Are Aries Men Faithful? (5 Ways To Tell He If He’s Cheating)

Are you in a relationship with an Aries? Maybe you’re considering becoming exclusive with one.

Either way, the following question might be playing on your mind: How faithful are Aries men?

I’ll be revealing the answer to that question in the article below. 

We’ll be exploring what Aries men are typically like in relationships, and the biggest clues they leave when they are being unfaithful. 

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For now though, let’s take a look at how an Aries man tends to behave in a relationship.

What Are Aries Men Like In Love?

What Are Aries Men Like In Love?

Now, I am in no way suggesting that men are not individuals with individual characteristics that have been shaped by their past experiences and upbringing. I am merely saying that certain common traits bind Aries men together. And when it comes to love and fidelity, these traits are too strong to ignore. 

So, if you’ve been knocked off your feet by an Aries man, or considering having an Aries partner, there’s no shame in wondering if you have a man for keeps or if your partner (or potential partner) is jumping from one woman to another, as a butterfly moves from flower to flower. 

No doubt, Aries men are the most passionate lovers out there and any woman can easily fall for their charm. But are Aries men faithful, or has cupid struck you with the wrong arrow? To find out, this article comes in highly recommended regarding what to expect from an Aries in terms of faithfulness.

Are Aries Men Faithful?

1. Change in behavior

If you have recently started going out with an Aries man, the behavior is the first tell-tale sign to help you find if your Aries partner is being faithful or being a pretty butterfly. Just like any other man, an Aries partner will show some gradual changes if he is not being faithful. If you know your man pretty well, you will be able to tell when certain things are not quite the way they once used to be. 

For example, he will begin to text less or take a longer time to reply to your texts than he used to. He will also call less, and always come up with zillion reasons why he hasn’t been in touch. What’s more, he’s going to be much less attentive to your needs and will, most often, be preoccupied with other activities. At this point, a lot of things that used to be a normal routine in your relationship may change. 

If he used to trust you with his phone, for example, you will begin to notice that he’ll hardly leave his phone lying around. Or he’ll change his password and refuse to share it with you. Worse yet, he will excuse himself to receive certain phone calls more often and will be paranoid on the rare occasions when you get the chance to look through his phone. 

The point is, if your Aries man is beginning to hide everything from you, then there is a good chance that he is not being faithful to you and your relationship.

2. Moody moody

Moody moody

If your Aries man is having an affair outside your relationship, another tell-tale is that his mood may swing more often than an adolescent chic experiencing her first menstrual cycle. That’s right, your Aries partner may constantly swing between anger and regret in a second, and then suddenly become the nicest guy. And the worst part is that you may not have done anything wrong to deserve that behavior. 

So, anytime you notice that your man’s emotions keep ricocheting between one mood and another, there is probably a heavy burden of guilt he is trying to deal with as a result of his infidelity. Whether your Aries partner will be super nice or super angry depends on whether he is trying to let you go or hold on to you. If it is the latter, then he may be a bit nicer to you than he usually is. 

For example, he will cook for you (even if he sucks at cooking) or buy you flowers more than often. These are simply cheeky attempts to suppress the guilt screaming at him from his heart. However, if he is trying to let you go, then he may behave colder towards you more than often. In short, look for the extremes when it comes to the way he treats you. 

Also, compare how he relates with you to how he does so with others. Pay attention to who he often talks to on the phone, especially if he’s all smiles and grins (exhibiting all his molars and premolars) on the phone right after he has been cold towards you, with all kinds of fowl expressions. In fact, according to one study, the facial expressions of a cheating man is a dead giveaway. And remember, although Aries men are great lovers, they may not be the best pretenders. 

3. Interest in other women

Interest in other women

As I mentioned earlier, Aries men tend to be the most passionate lovers. But one obvious thing they are not good at when it comes to a relationship is being secretive. Don’t get me wrong, they will try, but they’ll always leave behind some tell-tale signs. 

