Annoying Things Boyfriends Do (27 Irritating Things)

After a long time of being together, couples have significant ways of annoying each other. This act is not completely weird but could get on the other significant other’s nerves at odd times.

Boyfriends could be sweet and romantic, but amidst that, they could also do annoying things. Some do them unconsciously, while others don’t. They try their best to keep things on track but sometimes they slip into their comfort zones unknowingly. 

Like boyfriends complain about the annoying things girlfriends do, they also have their flaws, which happens to every couple whether they’re dating, engaged, or married.

Being in a relationship is quite tricky. It’s a bittersweet experience, and even when you nag about many things, it never really sorts things out. No matter how loving and adorable your boyfriend could be, he would always do things that are inexcusable and annoying. 

These are things you may already be experiencing without ultimately recognizing that they’re annoying and piss you off. Some may feel more insignificant than others as the relationship may be. But keep on reading to see a list of 27 annoying things boyfriends do to piss their girlfriends off.

27 Annoying Things Boyfriends Do

1. He insists you pick meals for the day but argues about them

he insists you pick meals for the day but argues about them

A lady once complained about how excited her boyfriend gets when it’s time to pick a meal for dinner. She said it was annoying when he asked her to choose any meal of her choice for both of them but would still complain about something whenever she mentioned any food. 

Sometimes, he would argue about it as if she decided on something that had to do with inedible food. Selection of food is one little thing a boyfriend could make a big deal out of, making you go nuts if you don’t understand him well enough.

2. Burps and farts out for everyone to hear

Burping and farting are natural, but at the same time, the sounds could get annoying and, in some cases, smell. Your boyfriend burping out loud during dinner or sending out a smelly and loud fart could be him trying to be free with you around without holding back. 

It may be fun to do this a few times, but one thing he may not know is that most times, not every mood accepts these two acts. He may feel it’s attractive, but he may just be doing them at the wrong time in reality.

3. Leaves shaved hair stuck in the sink

Not every guy does this, even though quite a number of them do it. The funny thing is, when you see hair in the sink and complain about it, your boyfriend could argue with you about being sure of cleaning his hair after shaving. They never really apologize when they discover they were wrong. 

They try to tease you out of it promising to clean up the next time. Some boyfriends could try rinsing their hair down the sink, causing a blockage and still swearing it’s not their fault it happened. They only tried to clean up the hair mess. 

4. He misuses weird slangs or words all day

Boyfriends do this a lot, especially when they see a film they love with phrases, words, or slang they think are funny. It’s not a bad thing at all to use these words. It’s fun, primarily when you both use them and understand their meanings. But it gets annoying when he misuses and says jokes about them even when he knows you’re not happy about something. 

Worst case scenario is when they come directly in front of you and shout it to your face without minding your expression. Girls dislike this act a lot, but most don’t do anything because they could do a similar thing to annoy their boyfriend.

5. Wears shoes on the couch

As a girl, keeping the house tidy is quite tedious, but keeping furniture with fabric clean is a bit more stressful than the rest because of the technicality involved in dry cleaning them. Imagine doing all these cleanings, and your boyfriend comes back from a hangout and lays down on the couch with a sweating body and muddy shoes. 

That act is very annoying. He may apologize if you complain, but at the same time, he may not do anything immediately to solve the situation. And sometimes girls love their boyfriends so much they clean up after them.

6. Calls you instead of replying to your texts

calls you instead of replying to your texts

Calling instead of sending a text is one of those annoying things boyfriends do. Some guys would prefer to respond to your message by calling. Sometimes they don’t even ask; they do it randomly, especially when they know you can’t ignore it. 

Some of them use it as an excuse to pay back for a wrong thing you did in the past which you probably knew nothing about; some do it unknowingly without knowing it’s the wrong time, but, others don’t like to text, they feel it’s a waste of time when they could quickly just put a call through and get it over and done with.

7. Dumping laundry in the laundry basket

Very typical of some boyfriends. They could tuck their dirty laundry under yours for some reason; they may be lazy to do it themselves but don’t want you complaining about them asking for help, or they could be scared of you trying to convince or force them to do it themselves. 

Whatever the excuse may be, it could be annoying to see your boyfriend’s dirty clothes in the laundry basket unexpectedly.

8. Pretends to listen to you when he’s not

Some girls don't know when this happens until later when something comes up, and nothing seems to add up. Boyfriends do this a lot. When you see your boyfriend either nodding too much, being too quiet or responding with a particular word like ‘yes' or ‘okay' when you're telling him something, he may be pretending to listen to you when he's not. 

Guys have many ways to make a girl feel they're all ears to everything they're saying and this pretence is not only limited to two ways; there are many, and it depends on the relationship.

9. Ruffles your hair to make it worse

Having a bad hair day, trying to fix it, and watching it scattered by your boyfriend is one of the worst and annoying feelings ever. Most women don’t joke with their hair and would not take it lightly when it gets ruined. 

