Alpha Males In Relationships (19 Ways To Deal With Alpha Males In A Relationship)

If you have the slightest idea or feeling that you’re dating an alpha male, then you’re going to want to stick around for this one. One of the first thoughts when dating an alpha guy is the prestige of it all. That’s why it’s hard for many ladies to consider the many alpha male characteristics. 

The riches, glam, and security alpha males guarantee make them a hot catch for most ladies. Still, the personality of an alpha male differs greatly from other normal guys. So, using the same approach in a relationship with one could be quite detrimental. That’s why it’s important to know everything about alpha males before going ahead to date one.

Knowing exactly what to expect when dating an alpha man will properly prepare you for what’s ahead. Things won’t come as a shock, plus, you will be in a better situation to make a more informed decision on whether to stay or leave. Additionally, if you don’t know how to handle an alpha male, they may step all over you. 

So, before writing off a dominant male, consider these few tips on how to date an alpha male without losing yourself.

19 Ways To Deal With Alpha Males In A Relationship

1. Let him lead

The behavior patterns of an alpha male could make even an alpha woman humble. They are quite dominating and don’t like settling for less. Although it may seem counterproductive, it’s important to let them win sometimes. If he always wants to take the lead on decisions, choices or projects, just let him. 

When a woman lets them lead and take control of the steering, it makes alpha males fall in love more. The truth is, the more smitten they are, the easier it will be for him to let go at times. The way an alpha male shows love may not be typical. However, you may notice that he’s more lenient, understanding, and passionate about hearing you out more. 

2. Strategically communicate your thoughts

Many alpha males are quite smart, they know when they are being worked on and try to rise above it. Still, there are strategic ways to get your alpha partner to believe you’re as innocent as a dove. Rather than outrightly defying his choices, think strategically about airing your views. Alphas love to be the mega male in a relationship. 

This means that they will rarely let you call the shots. As annoying as this may be, it’s important to be wise and not throw a fit about it. Every time he shuts you down, go back and think about better ways to communicate your opinions. 

3. Validate him

validate him

An alpha husband wants validation, and the truth is, he’s not afraid to demand it. It may seem weak to give in to his demands, but it’s the best way to keep the peace. Plus, this is a strategic way to win him over with subtle charm. Even when he doesn’t make the best decision, keep raining on how smart, talented, and insightful he is. 

You don’t have to say such things all the time, just wait for him to either do something exemplary or even get a small win. If not, he will figure out that you are trying to work him, and all those compliments will be useless

4. Be calm but firm

An alpha man is very dominating, such a man may always demand respect and total loyalty. Once you understand this, it won’t be hard to manage such a male in a relationship. If you feel he is being extremely protective, then firmly but gently let him know. Don’t shout or get aggravated, even though you feel like it. 

Yes, there will be times when you will have to be outspoken and very bold about things. However, choose your battles wisely, there will be times when there’s no point to pursue a confrontation. However, at other times, be calm, be respectful, but let him know that you won’t cower and turn over this time. 

5. Be straightforward about some choices

Alpha males are very focused, they like to build up projects and see it to the end. Such personality traits make them very authoritative and domineering. That’s why it’s important to be very straightforward. The truth is, alphas like to dominate and even manipulate to get things done. 

He may want you to do something simply because he said so. You don’t want to give him such power over you. Once he gets his way once or twice, it may become a negative habit. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do things to please him at times. However, if it doesn’t sit well with you, let him know. There’s no need to beat about the bush, just be straightforward and truthful. 

6. Keep your confidence

keep your confidence

Alpha males have the natural tendency to dominate and intimidate. Unfortunately, sometimes, they may end up making their partners feel less than or irrelevant. That’s why it’s so important to hold your ground and keep your head up. Don’t let his unconscious manipulative or intimidating schemes set you down. 

Keep your shoulders high and stay confident. Masculine men secretly love women who are confident, they just won’t admit it. So you won’t be defying him when you stand your ground, you may just impress him with all that unwavering confidence

7. Start taking charge of your life

One of the fantastic benefits of dating an alpha man is his focus and ambition. They are so goal-driven that they expect all that energy to rub off on you. So when they notice that you are a wee bit lackadaisical, it almost irritates them. First of all, you may lose their respect and sometimes even their love. 