One such sign is how frequently they’ll talk about another woman without even realizing it. So, if your Aries man just cannot seem to stop talking about a new female friend he has made, then your detective antennas should start working. Pro tip: do not get visibly angry or try to change the subject when something like this happens. Instead, allow your natural (invisible) female detective antennas to guide you. 

Join in the conversation and express keen (but not too keen) interest. Ask him more questions about this new female friend without a hint of jealousy in your voice. The chances are that your Aries man will be so engulfed in this subject that he will tell you everything you need to know – everything other than the fact that he is not being faithful (he won’t be that stupid). But that should give you all the info you need to know whether he is cheating on you or not, or whether he is seriously crushing on this new friend. 

In all honesty, it is bad enough for your man to brag about another woman to you. But if he goes further than that and begins to tell you about everything they share in common or how effortlessly they connect when they spend time with each other, then you should know that your love life with your Aries man is on shaky ground. 

And something else to remember is, don’t expect him to tell you that he is into this ‘new friend.’ The best he will say is that they are just friends. However, if your Aries man feels he is going nowhere with you, then he will tell you plainly that he is into this new woman.

4. Regular showers

Just like other men, if your Aries partner lives with you, you should at least have an idea of how often he showers. But generally speaking, if your Aries man dashes off into the shower the moment he walks through the door, especially when it is not his habit, then the chances are that he is not faithful to you and your relationship. 

Just like most men, the main reason why an Aries man will dash straight into the shower upon his return home is in an attempt to wash off any clues that might give him away. Clues such as the lingering perfume of the other woman and the smell of guilt that would probably be holding on to every inch of his unfaithful skin. 

But to be entirely certain that your Aries partner is not being faithful, try catching him before he gets into the shower. As he returns home from his escapades, meet him at the door, and give him a very tight and long hug. Your antennas should be on and sharp at this point. Certainly, you will be able to sniff out another woman’s fragrance or perfume on him. If you can, then that should confirm your suspicion.

Also be aware that your Aries man can also use the shower excuse in a different way, especially if he doesn’t live with you. For example, if your Aries man always uses the excuse that he needs to take a shower in an attempt to end a phone conversation with you, then you should know that things are not right with your relationship. 

But it could also mean that he honestly just wants to take a shower. But then again, the bottom line is, if it is not his character to use excuses to end your conversations, then something else is wrong with your relationship.

5. Focus on his individuality

Focus on his individuality

It’s also worth noting that focusing solely on your own Aries man, not all Aries men, in general, might help you discover his cheating antics. Pay attention to those nitty-gritty traits your man carries. Aries men are very easy to figure out if you’ve been with them long enough. So, when they begin to go off track, it is usually very easy to spot. 

Also, Aries men do not necessarily like to complicate their relationships (although that seems to happen a lot). Thus, when they find themselves in complications that they have created, it does not take long for them to be found out. 

It’s also worth pointing out that the kind of relationship Aries men like, tend to be complicated because of their naturally plain and sometimes demanding nature. But these guys are also fun, and easy-going. In line with being passionate, these guys like to be very sexually active. So, another indicator that Aries men leave behind when they are being unfaithful is a decline in how often they have sex with their partners. 

However, Aries men can also do the exact opposite (that is, too regular sex) when they are being unfaithful. So, to answer the question – are Aries men faithful? Yes and no. This depends on your man. The best thing is to do is to know your Aries man well enough to detect any sign of infidelity.

So, in short, Aries men can be both faithful and unfaithful. But do your best to learn how he behaves when he is with you, know what he wants and how to keep him happy, and you may not even have to worry about infidelity. As I mentioned earlier, the kind of relationship Aries men tend to find themselves in are complicated relationships, because of their plain nature.

To Conclude…

I hope you enjoyed reading this article. Always remember – if you’re in a relationship with an Aries man – that the most important thing is to know and understand your man, while paying attention to the clues I have given. Feel free to leave feedback in the comments section and share this article if you liked it.

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