But many boyfriends don’t understand it, mostly when the relationship just began and they’re still finding ways to understand you more, or they feel like annoying you. It’s fun when you have enough time to arrange it, but it’s not when you struggled to get to that point.

10. Convinces you to be friends with his female friends

Your boyfriend may have a love-hate relationship with you regarding the people you hang out with or the friends you keep. It’s normal when they prefer you to hang out with girls rather than guy friends. 

So some boyfriends would convince you to build a friendly relationship with their female friends rather than spend time with your guy friends. It could be annoying, especially if they’re not your kind of circle and you don’t have things in common, but sometimes you’re forced to do it for love sake.

11. Forgets plans you make together almost immediately

Do you know when your boyfriend blames you for not remembering certain things but forgets plans you both make almost immediately? It is annoying and could spur an argument between both of you, depending on your relationship with him.

Boyfriends do this a lot, mostly if they have personal plans to hang out with their guy friends for games or drinks at the same time you both fixed for dinner. It gets more painful when they ask what occasion you’re trying on dinner outfits for.

12. Mistakenly uses your brush or towel

These minor mistakes mostly happen in a relationship where both couples love having things of the same colour. It’s annoying to touch your towel on a cold winter day after a hot shower to discover it’s damp and was used by your boyfriend unknowingly. 

Or, pick your toothbrush to have an excellent brushing session and realize it’s wet. You may feel like screaming your lungs out, but what can you do? It’s your boyfriend, you love him so much, and it’s something you can quickly sort out.

13. Leaves his socks lying around

leaves his socks lying around

It doesn’t feel so good to be sure you arranged everywhere just to come back a few minutes later and see your partner’s sock out of place. Boyfriends usually do this when they’re dressing up to go out, and they can’t find the perfect pair of socks to go with their outfit; they’re rushing out or just too lazy to return the socks to where they should be. 

So you bend down to carry a pair of socks, a single one, or two from different places in the same space to make everywhere look organized again even when you're dressed for dinner.

14. Not introducing you to random people he bumps into

Meeting people he knows without being properly introduced to them by your boyfriend sucks. It could make you feel out of place and completely lost. And it makes it more awkward when you both were in the middle of a conversation, and you got caught unawares, and he has no explanation of who he just said hi to. 

Sometimes, it’s better to ask him nicely or say ‘hi’ to the person to avoid looking rude or mannerless. To women, it may mean they don’t mean so much to the man, or they may think he’s not proud to be seen with them in public. But to a man, it could be completely normal.

15. Leaving the drawer open after getting what he needs

Your boyfriend may have probably done it once or twice. He may either forget to close a drawer or leave something on a pathway. It’s not just about the visual imbalance of seeing the room; it’s also about mistakenly hitting your thigh or pinky toe on those drawers. 

All he may say is ‘I’m sorry’ and probably bring a bag of ice for you if he remembers, but you’d sure be left to endure the pain and may suffer a swollen flesh. Opening the drawer and leaving it open may be one of the things that make you have a love-hate relationship with your partner.

16. Freaking out you’re pregnant whenever you’re sick

Many boyfriends do this, and it’s quite funny. It may be because they’re scared of becoming fathers, or they’re not just ready for babies. Many guys or even your guy friends would scream, ‘you’re pregnant?!’ when they know you only have the flu and you need rest. 

Sometimes, you may feel like punching them in the face because it could be annoying having to deal with that and still trying to heal to go on with your daily life activities. They would often say that instead of offering to help or finding solutions to help you heal faster.

17. One word reply to your long texts

one word reply to your long texts

Girls love sending epistles when it comes to sending texts. Unlike guys, a girl would instead send texts explaining how she feels about something, describing a particular thing in detail, or telling you a funny situation she’s experiencing at the moment. She wants you to respond to her texts in the most precise way possible, but not all guys know this. 

Some of them may understand their girlfriends, but they don’t know how to react or respond to texts. A few guys don't like text messages. Some may learn while others pretend, but the rest give up with time.

18. Buying unthoughtful gifts because they’re expensive

Another annoying thing guys do is buy their girlfriends a gift they didn't put much thought into. Because of the general mentality that society has made men have about women and their love for money, they feel they should buy expensive gifts for their partners. 

In a relationship, a lady could appreciate a photo album of her fun memories with her boyfriend, doing the dishes, or a lovely dinner prepared specially for her by him to a pair of expensive earrings or a necklace when he's not buoyant enough to get that.

19. Not giving compliments about your outfits

Compliments about outfits are on the list of those things every girl loves. But not boyfriends do this. The bad thing here is that they could find time to compliment a random woman’s outfit they know nothing about but would find it hard to do the same with who they're dating at the moment in a relationship. 