That’s why it’s important to keep being driven. Once an alpha starts nagging you more than usual to bring your A-game, that means he feels a bit disappointed in your work ethic and personal drive. It’s best not to let things go that bad. Start emulating his ambitious personality, you don’t have to match his energy, just put in the effort. 

8. Don’t back down from every argument

It’s true that the alpha personality type can be quite demanding. Such men love to win every argument because they love to be in control. They won’t mind throwing tantrums if it means getting their own way. So, when next they come huffing and puffing, show them that won’t blow your roof down. 

Keep a level head and hold your ground. If you let your alpha partner walk all over you, you may never hear the end of it. He’ll get used to shouting and being dramatic just to win arguments. Ignore his need to get your attention by making threats, stay calm, act unperturbed and let him come back to you. 

9. Be mysterious

Alphas are so attracted to the mysterious. They have seen so many things in life, it may seem hard to compete with all of that. Still, there are simple ways to keep things spicy both in your personal life and career. Think of new ways to surprise him, send him lunch, bake something new, and just be spontaneous.

If possible, start a new pet project, think of an initiative or take a new course. Simply surprising him with new things and pieces of information will help keep things new and exciting. 

10. Be supportive

be supportive

If you are dating an alpha male, you’ll know how tough they like to seem. It may look as though they don’t need your encouraging words, but contrary to that, they do. Everyone needs a little encouragement, it helps them keep their momentum. So if he shares an idea or tells you about a new project, don’t shut it down. 

This is the time to sit down, nod, and listen. If you do have to give your alpha male input, stick to compliments and words of encouragement first before offering constructive criticism.

11. Keep sex exciting

One of the only ways to keep things exciting with an alpha male is in the bedroom. Treat him like a King, make him feel special, and commit to him all the way. Never make him feel like other men can compare to him when it comes to satisfying you. That means you’re free to tell him what makes you tick and ask him the same question.

When things start to get dull in the bedroom, that may really discourage an alpha male from getting any closer to you. As much as they like to take charge, they want to know that their woman can equally take the reins from time to time and rock their world.

12. Understand his need to be perfect

An alpha male feels the need to exalt themselves over others to feed their ego. It’s one of the things that drive them; the competition. This may be a good thing for business and career prospects, but it could be very bad for the relationship. Once a man feels like he’s making it in other areas, he just expects everyone (including his partner) to treat him as a perfect person.

This may seem unhealthy, but at times, it’s best to let them have their way. Ask about everything from cleaning the drapes to replacing the carpet. Don’t refuse his input because he’s acting so confident and cocky. Hear him out humbly before giving concrete and valid reasons why you’ll be doing something else other than what he suggested.

13. Look good

An alpha male is attracted to a woman who looks good. He may not want a drop-dead gorgeous broad, but he will expect you to put adequate effort into your dressing and style. Keep things fresh by investing in cool and trendy materials. Just ensure that your partner okays most of the pieces you buy and vice versa.

It may be demeaning or even annoying for your partner to notice any nonchalance on your side. So, avoid such issues and try to look your best at every chance. 

14. Take care of yourself

take care of yourself

Good hygiene, fitness, and a good diet are all very important to an alpha male. They love it when their woman pays attention to what they wear. Most importantly, they want to be satisfied with how well you take care of things, starting with yourself. So, even though you ‘have the man’ now, don’t let yourself go.

Keep taking care of your hair, teeth, and entire body. An alpha male wants a lady that will match his energy and make him feel like the luckiest man on earth. 

15. Give him space

It’s so important to give men like this adequate space to recuperate. Let’s say you got into a heated conversation and both said things you regret. Rather than rushing over almost immediately to apologize, wait things out a little. Don’t water his ego or even aggravate him by begging or asking for forgiveness. 

Let him have some time to think about his actions while you think about yours. When a few days have passed, you can then meet up with him for the purpose of revisiting the matter. This way, you’ll both be more mature about the issue and be more focused on moving forward in peace. 

16. Act smart

One of the characteristics of an alpha male is how they invest a great deal into their knowledge. They love to learn a new skill, course, or theory. They may equally expect their partner to have the same drive and level of intelligence. The truth is, you may never be as smart or driven as this guy. 

