Are We Compatible? (15 Signs That You Are Compatible With Your Partner)

You will likely never meet someone that will completely and naturally match your personality in a perfect way, however, it is clear that some people are more suited to one another. 

Whether it be that you are similar to your partner in many ways or that you are different in a way that you balance out one another’s strengths and weaknesses. Compatibility can mean many different things

There is no relationship or partnership that will exist without struggles and difficulties. Just because you may fight with your partner sometimes, it does not mean that you are not compatible with them. It is normal for relationships to feel difficult and a struggle, but this should not lead you to question your compatibility. 

It is also not normal for you to have the exact same opinions and beliefs as your partner all of the time, just because you experience differences in opinion and thought, does not mean that you aren’t compatible. 

You should be able to understand one another’s point of view and be able to find a balance between disagreement and agreement. 

Keep reading to find out if you are compatible with your partner.

Are We Compatible? 

Whether you have been with your partner for a long time and you are starting to question your compatibility or you have recently started dating someone and you want to know whether this person is right for you, there are a few things to consider. Compatibility doesn’t mean that you will never have arguments or disagreements with each other, it means you find a balance. 

Every relationship should be about balance. If you find a person that you are completely compatible with, you will experience a sense of peace and balance in your relationship together. Where you find things difficult, your partner may find success, but in this balance, you help one another and support each other through life. 

If you are completely compatible with someone, it is likely that you will never deeply question your love or your partnership. No matter what struggles you may go through together, you know that you will always have your love. You should never have to doubt about how your partner feels toward you and if you do, you may not be as compatible as you once thought. 

1. You Never Doubt Your Love 

When you are in a compatible relationship with someone, you will never doubt the love that your partner feels for you, nor should you ever doubt the love that you feel for them. You know that you are meant for one another and you know in your heart that you will always be together with this person no matter what struggles or hardships you may go through in the future. 

Compatibility in relationships brings a sense of peace and security, you are happy with this person and you don’t require anything else but to be with them, despite that you may be a natural worrier.

2. You Know Each Other’s Deepest Secrets

you know each other's deepest secret

If you are truly compatible with your partner, you will know things about one another that no one else in the world knows. You should feel comfortable enough to tell your partner things that you have never told anyone else before. With the right person, you should be able to open up your soul and reveal your innermost thoughts, feelings, and fears without any reservation. 

In a compatible relationship, you will be completely open and honest with each other about how you feel. You will never hold anything back and you will always be open about your relationship and how you feel. 

3. You Love Them For Who They Are

If you are in a compatible relationship, you will not feel the desire to change that person and you love them for exactly who they are. You respect them completely and you don’t want to change anything about them. This does not mean that there is nothing that they do that irritates or annoys you sometimes, but you love them despite their flaws. 

You also know that they feel the same way about you. You know that they see your flaws but they have accepted them and they love you for your flaws as well as your good qualities. You wouldn't change anything about each other.

4. You Are Happy To Spend Time Apart

If your relationship is solid enough, you will not mind spending time apart from each other. Sure, you will miss each other but you both value some alone time too and you will likely reunite with one another even stronger. If you are in a long-term relationship with someone and you usually do spend a lot of time together, it is a good and healthy idea to spend some time apart

Every now and again make an effort to enjoy some alone time so that you can figure out your own thoughts and come back to your partner even stronger. Make an effort to see your friends and family and enjoy your hobbies by yourself. 

5. You Have The Same Interests 

While you shouldn’t really share all of the same interests as your partner and you should have some that you enjoy on your own, if you are in a compatible relationship you will likely share many of the same hobbies and interests as your partner. You will both make an effort to spend quality time together doing the things that you love to do. 

Sharing common ground in a relationship is so important as it ensures that things are always exciting and never become stagnant. Whether you look to cook together, watch movies together or play the same sport, these things bode well for a healthy relationship. 

6. You Have Arguments

you have arguments

If you are in a long-term compatible relationship it is normal for you to argue and disagree with your partner. You are not afraid to call your partner out when you are not happy about something and neither are they. You listen to one another and take what each other has to say seriously. You are never too scared to have an argument because you are secure in your partnership. 

And then, once you have had your argument and reached an agreement, you can move on and enjoy your day together. You don’t feel differently about one another after you have had an argument. 

