loud

do something loud

To avoid weird silences, you could always attend an event. Maybe go to the movies or watch a play. If you’d like to have some real fun on your date and laugh a lot, consider going to a comedy club! 

I once went on a date with a guy, and we ended up at a comedy club. The comedian decided to involve the crowd in his skit and asked how many people out there were dating right now. Our so-called date wasn’t super official, but I was still sure that this guy would raise his hand. He did not, but guess what? I did.

I was pretty embarrassed to be the only one in the crowd to raise her hand! I quickly lowered it when I realized I was the only person that had joined in! It wasn’t a room of few people either, so I’m sure plenty of people noticed what I did. Oh well. That’s just a lesson to remember if you decide to go to a comedy club or event!

6. Make them laugh

I must come back to my idea of going to a comedy club. I’ll admit something: I love to crack up! Even if a guy can make me smile, he’ll win my heart easily. I enjoy being happy and that’s how I best show that I am happy. I love my man with all my might, but humor is not one of his virtues, so I don’t smile or giggle as I used to very much!

If you can keep the jokes coming on, you are sure to have a good time on your date!

7. Take a break

It’s okay to ask for an excuse to use the restroom after dinner to rest and regroup from the awkwardness of it all. Don’t stay in there too long, or your friend might wonder if something is happening to you. He might send a server in there to see if something weird or wrong is going on, especially if this is the first time for this to happen.

8. Relax

It’s easy to be nervous; it’s natural even. Nearly everyone gets that way when they are around new people. If you can find a way to relax, you will feel so much better and more like yourself. You’ll be able to let your guard down and be friendly! You’ll find that making chit-chat is not as hard as you thought it would be! Things will just be easier all around!

9. Remember that silence is okay

remember that silence is okay

If you have already memorized what you will say on your date, you should have no trouble keeping the conversation going, but if there are silent moments here and there, that is okay and completely normal.


Is it bad if the first date is awkward?

First dates are often full of awkwardness, so it’s not uncommon at all. It all depends on what your idea of awkwardness is. In the beginning, you may feel uncomfortable and less than interested in the other person’s life story, but as the date progresses, it’ll get easier! Don’t worry!

What do you do after an awkward first date?

Each person’s response to a bad date is different. If your date was full of awkwardness, listen to your favorite music and decide to take a bubble bath or watch your favorite sporting event on television. A new relationship doesn’t have to be formed after every date. Some fizzle!

How do you know if a first date went bad?

Were you both talking and laughing the whole time? Did you stare at the floor, thinking of all the dates you’ve been on that went better than this one? Depending on your answers, you may have spent the night on a bad date. Dating is often hit or miss, so don’t be discouraged too much!

What do you say after an awkward first date?

You don’t have to say anything to the person you went on a date with! You can just part ways when the date is over. That’s what’s nice about dating; you aren’t committed to one another in any way. Of course, if he or she was your ride home, you might have to say, “Good night!”

Should there be chemistry on the first date?

There is not always chemistry on a first date. Dating is hard work, and since you cannot always pick winners, you sometimes have to settle for people you have never dated. You might end up dating your best friend, for example! You wouldn’t have to worry about awkwardness there, just the chemistry!

To Conclude

What have your first dates been like? It can be tough to swim through the muddy waters out there! You want to feel comfortable and at ease with every date, but it just doesn’t always work out that way! We’d love to hear about your experiences! Please share this post on social media and post a comment!

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