However, to avoid relationship issues and others looking down on you, keep acting and thinking smart. That’s just the way masculine guys behave, the love to exude their intelligence and superior way of thinking. Show them that you are equally up to that.

17. Do not compare them with others

If there’s one thing an alpha male hates, it’s comparisons. He hates it when people he loves compare him to others, which is where you come in. ensure you don’t make low-blow jokes about their performance in any way, and be respectful of their space. Also, avoid comparing them to other masculine men or others in his social circle. 

Although an alpha male belongs to a group of equally funny, ambitious, and driven males, he doesn’t want to hear how funny, handsome, or loving the rest of the men can be.

18. Find ways to relax

It could be doing yoga, meditation, skipping, intense workouts, or simply running, as long as you feel relaxed. The truth is, there are times that being with a masculine man may be so draining and annoying. At this point, it’s time to employ your best meditation techniques. Stick to what you love and whatever makes you feel better. 

19. Know when to walk away

know when to walk away

Alpha may not be all you imagined. In fact, he may fall short of the expectation you had when wining and dining initially. There are things he’ll say or do that may make you ask questions that are unhealthy. So, you have the choice to stay or go. 

Don’t let him make you feel like you have to stay loyal and never let him down. If you strongly believe the relationship isn’t meant for you, then ca


How does an alpha male show love?

Alpha males are very protective of their women. They like to know that ‘what is theirs’ is secure and always safe. Additionally, a true alpha may start telling you how ‘lucky’ you are to have him. As annoying as this sentence may sound, alpha men do this to exude total dominance.

Once they start marking their territory and somewhat putting other males down just so you can see how truly invested they are, then it’s possible they have fallen for you. An alpha male will also go out of his way to call more than often, be supportive of your dreams, walk you home or hold your hands instinctively.

What type of woman do alpha males like?

Most alpha males tend to go for women that are loyal and committed to them. Alpha males don’t take loyalty for granted, they love their women to be on the same page with them. Still, they love confident women, someone that will be able to match their energy and prestige.

If an alpha male is particular about class and high status, he may also be slightly picky about the women he dates. Above all, an alpha man will love an equally passionate woman. A true alpha male is very passionate about his dealings. They are driven people who don’t take their business for granted. That’s why it’s a no-brainer to get with a lady who has such passions.

How do you tell if a man is an alpha male?

A true alpha male will always take the lead. A typical one isn’t used to being a regular guy, he always has to be the top dog. That’s because alpha males are very ambitious, and they aren’t humble about it. However, they can be very dependable, that’s just one of the characteristics of an alpha.

They don’t believe in going halfway, they like to see every promise through. However, you may notice that true alphas are also very authoritative. They may try to exert their will on others because they trust their own opinions over others.

What is an alpha in a relationship?

Alpha males are usually the dominant ones in a relationship. They are the ones that make the main decisions in the relationship. This means they may not be so open to input from their partner and may feel somewhat insulted if you insist on a personal opinion. This doesn’t mean your opinions won’t matter at all.

It just means the ideal partner of an alpha male should be able to find strategic ways to communicate with their partners. An alpha male will also be very territorial about their woman. An alpha male is ready to protect and sometimes even smother his partner to ensure she’s safe and not ‘poached’ or hurt by other men.

Are alpha males possessive?

A real alpha male is naturally possessive. They love to be in control at all times and won’t take their hands off the wheel for anything. It’s that controlling behavior that sometimes makes ladies run away from dating an alpha male. Trying to challenge the authority of alpha may just lead to a lot of arguments and disagreements.

The ones that are really proud may rule out your own decisions by simply taking over the situation and blocking you out. People in relationships with alpha males almost find it hard to deal with. Simply because it can seem like a war most of the time to be heard.

To Conclude

Alpha males can be quite the catch to date. They are strong, confident, courageous, powerful, and well-respected. If you are keen on stability and affluence, alpha men are the types to date. However, as you have learned, there may always be a downside to dating someone with an alpha male personality. Just tread with wisdom and caution when in a relationship with an alpha. 

Did you enjoy reading through this list? I sure hope you did. Don’t forget to leave a comment in the section below and share this article with others. Cheers. 

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