7. You Communicate

If either of you ever brings up a big issue in your partnership, you don’t shy away from it but you find a way to work it out together. Whether it be related to money or family issues, you solve it together. No matter what the problem or issue is, you are able to communicate to find a solution. If you are compatible you will be able to resolve such issues through compromise

In any partnership, it is important to work together to resolve issues that will arise in your life. You will also be happy to compromise when necessary because you love them. 

8. You Make One Another Better

This does not mean that you try to change one another, but you push each other to be better people. You are always there to support your partner and they are always there for you. Whether you are starting a new course, learning a new skill, or starting a new job, you know that your partner is always there behind you, supporting you. 

If you do always support your partner to be better in life, it is a sign that you are truly compatible and you only want the best for them. 

9. You Are Planning Your Life Together

No matter how long you have been together, if you are truly right for someone, you will begin to look to your future together. Whether this is that you have been together for a few months and you are planning your first holiday or you have been together longer and you can see yourselves getting married and having kids. It is a sign that you are right together. 

This does not mean that you have to commit to anything right now, especially if it is still early days but just knowing that you want the same things is a positive thing. If you are able to talk about the future, it is a sign that you are meant to be. 

10. You Are Yourself With Them

you are yourself with them

When you are with your partner, you can be completely yourself and you never worry about how you look or act when you are with them. If you can be completely relaxed with them and you never have to try to be someone you are not, it is a good sign. Whether you are happy, sad, or angry, you don’t hide anything in front of them. 

You are completely comfortable with them and they have seen every side of your personality and they love you for all of them. 

11. You Are Attracted To Them

Being able to communicate and get on well with your partner is important, but so is being attracted to them. If you are right together, you will be attracted to them too and you will enjoy the physical side of your partnership too. You love to hold hands, hug and kiss with your partner and you feel a spark together no matter how long you have been with them. 

This is another sign that you are truly meant to be together. 

12. You Get On With Their Friends And Family

If you get on well with their friends and family too, it is a sign that you are truly right for them. If you really love to spend time with their friends and family, it is a great sign that you will last for the long run with this person. However, if this doesn’t happen for you and you do not get on with their family, it does not mean that you are not right for them, but it does help. 

13. You Keep Your Partnership Exciting

Often the longer you have been with someone, the more boring and stagnant your partnership becomes. However, if you and your partner always make an effort to keep your partnership exciting and new it is a good sign. Whether it be you have kids but you still plan date nights for when you can get a babysitter, or you go on romantic nights away. 

14. You Make An Effort 

No matter how long you have been with your partner, if you still make an effort to make them happy, it is a sign that you are meant for them. Whether it be that you still take classes together or share dinner at the same time every day, it is important for a long and happy partnership. You always communicate to make sure you are both happy and content. 

15. You Are Part Of Their Family And Friend Group

you are part of their family and friend group

If you have naturally become a part of their friend group, it is a good sign that you have a high level of compatibility. You are excited to spend time with their friends and family as much as they are to spend time with you. Your life just perfectly molds and connects to theirs and you fit into their family.


How do you know if you are compatible with someone?

If you are compatible with someone that you are in a relationship with you should be in no doubt about your love and relationship, no matter the struggles or disagreements that you go through. It is natural for human beings to disagree with one another and no relationship will be without difficulties, but being compatible with someone is finding balance and peace within. 

Are we compatible meaning?

Being compatible with someone means that you are well suited to one another. Whether this means that you find love through your similarities and shared opinions or your differences balance out in one another. There are many different manifestations of compatibility and it is likely different in most relationships. 

What is Relationship Compatibility?

Relationship compatibility means that you are meant to be with your partner and you are well suited to last in a long and happy relationship together. While you will experience arguments and disagreements with that person, you will never be in doubt of the love that you feel for them and you will always find your way back to them no matter what happens.

Can incompatible relationships work?

Incompatible relationships will likely never work out. If you cannot agree on anything with your partner and you are fundamentally different from each other, in time you will begin to drift apart. No relationship will sustain itself if you are not compatible. It is better to admit that this person is not right for you, and move on to better things rather than finding out later that you are unhappy. 

Should you marry for love or compatibility?

You should marry for both love and compatibility as a long and happy marriage requires both things. You should love your partner and be in doubt that they love you too but you should also have a high level of compatibility. You should feel balanced and at peace when this person is by your side and you should always find one another through any struggles you may face. 

To Sum Up… 

Compatibility is so important in any long-term relationship and it is likely that no relationship will last a long time without a significant level of compatibility. Compatibility does not mean that you will never argue or disagree with your partner, but you will find a deep sense of balance and happiness together because your personalities are so well suited to one another. 

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