There's nothing to say about it especially if it keeps reoccurring and you argue about it. It's saddening, and as minor as complimenting an outfit it may look, it's one of those annoying things boyfriends do.

20. Leaving his dishes in the sink after you’ve finished

There's a sad feeling that comes with seeing dirty dishes in the sink after you've washed the old ones and cleaned them everywhere. Most people drop their dishes in the sink for the next person to clear, but it's incredibly annoying when it's your boyfriend, and he expects you to do them without asking politely or begging for your help in advance. 

Or, they could do it carelessly to avoid any complaint from you, not getting it right, and making you rewash the plates over again.

21. Abandons his part of house chores

Many boyfriends do this. They could promise to help out with the house chores and forget to do them, ignore that part of the day, or do some other thing when it's time. It's one of those annoying things they do, and they could casually try to convince you to help them do it, promising to do them from the next time. 

It's just house chores to them, and anyone could do them, but it's a big deal to any girl they're dating, especially when she needs help.

22. Misinterpreting common words intentionally

Sometimes guys intentionally misinterpret words or statements to annoy you. Not everyone can read the moods of others to know the right time to do something. Some guys do but feel that it could create a good sense of humour if they turn around your words. 

But that doesn't work for some ladies in a relationship. And even when you don't respond to them, they blame you for not understanding the joke. Again, to them, it's fun, but it's not to the girl.

23. Expecting you to understand his schedule without reciprocating

Some men expect their partners to read through, understand their schedules, and stay away from them when they're busy. But they wouldn't reciprocate that if they're on the opposite side of the situation. Women are most times expected to understand their partners all the time compared to men. 

It's annoying to know that a busy boyfriend can have excuses for not having time for his partner. But it becomes a problem when she shares her life stories or how she feels about certain things with other people. 

24. Putting his things in your bag when you go out

In a relationship, the girl is made fun of, for carrying an oversized handbag when going out with her boyfriend, which is not bad. It isn't charming when she has to stuff her things together with her boyfriend's inside her handbag. It's because she gets to play the role of a personal assistant to him while still getting blamed for doing so. 

Sometimes when boyfriends do this and even make jokes about it, it becomes very annoying.

25. Buys the wrong things even with so much description

If you ask your boyfriend to help you buy something from a store, you could give the best colour, form, packaging, and brand description to help him get it without stress. But he would still come back with a different thing, making the description you gave fit precisely into what he bought. 

Money spent results not achieved, but he would make you believe he tried his best. It's one of the annoying things boyfriends do, and some of them don't learn from it.

26. Talking about the things he knows you have no interest in

talking about the things he knows you have no interests in

It's good to flow with your boyfriend in your relationship on specific topics. But it's annoying when he shares things that may be irrelevant or have delivery little to do with your relationship growth. For instance, many guys like to talk about soccer. They could get a bit pissed if you don't respond. 

On the contrary, if you try to say something they're not interested in, they tend to zone out completely, which makes it quite devastating to deal with.

27. Refuses to get involved in an argument about your rants

This point crowns it all. It's one of the most annoying things a boyfriend can do. Just like sending one-word texts to you, only that this would happen physically between you two. Listening to you rant or vent about the things he does wrong and still saying ‘sorry babe' or ‘I'll try to change for the better.' 

Most girls love to discuss something as it's annoying when a boyfriend responds to it as if it's not that important. 


What do you do with an annoying boyfriend?

There are many ways you can annoy your boyfriend without even trying; change the channel when he’s watching something interesting without asking, talk consistently, ask him questions about his ex, stick around at his place longer than you should, eat the food he reserved for himself, and a lot more others.

What boyfriends do that girlfriends hate?

Boyfriends do so many things that girlfriends dislike; when a guy gives a girl less attention than he should, stares at other girls in front of her; has too many female friends he talks to, ignores her when she’s talking, and a lot of others depending on the lady.

What are the three most annoying things a girlfriend can do?

Some ladies could talk about things they know their boyfriends don’t care about, ask them for advice and completely disregard it, emotionally blackmail them into talking on the phone when they don’t want to, cry about unnecessary things, and do other annoying things they could never think of.

What is a bad boyfriend?

A bad boyfriend is someone who wants everything to go his way and would stop at nothing, even if it means blackmailing you into making it happen while you feel displeased about your relationship. He would encourage you to do many things against your will and sometimes do something to make you emotionally drained.

What do guys like that their girlfriends do?

Guys like it when their girlfriends make them laugh, pet them when they’re exhausted, listen and understand their dreams, make fun of things around, or even laugh at the jokes they crack. Basically, guys love their girlfriends to do anything that makes them comfortable.

In Summary

You may most times have a love-hate relationship with your boyfriend because he would have times when he does annoying things no matter how sweet he could be. If you enjoyed this article, feel free to drop a comment and share it with as many people as you can. 

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